Poshmark Review | Reselling and Decluttering

Poshmark Review | Make Money Decluttering and Reselling

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Who wouldn’t like to have a little extra cash these days? Whether through your favorite side hustle, a part-time job, passive income via investments, or any other means.

Side hustles have earned me nearly $30,000 this year, and I am so grateful!

One way I’ve found to make some extra money is with Poshmark. In today’s post, a Poshmark review, I’ll show you how I use Poshmark to buy and sell used brand-named items online.

I started using Poshmark about two years ago when my wife started selling guitars on eBay. After posting some brand-name items like purses and shoes on eBay, I came across Poshmark, an app designed for those items.

Poshmark Referral Code

I had to check it out, so I signed up from a friend’s sign-up code and got a free $5. Then I started listing some of the same stuff I had listed on eBay, along with clothes that didn’t fit me any longer. I could’ve taken those clothes to a clothing resale shop where I would probably make $2 on each garment or sell it on Poshmark for 400% more.

Naturally, I chose the latter.

I never planned on purchasing anything on the app until I came across a listing that was a win-win for me. It was an adorable sweater that was worn once and only listed for $11. The referral credit I had at the time was enough to cover the purchase, so I went for it.

Why would I ever go to a clothing resale shop again when I could use Poshmark? Plus, it was an excellent way for me to make money with a hobby of mine.

But First: Poshmark vs. Mercari

I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t touch on the differences between Mercari and Poshmark. 

Mercari launched in Japan as a “flea market app” because there was no app like it in the Country. Mercari is more for people shopping on a budget and sellers looking to declutter.

The critical difference is that Poshmark is more for designer clothing resale and purchase. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I can share more about the Poshmark app. 

How to Use Poshmark

After downloading Poshmark on your phone:

  • Add a profile picture
  • Add a header image
  • Fill in your basic information

After completing those basic steps, you are free to take photos of the items you want to sell in your “closet.” Your “closet” is where your listings will be housed on Poshmark.

Pros of Poshmark

The app makes it incredibly easy to sell your items through the seamless processes they’ve implemented within the app.

Easy to List Items

I love how easy it is to start listing your items. It is also free to list your items until the item sells.

The first step in listing items is taking photos of your item or choosing already taken photos from your gallery on your smartphone. Once your photos are all selected and ready to go, you can proceed with the item information, its category, size, brand, etc.

But my absolute favorite feature is the area where the app tells you to enter an original price and listing price. From there, it shows you instantly what your earnings will be once the item sells, after Poshmark fees. This way, you know exactly what your take-home earnings will be.

Easy Shipping

The buyer pays the cost of shipping. Once your item sells, Poshmark emails you your shipping label. Next, you need to print out the shipping label and stick it on the outside of your package for your local post office to scan.

All labels are USPS priority mail shipping labels.

Poshmark Review - Make Extra Money Decluttering and Reselling Clothes

Poshmark App Review: Cons

As with any online reseller platform, not every aspect will be perfect. Some disadvantages of the app include constant social engagement with potential buyers and not being the ideal option for boutique-style stores.

Dealing with Nit-Picky Buyers

The most annoying part of Poshmark was the constant engagement that potential buyers sometimes demanded. Some people will lead you on with question after question about the state of your item, how many times it was used, the specific measurements, additional photos, and other nit-picky requests.

I get it. They are trying not to get scammed.

Then after you answer all of their questions, they completely ghost you. This is the part I don’t get, but it has happened to me a handful of times.

Not the Best Option for Boutique Style Stores

There is an option within Poshmark to set up a Seller Boutique store on Poshmark if you have many items to sell. However, when weighing the fees on Poshmark versus other online Platforms such as eBay, Letgo, and even Craigslist, Poshmark is not the ideal option in this case.

Listing Items for Sale

As previously mentioned, listing items for sale starts with photos. That means good images.

Take Good Photos

I like using natural sunlight that comes through our windows to take photos of items, which is the cheapest option. When listing clothes or shoes, I like placing them on my couch against aesthetically good pillows and blankets.

Some Poshmark sellers like using mannequins to display clothes and accessories, which is a good approach if you want to buy a form.

The most important things to keep in mind about taking good photos, though, are:

  • Use natural light as the cheapest option
  • Take pictures of as many angles of the item as you can
  • Include any defects of the item in your photographs (stains, tears, etc.)

Crafting the Perfect Poshmark Descriptions

I first like to start by looking at the original seller’s site of the item to find the original description. Then I usually copy and paste that description and add some line items about any specific things I need to disclose to the buyer, such as how many times it was used, any defects like stains, measurements, material, color, size, etc. I do this to include keywords and boost the item’s potential in the Poshmark search.

