17 thoughts on “Facebook Disabled My Account After I was Hacked – Now What??”

  1. Nigel Findlater

    My account was hacked. The hacker uploaded obscene photos triggering Facebook to give a 30 day notice that the account will be deleted. I logged on and face book required that I identify myself. So I did with the SMS option. Although I recieved these code the facebook interface would not accept them. Eventually I got a message saying that I had exceeded the number of SMS code and that I need to try again 24 hours later, so I waited 25 hours and tried again only to get the same error. It is irresponsible of facebook to be an identity provider to 2 billion users and not have a call center to handle these kinds of problems. I came across a web site called appropriately gethuman.com that helps users like us talk to companies like facebook. Tomorrow I try again, honestly facebook sucks

  2. Is there any way we can begin a class action lawsuit regarding this matter? There is another woman that this happened to and it seems to be only happening to business women. I think the people doing the reviews are being very discriminatory in this matter, and it seems a class action would well serve this matter.

    1. I honestly have no idea but it would be worth checking into! You can bet your ass I would be down to sue the crap out of Facebook for this!

  3. The EXACT same thing happened to me! I even got an email from Facebook security telling me that I was hacked and to reset my account. I know these people doing the reviews can see this, but I think they are in on it because money was stolen from my ad account and we had to file fraud through my bank and get all new bank accounts! I have 40,000 followers on my page and it was saved because my husband and a friend are admins, but now it has no owner. Facebook needs to fix our accounts! I don’t even know what was posted on my account that was deleted because I was never able to get into it to see it. Now that I have found your blog, I think I know.

  4. Same thing just happened to me this weekend. I have NO IDEA what was posted or who posted it… but FB didn’t even blink an eye. All my memories and the timeline of life…. My years of hard work building my business… vanished. And I can’t even ask why. Shame on you Facebook!

  5. Yup. The same thing just happened to me—14 years of memories— messenger conversations with people who are now passed. Plus a bunch of charges from facebook were on my credit card. It’s been flagged and now in the hands of my bank. But, I just wanted to warn others who see this to check any linked accounts for suspicious charges on their credit cards, and to not ignore them. The first charge was for $2.50 but the subsequent charges were for $70. It’s a major hassle. But you have to put a stop on your card, and get issued a new one. There’s nothing to say that the Bank will side with you, and who knows what their investigation will reveal. I caught it somewhat early, and can still live even if the charges aren’t reversed. Good luck out there.

  6. The SAME exact thing happened to me two weeks ago! I don’t know what they posted on my page to get me disabled but I had three suspicious emails and new “friends” with Arabic names, so now I’m wondering if they did the same thing and posted photos like you described. I’m FURIOUS!! Not only did I lose THREE business pages but also my one business account on Instagram. It’s so frustrating to have to start from the ground up after 13 years of work. But the Tech genies can just say POOF! and their AI will wipe your work without a trace…

  7. I stumbled upon your blog because the EXACT same situation just happened to me Monday morning. I woke up to an email from FB that someone accessed me account then it was disabled. After answering security questions and submitting my ID, it was permanently disabled. I noticed in the email my profile picture had been changed to Arabic writing or something by the hacker. Heartbroken is an understatement. Like you, 12-13 years of memories and pictures gone, and my Instagram. I have tried a million different things and keep getting the same message that they won’t reverse their decision. Devastating. How is this okay?:( I created a new Facebook account the next day, and they disabled it as well. How were you able to create a new one? I have shed many tears and lost so much sleep over this. I feel violated and like my identity was stolen. I feel like I’m social media world, I just fell off earth and FB is blocking me from ever getting to share my family again.

    1. Awh man. Rachel, I totally hear you. I went through a bunch of nights of massive anxiety, and feeling completely heartbroken after the same thing happened to me. You’re not alone. I was successful in creating a new profile, but for how long—I don’t know. Lesson learned. I’ll be downloading and backing up my info. And, I won’t be linking any of my accounts.

  8. Stupid company, never trust tech, always backup your photos and videos to yours harddrive, get a computer at home and backup all your important contents. this useless nasty social network feel too big because they got billions or dollar billions of users.

  9. Hi, I have the exact situation and FB disabled my account too. I did nothing wrong too. May I know if you have any updates if there is any way to ask FB to give us back the accounts?

    1. I wish I had better news, but unfortunately, Facebook will not re-activate my profile, and there is no way to contact them about it. I had to start a new Facebook profile.

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