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7 Best Freelance Jobs for Bloggers

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While many people think that bloggers simply brain-dump the words in their head on WordPress, in reality, blogging takes a lot more than that. A blogger is doing multiple jobs at once.

From writing to photo editing, bloggers have to be skilled at different things. If you’re a blogger still waiting for your big brand collaboration, there are many freelance jobs that you can do in the meantime.

In this guide, we’ll discuss freelance jobs for bloggers that don’t require learning more skills that you already know.

Content Writing

Instagram blogging has shifted the focus from writing to fancy pictures. However, internet blogs still run on well-written content.

As a blogger, you must have incredible writing skills. Couple that with the specialty in your niche, and you’ll find a well-paying content writing job.

For example, if you own a travel blog, you can work as a freelance content writer for a travel magazine or website.

The best part is that you already have your blog to show as a portfolio. If the blog gets high traffic or has a consistent audience, it will speak volumes for your skill.

When beginning, you may earn around $30 for an article. But as you become experienced, you’ll find that people are willing to pay more for your services.

If you still feel the need to polish your skills, there are some fantastic online courses from successful bloggers.

You can make good money writing in your particular niche. For example, if you run a design or art blog, you can write an article about Photoshop or InDesign for The Graphic Design School. They pay quite well, sometimes up to $200 for submission.

Similarly, you can write an article about WordPress framework for SlickWP and earn up to $100 per post.

Non-tech writers also have plenty of opportunities for freelance jobs for bloggers.

For example, as a food blogger, you can pitch to a local restaurant to write content for their website. If they’re satisfied with your work, you might be writing material for their whole chain.

As you build credibility, you can increase your hourly rate over time to hit your income goals. Use this hourly rate calculator to see what you need to charge to meet your annual income. 

Photo Editing

People don’t stay on a blog if it’s all words and no glam. Thus, all bloggers know photo editing to some extent.

While a fashion blogger may have the knack of retouching and color grading pictures, a tech blogger may be a pro at product photography.

In any case, you can find photo editing work on any freelancing site.

Depending on your skill, you can charge anywhere from $3 to $30 for editing a photo. As for portfolio, you already have pictures from your blog to showcase potential clients.

Lucky for you, there are a plethora of free online courses teaching everything from Photoshop basics to advanced photo retouching.

Honing your skills will help you take better pictures for the blog. You can earn more from your freelancing side hustle by offering advanced editing services.

Infographic Design

If you run a political, finance, educational, or SEO blog, you’ll surely have some experience making infographics. Apart from being a concise way to show information, infographics keep the audience interested, providing a break from long textual paragraphs.

Website and blog owners are always on a lookout for someone to make infographics for their sites. You can charge anything from $50 to $150 for an infographic, depending on its complexity.

Besides online content, some people also hire freelancers to make infographics for their work-related campaigns and presentations.

If you want to learn more about different kinds of infographics, Michigan State University offers a free course. Having a course certificate from a reputed university will embellish your resume.

Plus, it will equip you with the skills required to use Adobe Illustrator to its full potential for designing infographics and other visual data.

Social Media Marketing

Although Internet blogs aren’t the same as their social media counterparts, many similar strategies go into making both kinds successful.

Depending on the kind of blog you’re running, you can market related brands on social media.

For example, if you’re a food blogger, drop an email to a local café. Let them know the magic you can do for them in terms of increasing customers and sales.

You can also offer to feature their restaurant on your blog if they collaborate with you. It’s a win-win situation.

Your followers are your strength; the higher the readership, the higher rates you can charge.

When clients see that you managed to get thousands of readers in a year, they’ll feel more comfortable trusting you with their brands.

You can earn up to $1,600 per month through social media marketing.

Most importantly, you’re still staying in your zone. Instead of learning new software or skill, you’re making more money using the same sites that you already do. A site like Upwork is a great way to land clients right away.

Search Engine Optimization

If you’ve managed to rank your blog high on Google, you can earn money doing the same for others.

Bloggers need to be aware of the ever-changing Google algorithms to keep their blogs SEO-friendly. On the contrary, most businesses or new website owners are completely blind to SEO practices.

So, they head to freelancing sites to find SEO service providers.

SEO professionals were earning well over $80,000 per year, back in 2018. Throw in your blog’s earnings, and you’ll never have to work a day outside your home.

You can take online courses to understand the basics of SEO because they’ll always remain the same.

As for the dynamic technicalities, regularly read high-authority SEO blogs to stay updated with these changes.

As an SEO professional, your job will be to make your client’s website more visible.

For that, you must give them a reason to believe that you can do it. Making your blog SEO-friendly and improving its rank makes a strong case for your skills and expertise.

Virtual Assistant

The scope for virtual assistance is quite extensive. You may be required to do anything from scheduling appointments to managing email accounts.

On average, virtual assistants get paid $16 an hour. However, if you’re doing intricate work like sorting Excel sheets, you may be paid higher.

With virtual assistance, you’ll get plenty of time to work on your blog. As there are no deadlines to be met and no revision to be done on submission( in most cases), you’ll mostly work for the allotted number of hours.

You can always upsell your services to make more money.

For example, if you’re working for a brand, managing their orders, you can pitch to run their social media accounts.

Along with bringing in more income, it will help establish stronger ties with the company, ensuring long-term employment.


As a blogger, you may have a camera that’s probably used once or twice a week to take a few photos for the blog post.

If you have a knack for adjusting light and getting the right angles, you can be a freelance photographer. For a solo photoshoot, freelance photographers charge around $40.

For a party or a wedding, you can charge based on the number of guests.

You won’t get Vogue knocking on your front door the very first day of work. But, if your fashion or lifestyle blog is popular among young college girls, you already have a loyal clientele. You can sell photography pretty easily through a short taks website like these top freelance websites.

Final Words

If your blog is successful and gets high traffic, it’s a promising stream of income. However, if it’s still in infancy, you can do some freelancing gigs to make extra money.

Extending your services to the freelance market is beneficial in many ways. You can spend the income from freelancing to grow your blog. Likewise, if your freelancing clientele is in the same niche as the blog, you won’t have trouble networking in the future.

Try your hands at one of the jobs mentioned in this guide, and you’ll be doing your bank account and the blog a favor.

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  1. Thanks for the comprehensive list and the target earnings — this is helpful to know if an offer is fair or lowball. I would just add that all of these options require you to know how to sell and market your services, so this is a skill set to focus on regardless of what avenue you take.

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