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Christmas Wish List: Gift Ideas for the Women in Your Life

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This is the first time I’ve done this, but I wanted to share my Christmas wish list so that you can get an idea of what the women in your life really want for Christmas! 

Women are sometimes impossible when it comes to figuring out what they want or need. I can say this because, well, I’m a woman, and I don’t realize what I need until after the fact.

Christmas Wish List Inspiration

This Christmas wish list was actually inspired when trying to record a video for my YouTube channel, and my camera battery died. I realized I need an extra battery for situations like this! 

So instead of cleaning house or organizing for Thanksgiving (which is no fun at all), I decided to put together a list of gift ideas for the women in your life. 

I want to break it down into a few different categories so that you can find gifts for coworkers, your best friend, your wife or girlfriend, and your mom. 

Gift Ideas for Techie Women Bloggers and YouTubers

A Canon Rebel Battery Pack

[amazon box=B00T3ESRTU]
Since this was the inspiration for my Christmas wish list, the Canon battery pack goes at the top of the list for techie women. Photographers, YouTubers, or just moms and grandmas with cameras need an extra battery! She will appreciate this gift more than you realize!

A Mirrorless Camera for Vlogging on YouTube 

[amazon box=B07887SCFK]
This is a more expensive gift, but I already have a DSLR, a mirrorless camera would be so much lighter and more compact. This would make vlogging so much easier. This is definitely not something I would invest in for myself, but it’s something that would be nice to have. The drawback is that mirrorless cameras don’t have access to as many lenses, but honestly, I don’t ever switch lenses, so that’s not an issue.

An External Hard Drive

[amazon box=B07CRG94G3]
When you’re a techie person, you store and save everything to your computer, and the more space you use up, the slower your computer runs. And photos and videos take up a ton of space! This external hard drive will work for both Mac and PC, so you don’t have to worry about formatting issues. 

Blog Hosting

If you know someone who has gifts, talents, passions to share with the world, one of the best gifts you can give them is the gift of prepaid blog hosting. This blog has been such a blessing to me, earning me nearly $3,000 a month.
It’s a great investment, and Bluehost is offering a Black Friday sale starting at just $2.65 per month! Don’t worry about choosing a domain name. She can choose that later. Just sign her up for hosting and send her to my blog post that explains how to start a blog and make money from it
If you purchase through my Bluehost affiliate link, I’ll even give you a coupon for 100% off my 1-hour video tutorial that teaches how to write a blog post, including keyword research, creating graphics, and where to share your posts on social media.
Email me after you’ve purchased to receive your free coupon code. 

Gifts for Women of Faith

She Reads Truth Bible – CSV

[amazon box=1535970995]

I recently bought this Bible in the navy imitation leather, and it is so lovely. A Bible is a Bible, right? Well, technically yes, but the CSV (Christian Standard Version) is really easy to read and study. With room in the margins for journaling and using Washi tape, I just really love this Bible. 

It also features devotionals throughout and offers supporting scriptures to dig deeper into the Word of God. 

Here are a couple of photos of my navy blue She Reads Truth Bible.


She Reads Truth Bible Navy Leather


She Reads Truth Bible pages


Christian Worship T-Shirt

For the worship leader (or the lady who wishes she could sing and belts it out anyway), I created this tee featuring lyrics from the popular Hillsong Worship song “If the Stars Were Made to Worship So Will I”.  You can order it here.

If The Stars Were Made To Worship T Shirt Christmas


Gifts for Crafters

If your wife, mom, sister, or friend is the crafty type, she will love this list! 

Cricut Maker

[amazon box=B072VYPWM4]

The Cricut Maker is the mother of all crafting gifts. With this crafty tool, she can cut paper, vinyl, iron-on heat transfer, fabrics and textiles, leather, wood, and all sorts of fabrics.

She can then use those cuts to make vinyl window decals, clothing, specialty mugs and glasses, and so much more.

Amazon offers the fastest shipping and Cricut sells directly on Amazon, so that’s where I recommend purchasing the Cricut maker.

Cricut Explore Air 2

[amazon box=B01GSOMVRG]

If you’re on a tighter budget and can’t spend $350 on a Cricut, consider the Maker’s baby sister, the Cricut Explore Air 2. This is the machine I own, and since I don’t cut fabric, I really didn’t want to spend the extra money on the Cricut Maker.


Cricut Bundle Black Friday

This Cricut is what I used to create my Christian t-shirt mentioned earlier! I also created some adorable onesies for my nephew.

Cricut Onesie Gift Farmhouse Christmas Tree Truck

All you need is the machine, some HTV vinyl, and a heat press or iron (which also happens to be on sale for Black Friday right now). 

It might be easier (and more affordable) if you purchase a bundle, but if you just want to get the machine for now, she can figure the rest out later. 

[amazon box=B06X9P1GF4]

The awesome thing about buying a Cricut is that if you buy her the machine, you can let others know that she’ll be wanting the vinyl, tools, etc, and those are great gift ideas for extended family to pitch in on. 

Gifts for Health and Fitness Goals

Please don’t buy the lady in your life a gym membership or Beachbody coaching (even if she’s mentioned wanting to get into shape). 

You can, however, buy her a new pair of headphones for those gym sessions, mowing the lawn, or just drowning out the kids in the car on long trips. 

Beats Wireless Headphones

My favorite purchase ever has been the Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphones. Make sure if you do get her Beats that they’re these ones and not the wired headphones. 

There’s nothing worse than dealing with cords while you’re running on the treadmill. I may have dropped my phone flailing my arms during an excruciating cardio sesh! Not fun! 

[amazon box=B07HKHWX7X]

Apple Airpods

I haven’t been fortunate enough to get any Airpods yet. My daughter’s boyfriend bought her a pair. My husband has knockoff ear pods. But my Beats have served me well.

If she doesn’t like the bulkiness of the Beats headphones, my recommendation would be to buy her a pair of Airpods. They’re so tiny and can be worn at work, at the gym, or just around the house. 

[amazon box=B07PXGQC1Q]

Wrapping Up my Christmas Wish List!

That wraps up my Christmas wish list! There’s something for just about every budget on the list, and remember if she didn’t ask for a vacuum cleaner, don’t go there. Just don’t! 

Happy Holidays to you and yours from Perfection Hangover!

Girlfriend's Guide to Christmas Gifts That Don't Suck




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