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I Think I’m Incapable of Working for Someone Else

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Before I started my businesses, I worked for several years in various banks. I’ve lived in five different states, so we have moved around a lot, and I switched employers quite a bit. I realized this week that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to be happy working for someone else. 

I recently got the itch to go back to work. My husband now works from home full-time. We just bought a house, and the kids have been driving me up the wall this Summer! 

I thought if I could find a job that paid decently, I could work a few days a week and bring in some extra income while giving me a break from mom/wife duties.

In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t done a whole lot of writing and/or video creation over the past few months. Back in April, I looked at the videos I had uploaded over the past year, and I realized that my channel wasn’t growing at a faster pace (even though I had 10x’d my production). 

So I took some time to get us moved, settled, and started projects around the new house. 

I’ve still earned a consistent $2000-$2500 in passive income online even though I scaled back and didn’t do much work. 

I Quit a Job After 3 Days

I found a job as a receptionist at a dental office, and it was 4 days per week with every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. It was the perfect schedule for a Mom with 3 kids. People would line up for that opportunity!

In the interview process, the office manager looked at my resume and asked, “With all of your professional experience, do you feel that you’d be fulfilled doing work like this?”

My answer was that I’m just excited to get out of the house, earn some extra income, and try something new. 

I was hired, and started my first day on July 6th. Today is July 12, so it hasn’t even been a week since my first day in the office.

When I Knew the Job Wasn’t For Me and I Wasn’t a Good Fit for the Job

The staff is really nice, but it wasn’t just a receptionist job. It required learning coding and also dental medical terminology. I was clear in the interview that insurance billing was probably going to be fairly easy for me but that learning the medical terminology would probably be a bit of a learning curve.

About 3 hours into my on-the-job training, I caught myself looking at the clock on the computer and thinking, “What would happen if I just stood up, thanked them for the opportunity, and let them know that they didn’t have to pay me for the 3 hours but that I could tell it wasn’t a good fit for me?”. 

You know it’s not right when you’re daydreaming about quitting 3 hours into your first day. EEK! 

I Was Bored to Tears

I could barely stay awake as I was learning about the differences between the tooth surfaces: mesial, occlusal, buccal, distal, and lingual. 

The inner workings of the teeth just don’t interest me at all. I remember my Senior year of high school, our English curriculum basically consisted of one massive book report, titled the Critical Analysis. 

It was a 25-30 page book report on one single book, and I HATED reading at the time. The book that I chose was In Cold Blood by Truman Capote because it was the only title that truly interested me. This was the beginning of my true crime junkie status! 

If you find yourself dozing off, daydreaming, feeling completely bored to tears, the job is probably not right for you. 

After three exhausting days, feeling defeated and completely out of my wheelhouse, I let the office manager know that I would not be returning per the office’s at-will employment policy. It just wasn’t for me, and that’s okay.

Waking Up at 5 am

I’ll admit…I got used to sleeping until about 6:30, drinking two cups of coffee, eating breakfast, and taking a minute before starting my day.

Early mornings are sooo not my thing, so I struggled with the early mornings and long days. 

I probably need to do some Miracle Mornings work, so I’m adding that to my playlist. 

Creatives Can’t Stand Administrative Work

I’ve talked a lot on my YouTube channel about the differences between the creative brain and the analytical brain, or the right side vs the left side. 

Obviously, my right side (creative) is the dominant side. I thrive on challenges, creating new, innovative ways to do things. Helping people reach their full potential is my jam!

In my interview, I mentioned that my goal would be for every single person at the front desk to be utilizing her strengths and abilities to the fullest, to foster the most efficient office environment. 

I realized quickly that my creative side was going to be completely crushed if I were to stay in this position. It was so mundane, and there was no room for creativity. 

I Dreaded my First Day and the Following Monday

Okay…you know it’s not right when you dread your first day at a new job, and after working a few days, you dread that first Monday. I knew I couldn’t, in good conscience, drag this out. 

If you absolutely dread Sundays and Mondays because you know you have to return to the office, you need to find the job/career/business that will help you live up to your potential. 

You should be happy and pumped up for the work you do! Not the other way around. 


Transitioning from Working for Yourself to Working for an Employer

When you work for yourself, you have complete and total freedom over your schedule, your income, your failures and successes. 

When you work for someone else after having that freedom, it’s a very suppressive feeling. 

One of the new rules in the dental office was that cell phones and purses were to be put into cabinets in the break room. They didn’t want any distractions, so if you wear an Apple watch, you have to cover it with long sleeves and turn off all notifications. No calls, texts, or social media (obviously the social media). 

The best way to describe this is a dog free to roam acreage as he pleases moves into the city and is chained inside of a kennel with no food or water. 

Office policies are set in place for a reason. Someone probably got caught playing Candy Crush at work and ruined it for everyone, but I think that’s a silly policy. 

When you work for yourself, you have the freedom to make those decisions. I turn off notifications when I’m working because I am easily distracted, and I don’t want to sabotage my work efforts. 

Bottom Line: I’d Rather Live Cheap Than Continue Working for Someone Else

I’d rather just barely get by than continue working for someone doing a job that I absolutely hate. I truly have all that I need and most of what I want. 

My girlfriend (who had no idea what I was going through or that I had even taken a job) shared this post on Facebook yesterday. It gave me comfort in my mishap.

God called you

If you’re struggling to find your place in the workforce, have you considered starting your own business? 

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  1. Hi Melissa,

    It was a very eye-opening read! I remember a few times back my sister told me how she struggled to work with her boss. After a long and deep conversation, she admitted that she cannot work for anyone else. I can understand what you went through, my sister faced something similar as well. She thought she was overreacting and was very distressed. To this day this feeling bothers her. So, thanks a lot for sharing your experience. I will share this with her, and I hope she can find some comfort in this post!

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