quick pick me ups on a budget

Quick Pick-Me-Ups That Won’t Break the Bank

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Have you found yourself feeling the urge to spend money to self-soothe? Pick-me-ups are people, things, or situations that make you feel better. They can range in cost from totally free to “oops…I just bought a brand new boat I won’t be able to pay for (or use) in six months”. Some personality types tend to impulse purchase when depressed or anxious as a means of coping with certain situations, often resulting in regret or remorse. So I wanted to come up with a list of quick pick-me-ups that are sure to make your day (without breaking the bank).

Quick Pick-Me-Ups on a Budget

This post contains affiliate links. You can find my full disclosure here

Quick Pick-Me-Ups On a Budget

1.Coffee with a friend

Back in the day, friends used to get together for coffee or tea all the time! Brunch wasn’t a “thing” at restaurants but in each others’ homes! It was personal and comforting. It was a time for friends to catch up and talk about all that’s going on in their lives. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to entertain. Good company and a good cup of coffee are all that’s needed!

We recently started researching coffee makers after I read this post about someone’s Keurig having junk inside it! I was disgusted at the thought that I was putting that in my body, so we bought this coffee pot. You can’t go wrong with Mr. Coffee! They also make an espresso machine that I almost bought, but I’m still weighing my options.

As a new coffee drinker, I’ve found one coffee that’s tolerable and another that is downright delicious!

My first newb coffee drinker suggestion is Starbucks Veranda Blend Light Roast Ground Coffee. 

It’s light and pretty dang good! Especially with sugar-free peppermint mocha creamer! This is great if you’re looking to lose weight, stay healthy, or are diabetic or lactose intolerant!

My absolute favorite coffee as a new coffee drinker is Black Rifle Coffee Company Silencer Smooth. There is simply no better coffee in my book, and I have tried a lot of different coffees! Black Rifle Coffee is a veteran-owned company based out of Salt Lake City. When my husband was traveling for work, he actually visited the headquarters. These guys and the ladies of BRCC are awesome! I hope to be an affiliate for them one day. Until then, I’ll leave you a link where you can get free shipping on Amazon. Everyone who visits my house gets a cup of Black Rifle, and we’ve bought Caffeinated AF and Silencer Smooth. CAF was too strong for me (although it would be great as a pre-workout).

You can check out their coffee grounds, beans, and k-cups here.

2. Mani/Pedis at Home

Everyone knows that pretty, painted nails make you feel better. But not all of us want to (or budget for) regularly scheduled nail fillings every two weeks. If you’re looking for quick pick-me-ups, check out my favorite nail colors for Winter 2018.

My favorites are:

  1. Blue-tiful Horizon

  1. Social Lights

  1. Making Harmony

You can find lots of colors to choose from, and while it’s not a shellac manicure or pedicure, it’ll still give you a boost of confidence for a few days!

3. Clean your House/Summon The FlyLady and Noni from A Slob Comes Clean

Ok..I know that this isn’t going to be a popular suggestion, but hear me out. When your house is a wreck, especially your bedroom or your living room (where you spend the most time), it can leave you feeling out of whack. I truly believe that the brighter a home, the better your mood. And the cleaner a home, the more relaxed you feel. I’m not saying you have to go all Konmari and zen out while loading everything but the kids up and taking it to Goodwill.

But adopt a cleaning schedule that works for you! You’ll think I’m crazy, but I don’t sort my laundry. I actually wash one load a day every single day (colors, whites, towels, and jeans altogether), and by doing this, that’s one less chore I have to worry about! The laundry monster will creep up on you if you miss just one load! I’ve never once had a problem with colors bleeding. Disclaimer: I do separate new clothes and fancy clothes so I don’t ruin them. But for the most part, it all gets thrown together, and it works! Try it for a week and see if it makes your life easier!

Years ago, I started following a blogger named Noni (short for anonymous because she was embarrassed she wasn’t able to keep her house clean). She offers great tips on her blog at A Slob Comes Clean, and she even has a podcast!

You can also check out the FlyLady. Each week, you have weekly cleaning zones that you tackle, one day at a time. Her tips have helped me immensely, and she even has a free app you can download and emails to help keep you on task.

The key is to start with the areas that are bugging you the most and tackle them. FlyLady will teach you to shine your kitchen sink every night before bed and that even small tasks such as that will keep you on track by developing small habits to change your cleaning behaviors.

Home is where you Netflix and Chill….it should be a place to relax and be proud of the week’s accomplishments…not a daily reminder of all that needs to be done!

4. Hallmark Movie Marathon

Ok I know we just had Halloween, and it’s not even the second week in November, but Sirius XM is playing Christmas music on Holly and Holiday Traditions, and I am loving it! Christmas is my JAM! And Hallmark Christmas movies do not disappoint! Sure, they’re all cheesy and we know the plot of every single movie is the same, but they definitely bring a smile to your face (even my cynical husband gives a side smirk sometimes) 😛

Keep up with the Hallmark Christmas movie schedule on the Countdown to Christmas app in iTunes, grab a cup of hot cocoa, and settle in for your favorite romantic movies.

The most important thing when looking for quick pick-me-ups is avoiding emotional purchases and overspending. Sometimes a conversation with a friend, a great book or movie, or (yes, even) cleaning your house will make a huge difference in your overall mood and outlook! How do YOU treat yourself when you’re feeling the need to splurge?

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