Ways to Make Money on the Side in 2020
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76 Ways to Make Extra Money on the Side This Year

This post may contain affiliate links. Click here to read my full disclosure.

Let’s face it. You’re here because you want to learn ways to make extra money on the side in 2019. Maybe you’re fed up with your day job, you can’t stand the corporate politics. Or perhaps you want to be your own boss or work from home so you can spend more time with the family.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to make money on the side this year, they’re all legit. Over the past year, I’ve learned so much about online business and making money from home that it’s become a true passion of mine.

Whether you’re an introvert or a social butterfly, online business and side hustles are a great way to make money, and I’m going to share 76 legitimate ways to side hustle in 2019.

Ways to Make Extra Money Online

I’ve tried so many different side hustles in my 36 years of life, but my all-time favorite is having an online business. Making money online seems like an unattainable dream to many. My mother-in-law still, to this day, doesn’t “get it”. She doesn’t understand how I make money blogging.

And that’s okay. People are skeptical, but making money online is actually very attainable if you’re willing to put in the work. Make no mistake…this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Online business should be treated as a true, ride-or-die business that you pour your heart and soul into in order to make it work.

I love being able to make money online because it allows me the freedom to work from home or while traveling, vacationing, and yes…even in my pj’s. Every morning, I check my balance to see how much I’ve made overnight (while sleeping, y’all).

If online business is your jam, and you’re interested in making money online, here are some options:

  • Start a Blog – Starting a blog is easy, but it takes work to grow it into a source of income. The best thing I’ve ever done was launching my blog, but it’s far from passive. For the past 11 years, I’ve been wanting to start blogging but I allowed fear to hold me back until January 2018 when I launched this blog. I’ve only been blogging for a year, and this month alone I earned more than I did the entire first year of blogging! You can learn how to start a blog here with my easy-to-follow tutorial.  It only costs a few bucks per month, and when you sign up for hosting using my guide, you’ll get a free domain (plus I share how to get cashback on your hosting). Click here to learn more and start your blog.
  • Use Pinterest to Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing – My friend Elise teaches how you can get started with affiliate marketing with no blog. Her ebook How to Make your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours can help you. It’s not quite as easy to make money through affiliate marketing if you don’t have a blog, but it is possible.
    76 Ways to Make Extra Money on the Side
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  • Start a YouTube Channel – I think just about everyone should be utilizing YouTube to grow their online business. Last April, I uploaded a video about Why I Quit Beachbody Coaching, and it has received over 122,000 views and is my top source of YouTube ad revenue. I’m currently sitting with just under 1700 subscribers, and I’m earning over $200 per month (mostly from that video). You can get started with your cell phone, editing with iMovie and later upgrade to better equipment. I use the Canon t6i video creator kit for my videos and this lighting kit from Amazon. But if you don’t start now, you are missing out on valuable time that you need to grow your channel so you can start monetizing it.
  • Become a Facebook Ads Specialist – My good friend Robert learned of this side hustle after he took a course on how to run Facebook ads for local businesses. He then started reaching out to local real estate offices and is now working with Realtors to create ads for their listings. It has turned into one of the most lucrative ways to make extra money on the side. He makes well over $2,000 per month as a Facebook ads specialist.
  • Start an Amazon FBA Private Label Business – Amazon offers an FBA service, also known as “fulfillment by Amazon”. I’m unfamiliar with the specifics of Amazon FBA, but my friend Peter has written about it extensively here. It has been a great way for him to make money online.
  • Make Money Completing Surveys at Home – If you’re trying to find ways to make extra money while binging Netflix, answering surveys might be the answer. Survey Junkie and Swagbucks are two great ones I recommend. The key is to actively participate in as many surveys and polls as possible. You can even get freebies in addition to making money online. Get $10 bonus cash for signing up for Swagbucks through my link.
  • Start an eCommerce Site & Sell Your Goods – Etsy, eBay, Craigslist, and now Facebook marketplace are great places online where you can sell your handmade goods. Buyers are willing to pay top dollar for unique, handmade items, and the internet makes it easier than ever to make money online selling your products. If you’re crafty, a Cricut maker can earn you thousands per month when you sell your tumblers, wine glasses, wall decor, and other items.

