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Leaking Super Bowl Commercials: Wicked Smaht or Losing Viewers?

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I love watching college football, but I don’t really have a favorite NFL team. My family consists of mostly Dallas Cowboys fans (except my brother-in-law who is a die-hard Bills fan…literally the only Bills fan I’ve ever met). 

Wicked Smaht Pahk Commercial 2020

Anyway…as I was scrolling through Facebook this morning, I started seeing leaked Super Bowl commercials. My favorite one (that prompted this article) is this Hyundai with “Smaht Pahk” featuring Chris Evans, Rachel Dratch, and John Krasinski.

Can I just say how much I love John Krasinski. He’s so dreamy! 

No matter which teams are playing, I always watch the Super Bowl just to see the incredibly creative commercials. It’s one of the highlights of my year as a marketing geek.

The cost for 30-seconds of ad time during the game, which will air on Fox, reached $5.6 million this year. 5.6 million dollars, y’all…

I remember when we had to wait to see the commercials, and there was no pause button. If you needed to use the restroom, you had to decide between dipping out and missing a big play or missing the best commercial ever.

Part of the excitement of the Super Bowl was the anticipation of these badass ads! 

Are Ad Companies Making a Mistake Leaking Super Bowl Ads?

I wonder if ad agencies and major companies are making a big mistake leaking their ads prior to the Super Bowl airing?

I wonder if there are viewers who would have watched but already saw a list of 2020 Super Bowl ads and decided to skip it this year.

Another question to ponder is what would happen if these companies focused just 1/4 of their Super Bowl ad budget on creating campaigns throughout the year.

YouTube ads would be a “wicked smaht” way to advertise considering millions of people consume content on YouTube every day. 

What do you think? Do you think ad companies are making a mistake by leaking their Super Bowl ads that companies spent billions on? What could they do differently? 


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