tech essentials every freelancer needs

6 Tech Essentials Every Freelancer Needs

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The traditional 9-5 work grind is rapidly becoming a relic of the past, providing an alternative pathway to success for those who refuse to settle for the conventional desk job.

Freelancing has exploded amid the digital age, offering skilled experts a space to enjoy increased freedom and flexibility while still earning enough income to support their means.

If 2020 is your year of diving into your dream freelance career, congratulations and welcome to the club.

Venturing into your journey as a freelancer, you’ll need a few key tech essentials to get you by–from custom USB drives to keep you organized to suiting yourself up with a hardy arsenal of tech to get your career off the ground.

And, fortunately for you, we’re here to give you the lowdown on everything you’ll need to rev your engines and go.

1. Lightweight Laptop

A lightweight laptop makes a world of difference for the on-the-go freelancer who always keeps their computer on their person.

Having the ability to take your work on the go is one of the most rewarding perks of skipping the conventional desk job route.

Whether you’re headed to your favorite local coffee shop or catching international flights, a lightweight laptop will keep your luggage as weightless as you make it.

6 Tech Essentials Every Freelancer Needs

2. Protective Sleeves and Cases

For all of the gear you’re bound to be carrying around, it’s well worth your while to invest in protective gear to prolong the lifespan of your most cherished gadgets.

The tech you need to keep your freelance career afloat isn’t cheap, so it’s only fair to take every measure possible to ensure their optimal safety.

Be it a snap-on laptop cover or a Kevlar carry-all bag, there are so many different protective sleeves and cases out there that give you the peace of mind you deserve when toting around your precious gadgets.

3. Unlocked Smartphone

As a freelancer, your entire career relies on the reliability of your internet connection. It’s your responsibility to be available whenever your clients may need you, and what better way to stay available than via smartphone.  

Regardless of whether you’re an Android loyalist or an Apple fan, suiting yourself up with an unlocked smartphone is a genius idea, especially if you plan on traveling internationally with your ultra-flexible schedule.

4. Bluetooth Headphones

Wired devices are a thing of the past—the age of wireless everything has dawned and brought headphones with it.

Giving you the freedom to roam about without the restriction of a cord. Tune out all of the extra noise of the real world and harness your highest levels of concentration with a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

With so many different styles and qualities on the market, finding your perfect pair of headphones is far simpler than you may think.

5. Mobile Wi-Fi Hub

Working on the go has its many perks, but it also has a handful of difficulties you’ll inevitably encounter.

One of the most common challenges you’ll face is being out of reach from a reliable Wi-Fi connection when you really need one.

Whether you’re in and out of hotels, airports or cafes, you can almost expect a spotty connection. 

Spare yourself the stress and headache of in-and-out connections by gearing up with a mobile Wi-Fi hub.

These genius devices are specifically designed to generate a Wi-Fi hotspot whenever and wherever you need it.

6. Ergonomic Office Chair

Are you more likely to be working from home than on the go?

Investing time and money into creating your perfect home office space should be at the top of your to-do list.

Comfortability reigns supreme, which is why an ergonomic office chair should be the first purchase you make.

After all, you’ll spend tireless hours sitting and grinding—you might as well make the experience one that’s comfortable and inviting.

These chairs are more affordable on Amazon than in-store, and you’ll be grateful for the lack of back pain and bum soreness after hours and hours of sitting.

At the end of the day, your freelance career is what you make of it. With these 6 tech essentials in your arsenal, you’re already setting yourself up for success.

Freelancers, did we miss anything? Let us know what essentials you depend on in the comments below.

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