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Clever Ideas for Finances {4 Unique Ways to Save & Make Money}

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There are quite a few clever ideas for finances available in this day and age. Even though it’s becoming increasingly harder to take care of our finances, I’ve got 4 unique options to help you make more money and save more money.

With new and bigger temptations, it’s easy to find yourself in a sticky situation with regards to your finances. A dream for many people around the world is to be financially stable, yet so little actually achieve it. The trick is being smart with your money, making good choices with regards to investing, saving, paying off debt, and frugal living.

There are some great techniques that you could apply to the managing of your finances that could help you achieve financial stability. Read on to find out more how you could be in a comfortable financial situation, and faster than you think!

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1. Haggle with providers

One of the best ways of making sure that you’ve got a little bit of extra spare money each month is to speak to your energy, phone, internet, and even car insurance suppliers. It’s a little known fact that the representative that you speak to can give you a cheaper deal on your products. So, give each of them a ring and explain that you’re looking for a cheaper deal, and that you’ve been thinking of switching and you can almost guarantee that you’ll get one. If they don’t, then it might actually be time to switch!

2. Use cryptocurrency

The use of cryptocurrency is something that’s taking the world by storm at the moment. It’s a form of currency that converts your usual currency into one that’s accepted worldwide. The great thing about cryptocurrency is that the value of it grows, so you stand to make some money on what you’ve invested into it. You could even consider using your 401k in cryptocurrency so that you can make some extra money from it for when you retire.

3. Save a little when you spend a lot

One of the keys to making money is by simply saving it. This might be something that’s hard to imagine doing, especially if you’re living paycheck to paycheck. However, saving the small bits of change or rounding up to the nearest dollar and putting it away will mount up sooner than you think. At the end of each year, put it all into a savings account, you will be surprised at how much you can save each year just by simply saving change!

4. Sell your stuff

Finally, if you’re in real need of cash and have no other avenues to explore, it might be time to have a good clearout of your home and sell valuable items. It’s always worth checking if items are part of a collectible set, as you may find that you’ve been sat on a hidden gem!


BONUS Saving Tip

Think you can’t afford to save? Starting today, save a penny a day and add a penny every day thereafter. This 365-day money challenge will yield you over $600 at the end of the year for just saving loose change!


Alternatively, if you’re crafty minded you could sell the things that you create on Etsy. Doing this could turn into a regular thing and even end up taking off, so it’s definitely worth the go!!


Try these four ideas when it comes to your finances and remember, to be financially stable you must be clever with your money and, that every little bit helps!




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  1. I’m going to need your services with setting up a blog, etsy shop and additional avenues for selling my ever expanding hobby products. Thanks.

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