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Unfulfilled in your Current Career? Take Action!

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Are you still happy in your chosen career? Many people “fall into” a career when they leave school and never divert from a particular pathway. If your career is leaving you feeling unfulfilled, stressed or it’s not financially rewarding enough, you should consider retraining in order to change pathways. In the past training was for the young and adult training facilities concentrated on arts and crafts or learning a new language. Age is not a barrier to training in today’s current climate and a high percentage of students at university fall into the mature student age bracket. Perhaps it’s time to take stock of your current work situation in order to realize where improvements can be made.


Unfulfilled in your Current Career? Take Action! 3


Your first step is to analyze your skills and write them down. Include any skills that you have obtained during previous careers, hobbies and interests. Your next step is to decide which of your skills you enjoy and would like to further develop into a potential career option.


You may decide that you would like to start your own business or go freelance. There are many resources available to help with starting a business and many of the tasks required for running a successful business have the potential to be outsourced. Accounts and Pay stub generator tasks can be outsourced freeing up valuable time for generating sales.


If there are any gaps in your current skill set you may need to retrain in order to achieve the relevant qualifications.  


What are your options?

Often it is difficult to know what career options you have, as you may have limited knowledge of what is available. You could consult a careers advisor who will be trained in assessing your current skills and advise on potential careers. They will also be able to advise on training options.


If you have your heart set on completely changing careers, for example perhaps you have always longed to be a nurse, you may need to get voluntary experience. Voluntary organizations will be thankful for an extra pair of hands and you will be able to get experience in your chosen field.   


Don’t procrastinate!

It’s very easy to just carry on regardless and make no changes. Even if taking the plunge immediately to change careers is too much of a risk, you could make small steps towards achieving your dream career. You could gain qualifications alongside your current job and maybe take on work as a freelancer before going full time. Take advantage of the different funding options available for retraining, there are often bursaries and awards available.  


If starting your own business is your dream, start to put things in place to make it possible. Again, you could run your business as a side hustle prior to going full time. There are many incentives and advice available for business startups and there are often free training courses available to attend.


Whichever direction you choose, take action and don’t just wait for things to happen. Very soon you could have the perfect career and work/life balance!  


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