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Boardbooster Alternatives for Gaining Traffic from Pinterest

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The shit has hit the fan in the blogging world the past month, with bloggers’ Pinterest accounts being suspended for various reasons.

Rumors circulated that Boardbooster may be to blame as it is not a Pinterest-approved third-party provider (like Tailwind is). 

I’ve had two close personal finance friends’ Pinterest accounts suspended, and I’m not about to go down like that!

However, I came into a bit of a pickle when I attempted to cancel my payment. There is no option to simply downgrade your account without deleting your entire account.

I’m not trying to be rash and undo all that I’ve done, plus there are some decent features and stats I’d like to hang onto in the back end of Boardbooster (such as best time of day to pin). So I figured out a workaround on how to cancel Boardbooster through Paypal.

Update: Boardbooster is Out of Business

You can still read through how to cancel any payment through Paypal, and I’ll share a couple of alternatives to Boardbooster that’ll help grow traffic to your blog.


how to cancel boardbooster


How to Cancel Boardbooster or Other Paypal Subscriptions

This is easier than you’d think, and the process works to cancel any subscription services through Paypal.  I had already canceled before I decided to take screenshots, so I’m sharing my FastSpring images.

It’s the same idea. FastSpring is actually Squirrly SEO, which I believe is one of the best SEO plugins available (and yes…I like it better than Yoast).


How to Cancel Boardbooster on Paypal step 1


First, log into your Paypal account.

Then click “Activity” at the top menu.

Next, find Boardbooster. You can filter by subscriptions if you have a ton of Paypal transactions, but it’s generally easy to find.

Click on any Boardbooster payment.

How to Cancel Boardbooster on Paypal step 2

Do you see the blue hyperlink “Manage Boardbooster, Inc payments”? Click that.

How to Cancel Boardbooster on Paypal step 3

Now, as I said above, I had already figured out how to cancel Boardbooster before I realized I needed to share this with you! So this says FastSpring, but you get the gist. Click Cancel.

How to Cancel Boardbooster on Paypal step 4

You will see a cancellation confirmation, and you’ll click “Cancel Connection”.

And that’s it! This is the only way I’ve found how to cancel Boardbooster without deleting your entire account. I’d hate to start all over should things change in the future between Pinterest and Boardbooster.

Alternatives to Boardbooster

Tailwind Tribes

I’m currently using a combination of Tailwind and manual pinning to gain traffic from Pinterest!

If you don’t have a Tailwind account, sign up for a free trial here! Tailwind helped me grow my reach from 3,000 to over 250k in just 5 months!

Manual Pinning

I don’t invest in a lot of courses, but when I find one that’s super cheap and offers a ton of value that helps me grow my traffic, I offer it as a solution to my readers.

Pinteresting Strategies is priced affordably, and Carly teaches you how to manually pin for about 30 minutes a day to increase traffic from Pinterest. 

Since implementing her strategies, my traffic from Pinterest has increased quite a bit. I am still focusing on SEO as my main source of traffic, and as a result, over 50% of my visitors are finding my blog from Google. Yay! 

As a result of my increased traffic, my income from Mediavine ads has gone up to nearly $1,200 this month! Traffic isn’t just a vanity metric. It matters very much (especially if you want to make your blog a business). 

If your effort isn’t bringing the results you’re looking for, check out Pinteresting Strategies and consider signing up for a free account with Tailwind just to try it out.

With all of the issues other bloggers are experiencing, I just wasn’t willing to risk it by using an unapproved partner of Pinterest. 



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