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  1. F*ck! This just happened to me today and they stole $750 from my PayPal account. I have a 12 year old business page and I’m the only admin as it appears the hackers took the other admins off. Maybe this was the sign I needed to quit social media.

  2. All of these comments and experiences are mine as well… I first noticed several new friend requests on my personal page… Strange names… I checked my friends list and found several “new” friends with similar names that I didn’t know and quickly deleted them… a couple of days later, Thanksgiving morning 2021, Facebook account disabled… The day after… my PayPal account was hacked into for Facebook ads… The first $25, then $50 and then $250. I had to fight the charges, change my business bank account and credit card account… Fortunately, I did have an admin besides myself on my business page so that didn’t go away… I had to create another page so I could be added as an admin to regain access to my customers on my business page… I’ve tried jumping through all the previous mentioned hoops with no success… I’ve hated Facebook for several years now and have wanted to leave the platform… However, this is where I started my business and although I have a website, Facebook is where most of my customers old and new, find me… I am angry there is no way of contacting a person to talk to… They clearly are protecting the wrong people and punish those who have made them the wealthy corrupt empire they’ve become…

  3. Currently the same thing is happening to me… My account was hacked and the email, phone number and password were all changed. My Instagram had been linked to my FB, but I was able to get that switched back with little to no problem (less than 24 hours). You would think it would be just as easy since they are under the same company! I have had SO MUCH anxiety about my FB page, because I have Epilepsy and memory loss as a side effect of it, that I can’t bear to lose all the memories and posts that not only I posted, but that I am tagged in as well. There goes a nice size portion of memories that I won’t EVER be able to recall. Their Help Support page honestly sucks and is no help at all whatsoever. I have tried verifying my account, uploaded my ID multiple times etc. but the link I am always sent NEVER works. Whenever I am given a code to reset the password, I am told I’ve used it multiple times already etc…

  4. Last night the same thing happened to me. My finance had passed away 3 years ago this May. I was pregnant with our son. All of our memories together as well as our chat is now gone forever. All of the photos and videos I uploaded of our son are now lost forever. I have tried everything to try and get into my Facebook but I have had zero luck! I am completely heartbroken.
    I had changed my phone number a year ago. Now the only way to get back in is to have a code sent to my phone via text. The only number they have listed is my old phone number! I have uploaded my ID and also changed my email. As whoever hacked my account had changed my primary email.

  5. Gee – same thing happened to me. I was getting odd friend requests and deleting those but all of a sudden my facebook page and my business page associated with my facebook have been shut down. There is no contact information for facebook to allow you to talk with someone and resolve the issue. I too uploaded my ID to facebook and still that didn’t help resolve the problem. All my information and small business following is lost.

  6. Thank you so much for this blog post. The same thing happened to me yesterday. I have a Wedding Photography Business. My Instagram feed was linked to my FB page so I have lost my Insta as well. I found it impossible to find any information out about my predicament until I found your post. Now I understand that I am not getting my accounts back! And if they really checked the accounts they would realize I post happy photos of people getting married. My FB ads account was also hacked and charged. Oh the effort to start all over again!! Really appreciate this helpful post.

  7. This just happened to me. Exact same scenario. I am devastated. Please tell me that you eventually found resolution! Please! I am heartbroken

  8. The same exact thing happened to me about three weeks ago. They charged me $500 in facebook ads and got two bank cards and a credit card. I could not recover the facebook ads money…facebook got all of it. I lost all my family memories I had posted since 2007 and my business page that we had been growing for five years with 24,300 followers. We need to do a class action lawsuit and stop letting facebook take our money and our pages without even trying to help. Now I’m getting emails about refunding the people that bought the crappy shoes that the hacker posted with my $500 in facebook ads. If they would bother looking into it they could see that I don’t sell shoes from china.

  9. Girl….the exact same thing just happened to me. It got hacked they posted a Taliban profile picture with guns and disabled my acct. EVEN my IG (because FB is now linked to IG), I proceeded with the ID upload as well and all that…to get the message that it’s been disabled without reversing…how frustrating. But yes, our accounts are NOT ours anymore, they control everything!!!
    I cannot even use the FB App only the web browser, ridiculous.

    Did you open your new acct with the same name? (I had a like page too and they took it down).

  10. Hollie Wilkinson

    I had my account disabled yesterday for saying I’m underage so I sent my ID in then to find that after being disabled someone’s spent £800 via my business page for adverts …. No response from anyone I’m
    So upset

  11. Same thing just happened to me. Profile photo replaced with Isis flag and they attempted to use ads account. I’m not sure yet if they succeeded. I also got the message that their decision could not be reversed. It seems that they could create a bot for this type of thing and that would be relatively easy. The hack style seems common enough.