More Online Side Hustle Ideas

  • Make Money Online Teaching English – Teachers are finding it harder and harder to receive fair pay and decent benefits. Contracts are being drawn out. Schools are taking away raises for teachers with advanced degrees.  Our education system in America has become a bit of a nightmare. If you’re looking to use your teaching degree to work from home, check out VIP Kid.
  • Create an Online Course That Helps Others – In the past year, I’ve invested in a few different online courses. At some point, I’d like to put together a course to help women get started blogging (an SEO and Pinterest Playbook of sorts). Some bloggers making bank by selling online courses are Michelle at Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and Ruth at Elite Blog Academy. I’ve personally invested in both of these courses and feel that they are worth the investment if you want to save yourself months of researching, implementing, and making mistakes along the way. These two women offer a guide to making money online, and I don’t believe I’d be where I am today if it weren’t for their courses.
  • Create and Sell an ebook – Elise at House of Brazen did just that when she created this affordable ebook to teach you how to make your first affiliate sale in 24 hours. She made over $30,000 the first year after launching that ebook and continues to sell copies to this day! This is also on my to-do list.
  • Become a Pinterest VA – There are a lot of opportunities to manage other bloggers’ Pinterest accounts. The reason bloggers hire VA’s is so that they can free up time to create more content. It’s quite a lot of work creating pins that grab readers’ attention and scheduling pins. You’ll need a professional Tailwind account, but you can make good money by becoming a Pinterest VA. Just be sure you don’t undervalue yourself if you do go this route.
  • Sell Your Services on Fiverr or Upwork – Are you great at creating graphics or music intros for YouTube channels? Even something so simple as enabling Rich Pins for bloggers is a service offered for sale on Fiverr and Upwork. Create a listing and offer your services.
  • Use Rakuten for Purchases – Not only do you receive cashback for buying through Rakuten, but you can also refer friends and family and earn $25 for each person who uses your link and makes a purchase! When you sign up using my link, you’ll get $10 bonus cash back on your first purchase! I recommend everyone who wants to start a blog to use my link for Rakuten first, then my link for Bluehost after you’ve installed the Rakuten browser extension on your Chrome toolbar. As my buddy Michael says, “Explain it to me like I’m a second grader”. Ok…read my post on How to Start a Blog and I share exactly how to save $20 on hosting through Rakuten.
  • Get Paid to Browse the InternetInstall the Swagbucks button to your toolbar, and it’ll automatically notify you when there’s money-making opportunities.
  • Become a Freelance Writer or Ghost Writer – Make money online by writing for other bloggers. Some bloggers wish to publish every single day to their blogs, but writing quality content can be a struggle every single day. So many outsource the writing to qualified staff writers. That’s where you come in and can make extra money on the side!
  • Become an Influencer – If you have a good social media following that’s highly engaged in your content, you should consider becoming an influencer. Izea and TapInfluence are a couple of networks that connect influencers with brands for collaboration.
  • Dropship Tees and Merch – Another one of the many ways to make extra money on the side in 2019 is to start a merchandise dropshipping business with a Shopify store or woo-commerce website. I actually added a few t-shirts to my store recently and plan on adding more merch! You design the products, place images and shopping carts on your site, and Shopify does the rest, fulfilling and delivering the orders to your customers.  Irwin Dominguez earned 1 million dollars in just 8 months after launching his e-commerce website.
  • Sell your Coaching Services – This one I am sharing cautiously. There are a lot of self-proclaimed “experts” in the blogosphere selling their coaching services for tens of thousands of dollars. Don’t be that guy. But if you can help people and charge a fair price for the services provided, go for it! But if you’re simply looking to con vulnerable people, look for other business opportunities.
  • Twitch – If you’re a gamer, you can try to develop a following on Twitch, and you can monetize using Patreon.


