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Creative Side Hustle Ideas {10 Ways to Make Easy Money}

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Could you stand to make a little bit of extra income on the side? Most of us probably could, and I know I’d count myself in this camp!

This may not even be something people would have thought about 15 or 20 years ago. Right now though, we live in a time when people are taking multiple jobs, seeking outside income, and ultimately coming up with productive side hustles. In other words, there’s never been a better time to think about this. The opportunities are everywhere, even if some are better than others.

I can’t possibly touch on all of them, but below I’ve attempted to compile several different kinds of side hustles, any one of which may appeal. So read on, see if anything interests you, and start making that extra cash!

1. Blood Plasma Donation

This can sound off-putting at first glance, but it’s something that’s been discussed here before, and with good reason. Provided proper health screening and the fact that you meet necessary requirements, it can be a perfectly healthy activity and one that results in both a good deed and really decent pay. Under ideal circumstances, you may even be able to make close to $400 in a month with regular donations!

2. Drive & Deliver

In the past few years an entire economy of part-time delivery drivers and new-age taxi operators has emerged. We’re talking about Uber, Postmates, Amazon Flex, and the like. These services are specifically designed to provide part-time work options, and while it takes time to earn money, it’s not a bad category to look at for a side hustle.

3. Become A Photographer

It takes a lot of practice to make really great photos. With that said though, amateur photography is easier than ever thanks to modern phones and tablets and tons of accessories that go with them. This, plus the fact that there are several accessible places that will pay good money for stock photographs online, makes this a surprisingly appealing side hustle.

4. Do Some Freelance Writing

Freelance writing as a side hustle can be a blessing or a curse – trust me, I know. On the one hand, lots of platforms will pay for writing, and there’s a need for just about every conceivable subject and style. In other words, if you can string a few sentences together, you can sell them. The downside is that it can be difficult to find fair compensation without taking a lot of time to do so. If you do find it, however, and you can write relatively well, this can be a great way to earn some spare cash.

5. Sell Products Online

This isn’t an option for everybody. If you have a creative or craft-oriented side, however, or even if you’re capable of designing clothing or making a nice painting or sketch, you may be able to sell your handiwork online as a side hustle. If you do very much work it may ultimately be wise to set up your own e-commerce site for this specific kind of hustle. To get started though, sites like Etsy and CafePress can help you get selling.

6. Do Surveys & Tasks

I won’t go into too many specifics here because there are literally dozens of relevant different sites and apps. The broad concept though is that there are services that will pay you for, essentially, the things you’re already doing. Shopping, browsing online, or just remarking on your experience with a given product or service…. These are the things that some survey and tasking apps will pay you for.

7. Be A Social Media Manager

You may have noticed simply in passing that “Social Media Manager” has become a fairly common job post in the modern world. What companies tend to want is regular social media activity – something they may not have the time or know-how to execute, but which also isn’t exactly going to take up the entirety of an eight-hour workday. So if you’re relatively savvy with social media, you can volunteer to fill this position for a small salary and keep a company’s name relevant simply as you go about your day.

8. Try Your Luck On Sports Bets

There are all kinds of ways to bet on sports these days, which means a lot of people are making money on it. Soccer betting is present everywhere; interest in the NFL is growing around the world; basketball betting is popular in the U.S.; and that’s all to say nothing of daily fantasy sports, which is also a hustle opportunity. Now, to be as clear as possible, this is a risky option. Betting is not a job, and there is always a real chance you’ll lose money. Provided you’re careful though and you make strategic, analytically-based decisions, this can potentially be a side hustle.

9. Try Your Luck Investing

This is noteworthy because of the entire category of mobile apps that have come out specifically to make investing cheaper, easier, and frankly, more fun. You should assume the same caveats here as with betting, in that investment inherently involves risk, and there’s always a likelihood – sometimes a high one – that you’ll lose, rather than gain, money. But again, if you’re careful and take a practiced, logical, and informed approach, there’s at least the chance that it develops some side income for you.

10. Get A Part-Time Job

Weirdly, this is not the first thing people tend to think of nowadays when looking for extra income. We hear “side hustle” or “gig economy” and think immediately of apps and the internet. If you’re seeking side income though, an in-person business is still an option. The key is to try to find something you enjoy. For instance, if you like to work out, maybe you can be a trainer at your gym for a few hours a week. If you love coffee or have a favorite shop, perhaps you can be a barista one or two days a week. There are always possibilities in this space.

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