  12. Same thing JUST happened to me. Business woman with multiple businesses linked and IMMEDIATE charges to my paypal from Facebook. I am in the process of disputing, but I have a feeling I will never get back the memories and photos of my kids.

  13. I am going through this right now. I have literally done EVERYTHING trying to get my Facebook account back. How can they just take it down?? If they are going to have an “appeal” then ask me a question, not just request my drivers license. If there is a class action lawsuit…count me in.

  14. Same thing happened to me and lost 14 years of memories, clients therefore business!
    They should have a solution for this mess.

  15. This just happened to me about 10 days ago. I’ve filled out every form I can asking them to review my account. I was just telling my sister that we don’t own our social media accounts and to screen shot EVERYTHING we want to save as a memory. 13 years, 5 kids, so many memories.

  16. Same thing happened to me last night. Woke up to emails from Facebook stating that my account was trying to be accessed and my password was changed. This was around 2:17am when I was fast asleep. When I tried to log in to secure my account, it had already been disabled. My review was denied also when I submitted it. It says I violated FB standards. I’ve been a user for 14 yrs- all this pics and memories gone. AND my account is linked to my Instagram so that is been disabled as well. Shame on you FACEBOOK!

  17. The same thing just happened to me. I have been posting restoration projects on a number of historic houses, and sharing all of it with several groups of historic homeowners. Not only is my account deactivated with no recourse, but all of the photos and techniques I shared in my posts to the groups are also deleted. Luckily, I post it on a couple other sites, but I probably won’t rebuild the albums of thousands of photos that I left public so others could study them.

  18. Hello,
    I came across this post because I am searching for other people that this has happened to. This recently happened to me, as well, AND money was stolen via my PayPal account, which said that i ‘paid” Facebook for ads, which I obviously did not and COULD not from a completely disabled account. I de-linked my bank account from my PayPal, removed all ‘automatic payments’ from my PayPal. BUT, I am absolutely going to sue Facebook. While I don’t own my page or content, I sure as hell own my MONEY which was stolen and received by Facebook for fictional ads. Whether Facebook was the culprit or not doesn’t matter. Facebook makes it literally impossible to report this type of hacking and to alert them to protect your financial information, which Facebook stores any time you use it for a financial transaction. If Facebook cannot protect you from being hacked, it still has a duty to protect your financial information from being used. AND it has clearly received many, many thousands, possibly millions of it’s users stolen money. If anyone wants to join me and form a class action, I would be interested in doing so. I am an attorney in New Jersey, though I don’t do class action suits, I would LOVE to be a part of one.

  19. Same thing just happened to me. I had my business account attached. I have no notifications about warning and I have no idea what was posted that took my page down. Something happened and 3AM and I lost my Instagram FB page that I have had for years.

  20. Wow! I’m so glad I found this blog. We have experienced the exact same issue in the last week. Woke one morning to be unable to login to Facebook. When attempting to reset my password, the email address that was to receive the link was not mine!! I went through the useless Facebook help site, uploaded I.D. and eventually stumbled into a way to add another email address. I was able to establish a password that was mine again and login to Facebook, but I wasn’t actually logged in, as my Facebook profile was suspended. I had no way to establish any identity on my Facebook page, or remove any malicious content that may or may not have been there as I couldn’t see anything.
    I tried every scenario I could find to say my Facebook was hacked, never did I receive any responses. I continued to attempt to login, desperately hoping I would receive or see something positive, each time I was greeted with the same message stating ‘we have received your information’ and that my account was suspended for breaching community standards, all the while the name of the account was no longer mine, it was now the name of a particular country.
    Three days went by, the next morning I logged in to read the message “Your account has been disabled”… “we have reviewed the decision and it can’t be reversed” WTF! I did however have an option to “download my information” however, the information was empty!!! yes, empty!!
    Had a hacker, deleted all my content prior to uploading something inappropriate? Like many others here it was 14 years worth of everyday family and friends life, including messenger messages (that one hurt the most). We were lucky that there was nothing unique in facebook that we don’t already have original’s of. To lose memories of the shared emotions and moments with friends across 14 years of ups and downs of life was still quite distressing.