Create a Part-Time (or Full-Time) Business to Make Extra Money

  • Start a pressure-washing business – This is a cool one and you don’t even have to have a pressure washer. Bear with me for a minute. There is a product available at Amazon that you hook to a water hose, and it gives you comparable results as a pressure washer! It removes that yucky green mildew and leaves it good as new! If buying a pressure washer is out of budget right now, start with a couple of bottles of Mold Armour and go door-to-door, asking neighbors if you can wash their house for a price. You’ll be surprised how many will be happy to pay you to do it!
  • Stain or paint porches or concrete – Buy a couple of gallons of a neutral color, and again, go door to door and ask if you can stain porches.
  • Put your photography skills to use – My Mom has a knack for photography but not your typical family photoshoots. Mom is really great at capturing action sports photography. If you have the same talents, print business cards and take photos of local sporting events. Then offer your card to parents at the games with a specific code to reveal photos for purchase within 48 hours.
  • Uber/Lyft
  • Pet Sitting/Dog WalkingRover is an app that connects owners with pet sitters. Sign up for a free account using my link and get $20 off when you hire a sitter/walker or start your own pet sitting/dog walking business!
  • Babysitting/Child Care Services – Check your local area for pricing. You might be able to earn up to $100 a night babysitting.
  • Food Delivery ServicesUberEats and other food delivery services might not pay great hourly, but you can earn quite a lot in tips if you’re good at your job!
  • Referee or Umpire Local Sports Games
    76 Side Hustles to Make Money on the Side
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  • Mail Delivery Seasonal Work (UPS, USPS, FedEx) – This is a great way to get your foot in the door with these companies that pay upwards of $20 per hour.
  • Start a Landscaping Business – Or simply mow some lawns and shovel some driveways.
  • Become an Airbnb HostRent a room in your home or your vacation home on Airbnb as a way to make money on the side.
  • House Sit – Got coworkers traveling out of town? Offer to housesit while they’re out of town. Water the plants, feed the cats, etc. You can make up to $25 per day.
  • Become a Pet Groomer – Are your pooches always looking dapper? Offer your services as a pet groomer and turn it into a solid way to make money on the side.
  • Start a Cooking Class – Catering to couples, you could offer date nights teaching couples how to cook a romantic meal together. Special licenses will be required. Be sure to check with your local municipalities for any health code requirements, too!
  • Become a Professional Organizer – Marie Kondo has taken the world by storm with her new Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, where she teaches people how to declutter and only keep items that spark joy. I swear my teenager could be a professional organizer. She loves going through items and making rooms and closets functional. Right now is the perfect time to capitalize on KonMari, the life-changing magic of tidying up!

Home Service Business Ideas

  • Offer Handyman Services – We actually used handymen to help us fix up our house, gaining us nearly $30k in equity. They did a great job on the work, and we saved so much money instead of hiring contractors to do the work. If you’re handy and can do things like installing backsplash, flooring, and painting, you can make decent side income!
  • Start a Moving CompanyYou can pack and move people from one home to another, or you can do what my cousin did. She and her husband saw a need for transport services. They started their company by renting u-haul style box trucks and transporting equipment to and from work sites. One driver can earn them up to $10,000 per month.
  • Flip Furniture for Profit – I used to buy furniture from Goodwill to restore and although I had every intention of selling it for a profit, I’d keep most of them for my own home. My husband was thrilled every time I came home with another item! 😛 If you’re talented and can buy furniture at cheap prices in your area, there may be an opportunity to flip furniture for profit.
  • Start a Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Company – We painted our kitchen cabinets using chalk paint, and it was the easiest, cheapest upgrade ever! Rather than replacing cabinets, more and more homeowners are opting to use what they already have but painting blonde, builder-grade cabinets a classic white or staining a darker color. This is an easy business to start if you’re handy with a paintbrush!

  • Become a Tutor – Tutors at my daughter’s school can earn upwards of $30 per hour. If you’re skilled in certain subjects, offer your tutoring services through the school’s program.
  • Start a Personal Shopping Business (Seasonal, Birthday, Grocery, etc) 
  • Offer Music Lessons – Guitar, piano, french horn, voice lessons…the opportunities are endless! My daughter’s middle school choir teacher quit her full-time teaching gig to start her own music studio out of her home.
  • Become a Dance or Cheer Instructor – Can you still do a pirouette? Offer your expertise as a dance or cheer instructor!
  • Start a Real Estate Business – It’s fairly simple to become licensed to sell real estate. You simply sign up for online (or in-person) courses, take the exams, and pay the appropriate fees to join the local real estate board and National Association of Realtors. It costs approximately $2,000 in my State to get started, and there are fees associated with certain brokerages. I have chosen to affiliate with Real Broker, a virtual brokerage who charges NO transaction fees. As a result, I only pay 15% of my commission up to $11,000 per year, and after that, I gross 100%. I actually earned $5ok gross my first year in real estate as a newbie in Illinois. I would have taken home much more had I known about Real Broker!

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Ways to Make Extra Money on the Side at a Part-Time Job

  • Deliver Pizzas or Toss Dough
  • Food Delivery Services – Door Dash, PostMates, etc
  • Retail Store Clerk/Stocking Shelves
  • Get a Job at Chic fil a
  • Work overnights at a hotel or resort on days off from your regular job
  • Become a Lifeguard
  • Become a phlebotomist and work for American Red Cross
  • Work in a Call Center Scheduling Appointments
  • Run Errands as a Side Hustle
  • Substitute Teach at a Local School or Childcare Center
  • Cafe Barista
  • Waitress
  • Bartend (Both Waitressing and Bartending can Lend Some Hefty Tips)
  • Work for Hobby Lobby – If you still want your Sundays off, consider a part-time job at Hobby Lobby or Chic fil a. The retailer is closed on Sundays for a day of rest.

