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Apps That Pay You Back {Money Apps for the Novice Investor}

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When you’re looking for advice on how to save money you’ll come across the same stuff over and over. Make a strict budget and stick to it, get rid of any unnecessary spending etc. but that just doesn’t work for some people. Did you know that there are apps that pay you? No kidding! These apps actually pay you to invest, save, and shop with their apps. If you’ve tried the traditional methods of personal finance and you’re still struggling to save and budget, you need to find other ways. There are some great apps out there that can easily save you loads of money.

apps that pay you to save money and shop


Investment Apps That Pay You Dividends


The world of investments is pretty daunting and you may or may not be trading on the stock market anytime soon. However, there are some great apps that help you invest small amounts of money without even having to leave the sofa! The best ones, in my opinion, are Acorn and Stash.

Acorn is great if you spend quite a lot of money on small purchases every day. The way that it works is it will round up any purchase to the nearest dollar and then it invests that little bit of change on your behalf. It’s only a tiny amount that you won’t miss, but you can see a pretty good return on it after a while.

Stash is a bit more hands-on and you’ll have to choose your own investments but it makes it simple for you. Check out this stash vs acorns review to decide which is best for you. If you’re confident about making investment choices, Stash is great. But if you want somebody to handle it for you, Acorns might be better.

You can also learn investment strategies through the Motley Fool Stock Advisor. It’s so easy-to-follow that even beginner investors can learn from this in-depth review.


Coupon Codes for Saving Money


Most advice just tells you to stop buying so much stuff, but you can still save money and buy the things you want or need if you use coupon codes. There are some great coupon sites out there and they have discounts for pretty much anything you can think of, even your groceries. The offers don’t always last that long so you’ll have to wait until there is a deal available before buying something, but they do come up fairly regularly so you won’t be waiting left waiting for long. If you check the sites every day, you can save money on most of the things that you’re already buying.

Tip: It doesn’t matter what store you’re in (other than Aldi, the best grocery store EVER). Grab your smartphone and google “{Store Name + Coupon Code}. So if you’re in Kohl’s, you’d want to google “Kohl’s Coupon Code” before you check out. Make sure you go directly to the website of the store in question. There are many coupon sites that are a waste of your time with expired codes.


Cashback Apps


Wouldn’t it be great if somebody gave you some of your money back every time you bought something? Believe it or not, there are cashback apps that pay you a refund on your purchases. So if you sign up on cashback sites and buy products from them instead of directly on the retailer’s website, you get a percentage of that money back. You’re still buying the products from the original website, you just search for it through the cashback site. It’s no different to shopping online normally, except that you’re literally getting free money every time you buy something. Just make sure that you’re definitely logged in and you’re going to the site to find your purchases, otherwise, you won’t get your discounts.

An example of a cashback site is ebates. I’ve earned a good amount of cashback through them. Here’s how you get started.

  1. Click here to sign up for an account. It’s totally free and won’t cost you a penny…ever!
  2. Make sure you download the free ebates extension for your Chrome. After you’ve added the extension, you’ll have a button that pops up on ebates-eligible sites when you’re shopping online. So you don’t even have to remember to go to ebates to shop!

Let’s face it. We are often forgetting where we placed our keys, our shoes, our purse, and other miscellaneous items. With this plugin, you don’t have to remember squat! #lifechanging Saving money is easy when you’re prepared and have downloaded the apps that pay you cash! If budgeting and cutting back on spending isn’t working for you, try some of these great apps for iPhone and Android. Coupon clipping days are over! Ain’t nobody got time for that! What’s YOUR favorite app for saving money or investing? Leave a comment below!


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