    I’m mostly angered that there is no recourse to actually send any message to facebook in the event of being hacked. None of the mechanisms to report a hacked account provide any platform to explain what has occurred which I find absolutely appalling. I’m also very angered that Facebook cannot detect the difference of 14 years of personal (by that I mean MY family’s personal everyday events and photos) Facebook activity (whether in person, or by software) to that of a hacker’s malicious activity over a two day period, even after the account has been reported on numerous times that it has been hacked.
    Here’s a thought for Facebook, “You have breached the community standards” of everyone on this blog and I would assume that you continue to do so on a daily basis as any search in facebook brings up a host of what look like obviously bogus accounts.
    I too, like the author, had Facebook Business pages of which I was the admin, fortunately I was not the only admin. Where I am stuck now however is that I cannot create a new Facebook page as my email is somehow still linked to my Disabled Account! even though the hacker changed my Facebook primary email address to something else.

    I’m now stuck. I don’t exactly know what the solution is here. After 30 days will my account be deleted, at that time can I create a new facebook account? Will I be able to create one with my original email address?

  21. Same girl. All of it. Just went from the 30 day countdown to now permanently disabled. I just want my puppy photos back 🙁

  22. My facebook account was just hacked from an unknown IP address. I checked my acct while I was waiting for someone to show up for an appt at work and saw an email that someone had requested a password change, then another message that my acct had been deactivated because it didn’t follow community standards. Low and behold, there was a vulgar profile pic by my name. I didn’t do it. It’s really weird…it told me I have 30 days to request a review. When I click the link to do that, it takes me a screen that says “Security Check”. My phone number is there, I check it and request a security code. An error message pops up that the code could not be sent, but a couple of seconds later, I get a text with the code. I have been to the help section and can’t find any options that work. No way to even get in touch with facebook. Now I have 28 days to request a review but still don’t know how to do that. Any ideas?

  23. I read this blog and felt as though I was reading the exact same thing that happened to me only hours ago.
    I spent two years building my tutoring business that was marketed solely through my business page and it all vanished overnight. I woke up to approximately three emails sent around midnight from Facebook, clearly someone was trying to log into my account because access code was being requested, and then Facebook disabled it permanently.

    Posted nothing but my family and food for the past 20years.

    This sucks and I am in tears!

  24. Allie Livingston

    The same thing happened to me! Only I don’t have a business profile. Just a personal one. We were logging on to post our one year wedding anniversary photos when we discovered my account had been disabled. Seeing as how I rarely get on Facebook, I have no idea what happened. Did someone hack my account? Was it deleted because I’m not on enough? Who knows. THEY DON’T TELL YOU. But I will say this much, as an educator I am EXTREMELY selective about what I choose to post and make visible. I am seriously considering taking a class action lawsuit against FB for permanently deleting my account. Would anyone be interested in being a part of the lawsuit??

  25. Nigel Findlater

    My account was hacked. The hacker uploaded obscene photos triggering Facebook to give a 30 day notice that the account will be deleted. I logged on and face book required that I identify myself. So I did with the SMS option. Although I recieved these code the facebook interface would not accept them. Eventually I got a message saying that I had exceeded the number of SMS code and that I need to try again 24 hours later, so I waited 25 hours and tried again only to get the same error. It is irresponsible of facebook to be an identity provider to 2 billion users and not have a call center to handle these kinds of problems. I came across a web site called appropriately gethuman.com that helps users like us talk to companies like facebook. Tomorrow I try again, honestly facebook sucks

      1. It just happened to me too!! All my photos and memories gone. Same messages. Did they ever give you your account back?

    1. The same thing happend to my account, getting hacked and DISABLED because someone posted pictures of the Taliban on my facebook page. My instagram also got DISABLED because it was linked to my facebook account. Now i lost all my memories and friends contacts. Facebook needs to fix this.

    2. Nigel, this EXACTLY what happened to me! I have managed to send them my ID to verify the account but now, after one month, my account was permanently disabled! Were you able to get some help from gethuman.com ?

    3. Same thing happened to me a few days ago. Has anyone been able to get back into their account?
      Only reason I know porn was posted was my sister told me. I can’t even create a new account because, it seems, my phone number is blocked from creating one.

  26. Is there any way we can begin a class action lawsuit regarding this matter? There is another woman that this happened to and it seems to be only happening to business women. I think the people doing the reviews are being very discriminatory in this matter, and it seems a class action would well serve this matter.

    1. I honestly have no idea but it would be worth checking into! You can bet your ass I would be down to sue the crap out of Facebook for this!

      1. Hello this just happened to me as well. I’m deeply hurt. I market my business as well and I’ve had my personal page since 2005. If there is anything we can do, I’d love to be apart of it as well. Facebook disabled it due to a hacker posting child pornography on my page which led to facebook ignoring all of my emails and closing my accounts.

