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5 Ways Beginners Can Learn About the Stock Market

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Everyone is a beginner at one time, and the world of investing and the stock market is no exception.

Thanks to the internet and today’s technology, would-be investors have many options for educating themselves, much more than even a decade ago.

With an open mind and attitude of exploration, new investors can learn about the stock market easily. Here are five good ways beginners can learn about the stock market.


1. Visit financial websites focused on education.

There are sound websites that are geared toward basic education for new investors. Investopedia.com is one of these. Here you can find definitions, articles, and tools such as a stock simulator to keep your education going once you have acquired some basic knowledge.

A good general education site that is a combined effort of 22 federal agencies is MyMoney.gov. It was founded to help people learn basic finances and budgeting.

Another site, TheBalance.com, features numerous articles about many aspects of investing and the stock market as well as personal finances.

As well as learning material, some educational sites contain up-to-date stock information and news, which widens your perspective and is a good way to grow familiar with issues in the world of finance.


2. Learn from videos.

People like to stream videos on the internet for entertainment, but they can also be an excellent way to learn about investment practices and how the stock market works.

Some financial institutions post informative productions that are helpful for beginners. When learning about investing, be sure to check out free videos, like these from Fisher Investments, an independent money manager.

These videos break down financial information into short sections, making it easier to understand.

With videos, you can pick up tips as well as gather valuable information quickly and easily. A big advantage of video learning is that you can watch videos as often as you wish. Videos actually promote better learning than text alone for many, and videos can help you remember material better.


3. Read about investing.

Some people choose to learn from books and articles because this appeals to their particular learning style. Books and articles on investing can help you build a solid foundation of knowledge for your education.

They break down the process of the stock market without any audio or visual distractions other than text on the page or screen.


Well-written finance books, especially, are like having your own private tutor to teach you about investment. Some firms such as asset manager Fisher Investments publish articles and daily commentary on their websites. This is a good way to stay current while increasing your knowledge of investing.


4. Take an investing course.

If you are short on time and prefer your financial educational material gathered and organized for you, an online investing course is a good option. With internet-based financial and investing courses, you can learn at your individual pace and review material as many times as you need to feel comfortable with the subject. These courses are generally video-based, so if you like visual learning, they are an excellent choice.


5. Learn with a mentor.

You do not have to go it alone. As the saying says, no one is an island. A mentor knowledgeable about finances can teach you and guide your education. Financial mentors can be anyone.


·        Parents

·        Friends

·        Co-workers

·        University or college professor


Mentors who know the stock market can answer questions, recommend books, articles, websites, and other knowledgeable people, and encourage you. Many successful investors had mentors to help them when they were starting out.

There are numerous ways beginners today can learn about investing in the stock market. Advancing technology has opened doors to online courses, videos, and learning centers, but books and face-to-face sharing also are effective educational tools. The journey of learning about investing is satisfying, and it lasts a lifetime.

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