Remote Work from Home Jobs

Many companies are finding that it’s cheaper to hire remote work than to maintain an employee “in-house”. As a result, many different lines of business are utilizing remote opportunities for employees. Here are some ways to make extra money on the side remotely.

  • Flexjobs
  • SolidGigs
  • Working Nomads
  • Jobspresso
  • Jobscribe
  • Outsourcely
  • Power to Fly
  • Idealist
  • Indeed.com
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield and other insurance companies

Ways to Make More Money at Your Current Job

  • Negotiate a Raise – Don’t wait for your annual raise. Negotiate a merit raise based on performance.
  • Learn your Commission/Bonus Structure and Work it – If your employer offers bonuses for selling certain products, learn how you can sell more of those specific products. Find ways to present it to every single customer you speak with. Find ways to prospect.
  • Apply for a Promotion – Talk to your boss about promotion potential within your company. Let her know that you’re interested in growing your career with the company and are willing to do what it takes to move up.
  • Take Advantage of Continuing Education – Higher education can lead to higher pay. If your company offers tuition reimbursement, take advantage of the opportunity.
  • Take on Extra Projects to Show Your Worth – Serve others with a grateful heart. Go above and beyond at work. Someone will take notice.
  • Look for Employment Elsewhere – If your employer isn’t “filling your cup”, consider looking for better opportunities. Don’t just quit your job without another one lined up, but if you’re not getting enough out of the company you’re with, it may be time to put some feelers out there from competitors.

Unique Ways to Make Extra Money on the Side  in 2019

  • Become an Audiobook Narrator – It’s no secret that audiobooks and videos are the preferred methods of content consumption. With Scribd and Audible subscriptions at an all-time high, publishers are hiring narrators left and right. Try a free month of Audible here or better yet, check out Scribd for an even lower price. At just $8.99 per month, you can listen to unlimited audiobooks…not just one per month! Try a free month of Scribd and compare the two. And let me know if you land a job narrating!
  • Become a Walking Advertisement – When Jason Sadler founded iwearyourshirt.com on January 1, 2009, he changed the marketing and advertising game. By placing a calendar on his site, he allowed advertisers the opportunity to bid on a specific day of the year. January 1 cost $1, December 31 cost $365. He grossed over $70,000 his first year in the business through sponsorships…all because he decided to wear company’s t-shirts and “go live”every day at the same time for about an hour. Imagine what you could do in 2019 with a little creativity?! Side note: he ended up making over a million dollars in just a year and a half. Ready to start your own blog yet? Click here for my tutorial on how to start a blog. You can also see my income reports and how my blog makes money here.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of ways to make extra money on the side around your full-time job. You’ve just got to find something that interests you and go for it! Remember that this is your life, and there are no do-overs. Find something that you’re passionate about or that will help you get closer to a goal of paying off debt, traveling more, or retire early (even on a modest income).

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  6. James Atkinson

    Melissa: Awesome sets of tips. I have to ask though, many of your tips are simply work more, longer and harder. What tips do you have for the hiring-challenged (such as those subject to various forms of discrimination even in the world of the internet/online work where young and bouncy trumps old, white guy) regardless of his enthusiasm, energy level and continued love of travel, technology, and all the same things 20-30-40 somethings see as positives for employment?



    1. See, I believe there’s an audience for everyone regardless of age, sex, weight, or any other factor. I’m a huge fan of starting a blog and/or a YouTube channel about something you’re passionate about. Also…real estate investing. I’d recommend looking into it. You could also try Diversyfund for REIT investing. Thanks for your comment!

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  9. Liz

    I love your ideas but for a group of us the details are missing. I am old enough to know the basics of using a computer but too old to be up to speed with those who are 10 years younger. I blog or U Tube video to get us up to speed is desperately needed. My life experiences allowed me to experience 20 lives during my one. I am a 100% disabled and retired vet so some of your ideas would be a perfect fit for so many of my ideas. Please help me get started. Use me as a true to life example.
    I’ll be waiting for your call.

    1. Thank you, Liz! I can do a simple tutorial video and blog post on how to get started. I can even share my screen to walk you through how to start your own blog.

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