Pricing Items

Pricing your items for sale on Poshmark isn’t much different than listing them on eBay, which is why I start the pricing process on eBay. After I check the average price that item is going for on eBay, I search on Poshmark.

Then I price the item as competitively as possible, considering its condition and how it compares to the other listed things I found during my research.

Negotiating with Buyers

Maybe this shouldn’t be listed as a “con” to the Poshmark app. But it is something that happens on any reseller platform.

People will want to buy your item for next to nothing and will send insulting offers. That is why they are on Poshmark in the first place – to try and get something for a deal.

Don’t let them weigh you down, and stand firm on the price you want for the item. If an item in my Poshmark closet has been sitting there for a while, I will cave on certain offers because I want to get rid of it. You must make this decision for yourself and if you are willing to sell an item for less than you originally listed.

You can set the minimum price you are willing to accept for an item to avoid these headaches.


Bundles are incredible for this sort of exchange. Let’s say they offer you $10 for a skirt you have listed for $20. If you have another similar dress for sale in your closet (for the same price) that you want to get rid of without losing too much on the deal, you can offer them a bundle instead of the two skirts for $30. They will get a $5 discount on 2 of the skirts, and you kind of meet in the middle in that negotiation.

Poshmark Shipping Fees 

As I mentioned above, I love how Poshmark handles shipping by providing you with the shipping label. You are required to print it out and attach it to your package.

But you do need to purchase your packing supplies. The best ones for garments are the packaging envelopes with the inside bubble wrap, which are much cheaper than buying boxes and bubble wrap separately. It also works to reuse your smaller amazon boxes from past deliveries you have lying around.

Finishing Touches

Buyers love getting personalized notes in their deliveries. They are also super fun to make.

I include a thank you note in all my shipments with a personalized message to the buyer, thanking them for purchasing it and some joyous blessing for the day. Adding a flair of creativity with a doodle doesn’t hurt either, especially if you are artistic.

I’ve gotten great feedback on my thank you notes and usually attribute it to me getting a “Love Note” from my buyers.

Love notes appear on the Posher’s About page when they receive a 5-star rating. The more love notes you have, the more 5-star ratings you have, and the more 5-star ratings you have, the more trustworthy of a seller you are.

Poshmark Fees

Poshmark’s seller fee policy says listing your items is free. Once your item sells is when they take their cut.

Poshmark’s fees include:

  • For sales under $15, the price is a flat rate of $2.95
  • For sales above $15, the price is 20%, and you keep 80%

For these fees, you get:

  • Free pre-paid shipping labels (paid for by the buyer)
  • Free credit card processing
  • Customer support and Posk Protect buyer protection
  • Sales tax is automatically calculated, collected, and remitted to the state on your behalf

Build Your Following

Poshmark is one of the simplest platforms where you can build a following.

I built my following of 4,582 followers by going to the “Find People” area under the account page (labeled by your username). Most of the people you follow will follow you back. I would then follow the Poshmark ambassadors and new people.

After downloading the app, start listing it in your closet. You will get an influx of followers who are also looking in the “Find People” area to follow. It’s like instant followers, and then people continue to follow you through the “Find People” area, from you sharing their items, them coming across your items and sharing them, or through Posh Parties.

Posh Parties

Posh parties are where the real money is. There are many sales I’ve made solely because of posh parties.

Posh parties are pre-scheduled parties from the Poshmark Editor for specific categories that are popular at that time on the app. They are share parties where sellers share to the party, and then other sellers re-share your items, widening everyone’s audience of potential buyers.

A couple of examples of Posh Parties are:

  • Fall Favorites Posh Party
  • Best in Jeans Posh Party
  • Everything Petite Posh Party
  • Street Style Posh Party

Posh Perfect Conclusion

At first, making sales difficult as I expected things to sell like crazy. When you are starting with a small following and only a couple of items, you aren’t going to sell anything right away.

It wasn’t until I had at least ten items listed and started actively participating in Posh Parties that I began to make sales. Once you get that first couple of sales along with feedback and ratings from buyers, sales come much easier.

It is an excellent tool in addition to other platforms you might be using to list items for resale as a side hustle, but just as great for getting rid of things cluttering up your closet.

If you need to sell something quick, my advice to you is to list that item both on Poshmark and eBay. There have been times when I sold the item first on eBay, so it’s worth a try.

And as always, keep experimenting and have fun!

This article originally appeared on Wealth of Geeks and has been republished with permission.

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