      2. I want to sue them as well. The exact same thing happened to me. The same Taliban picture was used on my account by a hacker also. Obviously this is a known issue to FB since it is happening to so many.

        I’ve tried to request a review, but I can’t. I’mr running into the same SMS problems that others are running into. Their identity verification process is broken. Their links to request a review are broken, and they make it literally impossible to speak to anyone for assistance.

        I am 13 days away from losing 12 years of precious memories, including 4 years of my daughter’s birthday videos, and my youngest daughter’s first word. I’m terribly heartbroken over this.

        I want to sue them to stop them from deactivating my account, and force an actual review. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like that is possible.

    2. It would be nice. FB is locking out accounts without proper justification or researching real problems. They will show key matching parts but won’t send info to phone number listed. Trying to update main email is a hassle but secondary email is fine. However, they won’t confirm anything from secondary email. Reminds me of MS fiasco and the route Apple is going.

  27. The EXACT same thing happened to me! I even got an email from Facebook security telling me that I was hacked and to reset my account. I know these people doing the reviews can see this, but I think they are in on it because money was stolen from my ad account and we had to file fraud through my bank and get all new bank accounts! I have 40,000 followers on my page and it was saved because my husband and a friend are admins, but now it has no owner. Facebook needs to fix our accounts! I don’t even know what was posted on my account that was deleted because I was never able to get into it to see it. Now that I have found your blog, I think I know.

  28. Same thing just happened to me this weekend. I have NO IDEA what was posted or who posted it… but FB didn’t even blink an eye. All my memories and the timeline of life…. My years of hard work building my business… vanished. And I can’t even ask why. Shame on you Facebook!

  29. Yup. The same thing just happened to me—14 years of memories— messenger conversations with people who are now passed. Plus a bunch of charges from facebook were on my credit card. It’s been flagged and now in the hands of my bank. But, I just wanted to warn others who see this to check any linked accounts for suspicious charges on their credit cards, and to not ignore them. The first charge was for $2.50 but the subsequent charges were for $70. It’s a major hassle. But you have to put a stop on your card, and get issued a new one. There’s nothing to say that the Bank will side with you, and who knows what their investigation will reveal. I caught it somewhat early, and can still live even if the charges aren’t reversed. Good luck out there.

  30. The SAME exact thing happened to me two weeks ago! I don’t know what they posted on my page to get me disabled but I had three suspicious emails and new “friends” with Arabic names, so now I’m wondering if they did the same thing and posted photos like you described. I’m FURIOUS!! Not only did I lose THREE business pages but also my one business account on Instagram. It’s so frustrating to have to start from the ground up after 13 years of work. But the Tech genies can just say POOF! and their AI will wipe your work without a trace…

  31. I stumbled upon your blog because the EXACT same situation just happened to me Monday morning. I woke up to an email from FB that someone accessed me account then it was disabled. After answering security questions and submitting my ID, it was permanently disabled. I noticed in the email my profile picture had been changed to Arabic writing or something by the hacker. Heartbroken is an understatement. Like you, 12-13 years of memories and pictures gone, and my Instagram. I have tried a million different things and keep getting the same message that they won’t reverse their decision. Devastating. How is this okay?:( I created a new Facebook account the next day, and they disabled it as well. How were you able to create a new one? I have shed many tears and lost so much sleep over this. I feel violated and like my identity was stolen. I feel like I’m social media world, I just fell off earth and FB is blocking me from ever getting to share my family again.

    1. Awh man. Rachel, I totally hear you. I went through a bunch of nights of massive anxiety, and feeling completely heartbroken after the same thing happened to me. You’re not alone. I was successful in creating a new profile, but for how long—I don’t know. Lesson learned. I’ll be downloading and backing up my info. And, I won’t be linking any of my accounts.

      1. Exact same thing has happened to me, I am a small business owner too. I’m trying to figure out how to create a new account knowing that so many things can flag their ai to connect the dots. Any tips would be great! Thanks for this post, I finally feel like there is a community of people who can relate to all of the hassles of being disconnected from your business pages and groups!

  32. Stupid company, never trust tech, always backup your photos and videos to yours harddrive, get a computer at home and backup all your important contents. this useless nasty social network feel too big because they got billions or dollar billions of users.

  33. Hi, I have the exact situation and FB disabled my account too. I did nothing wrong too. May I know if you have any updates if there is any way to ask FB to give us back the accounts?

    1. I wish I had better news, but unfortunately, Facebook will not re-activate my profile, and there is no way to contact them about it. I had to start a new Facebook profile.

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