3 times being nice will cost you

3 Times Being Nice Will Kill Your Finances

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Have you ever heard the saying that nice guys finish last? As it turns out, that’s quite true. Being nice in this world may bring you good karma if you believe in that concept, but it could also lead to serious problems. In particular, you might find that being too kind or too much of a pushover could weaken you financially. Let’s look at some of the cases where this can be true and explore why taking the hard stance can be the best option.


Being Helpful With The Haggle


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There are some purchases in life where a haggle is expected. One example would be purchasing a car from a dealer or a private seller. In both scenarios, the seller will typically expect a haggle regardless of what they say. Indeed, they may choose a price to sell at based on the idea that you will be aiming to make them drop it a little. So, if a car is advertised at seventeen thousand, it might only be worth sixteen, and the maximum you can get it to drop could be around fifteen.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t engage in the haggle. Either they don’t know how or they don’t like confrontation. A haggle is an accepted part of the purchase, and if you don’t push for your side, you might find that you are constantly overpaying. It’s not just cars either. What about property? You shouldn’t accept the asking price of the home as some buyers are expecting you to go lower. They choose a price higher to compensate for this. We had to negotiate like crazy to get the best deal when we sold our upside down car. It’s not fun (unless you enjoy that sort-of thing), but it’s a necessary evil to save you thousands.


No Need For Lawyers

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If you’re injured in an accident, and someone else was to blame, you might avoid pursuing legal compensation. Particularly if there seems to be no sign that the injury will be permanent. You might avoid a legal claim because you don’t want to hit someone financially when they made a mistake or if it was a case of human error. But this is a dangerous stance because if you speak to a lawyer, they might tell you that symptoms of injuries can present themselves years later.

Unfortunately, by this point, your legal position will be weakened. That’s why you need to make a move as soon as you have the accident. Don’t forget, if the injury does impact your quality of life, you will need some form of compensation. You don’t want to be left with nothing when, in the worst case scenario, you could be unable to work.


Too Trusting


Finally, you have to avoid thinking that everyone can be trusted when it comes to financial decisions. The simple truth is that they can’t. The guy selling you a car may know they are offering a dud. The company online selling stocks may be well aware they’ll be worthless in a couple of months. It’s far better to remain on the side of caution and approach every financial decision with the knowledge that you don’t know whether the other party is trustworthy at all. By doing this, you can make sure that you won’t get taken through the ringer.


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