Monumetric Review

Monumetric Review: The Adsense Alternative That Pays Better

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When I first heard of Monumetric from a well-known blogger, I started scouring the internet for a Monumetric review so I could determine if it was the real deal. Better than Adsense, my earnings have increased by 600%. I’ll share the exact numbers below.

There isn’t a lot of information regarding Monumetric on the web. In fact, a Google search for the company returns just under 10k results total! Since I’ve had a pretty good experience with the company, I wanted to share my thoughts with you so you can decide for yourself if it is, in fact, better than Adsense.

Monumetric (Formerly The Blogger Network)

Founded in 2012, the company prides itself on its slogan. We are a people company. They focus on individualized support to help maximize revenue and experience for the customer. This is an area in which Adsense fails miserably.

They rebranded recently because they realized the name ‘The Blogger Network’ didn’t speak to whom they could help. They weren’t only providing services to bloggers and not all business owners wanted to be affiliated with a network. And so, Monumetric came to be.

Mediavine Requirements vs Monumetric

How to Increase Ad Revenue without Mediavine

Mediavine requirements are pretty steep. Requiring 25,000 sessions before you can even be considered, it’s easy to be discouraged and feel like you’re never going to make any money on your blog. Let’s be real. Adsense pays crap. My entire first year blogging I earned a mere $300 from Adsense.  That’s why I’m sharing this Monumetric review – to show you the huge increase in income you can realize.

Don’t confuse 25k sessions with pageviews. Pageviews are How many pages were viewed in total for the month. So if one website visitor clicks on a link to read my post about how I got 10,000 pageviews my 4th month blogging and then clicks a link inside that post to read about my updated February blog income report and how I earned $5,350, that counts as two pageviews….but only one session.

Monumetric, however, only requires 10,000 pageviews to be accepted into their program. This is so much more attainable for a new blogger (or even someone who’s been struggling to get to the 25k sessions required for Mediavine).

Monumetric Requirements

In order to be accepted to Monumetric, you must have:

  • A minimum of 10,000 pageviews per month
  • A WordPress or Blogger Site
  • A 300px wide sidebar
  • At least 6 ad slots on both desktop and mobile
  • Must be approved by ad providers
  • Pay $99 one-time setup fee

Monumetric Propel Requirements

I know you’re thinking what the heck?! I have to pay a $99 setup fee? No way am I doing that! Adsense and Mediavine don’t charge to place ads on your site. 

You’re right! They don’t. However, your choices are to stay with Adsense and earn pennies on the dollar, wait to reach Mediavine requirements, or pay the $99 setup fee.

Switching from Adsense to Monumetric is seriously one of the best decisions I’ve made for my blog.

Monumetric Review: Earnings

Now for the fun part! I get to share my earnings since joining this ad network!

Monumetric Earnings Review

Here is a screenshot of my Monumetric dashboard. As you can see, I had an amazing day of traffic on February 18 due to a feature on Rockstar Finance. That day’s income was incredible! That being said, I average about $10 per day in ad revenue.

Monumetric Dashboard Earnings

My average RPM since I joined is $11.44.  While this isn’t nearly as high as I would like it to be, this gets me by until I can join Mediavine. I still have every intention of switching as soon as I reach 25k sessions. P.S. I’m sooo close so feel free to share this post with a friend! I’ll love you long time! 🙂

Anyway…total earnings YTD are $1135.47 from 99.2k pageviews. Not too shabby!

One More (very important) Thing to Note:

I always keep it real when sharing reviews…even in this Monumetric review. While I love my results, it seems that Monumetric is growing faster than they can keep up. If you submit an application and haven’t heard back in a week, send them a follow-up email. It can take up to a month or six weeks before they finally get ads live on your site. While this is extremely frustrating, it’s worth it and you’ve got to just keep following up! Don’t stop until you’ve received communication from them!

My advice to management and the CEO: Make communication your top priority. Get the turnaround time faster. Hire more people if you have to. If you really are ‘a people company’, prove it. 🙂

In conclusion, I definitely think that bloggers should join Monumetric as soon as they reach 10k pageviews. Then, you can make the switch to Mediavine if you aren’t happy with the numbers. But I’m betting they’ll be better than Adsense!

By the way, Monumetric does have a (rather archaic) affiliate program. If you decide to join, would you please enter Melissa Blevins in the ‘How did you hear about us’ field?

More information about Monumetric here.

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  1. raj miser

    Are you still using monumetric on this blog(I see no ads at all) ?.Btw,can you please ask monuemetric ad manager if they still accepting blog using google blogger platform ?..I did sent them ticket last week yet to hear,not sure if they ignored my query.
    I would like to bring into your notice that your page is loading very slow for some reason.After clicking on your link from google search…page took close to minute to load…..please check your page load times from diff location.

    1. Hi, Raj! Thank you for your comment! I’ll address each of your concerns.
      1. Yes, I’m still currently using Monumetric. At the time you published this comment, ads were live on my site. So not sure if maybe you’re in an area that is blocked from seeing ads by Monumetric. No idea.
      2. I’m not sure if they offer Blogger ads. You’d have to contact them directly.
      3. I used several other mobile devices and pc’s to check my site, and it comes up within 4 seconds. Again wondering if it’s more of a geographical issue than a site speed issue. I just switched hosting providers from Bluehost to BigScoots and am extremely happy with the speed.

      All the best,


  2. Kingsley Felix

    I just applied, and i have qualified for both mediavine and monumetric (application in progress) right now i don’t know if i should apply for medianvine then go along with whichever one gets approved first

    1. Hi there! I would go with Mediavine if you are able to. Monumetric is pretty slow with their approvals, and Mediavine was much quicker. Monumetric also requires 30 day notice to terminate ads on your site before you can switch. I’m currently living that out.

  3. Diane

    Hi, Melissa!
    Thanks for this detailed review on Monumetric! I’m super close to qualifying for MediaVine but have been with Monumetric for about 6 weeks (so no ad payouts yet). I’d like to switch to MediaVine asap (it’s always been my dream to get into MV) but I wasn’t aware of Monumetric’s 30 day notice to terminate ads. Any advice on how to go about that? Will you still get your ad revenue from your time with Monumetric if you give them a 30 day notice? Thanks in advance!

    1. Congratulations, Diane! We are in the exact same spot as I was just approved to Mediavine as well! You’ll need to email [email protected] and let them know that you’d like to terminate your contract. Per your agreement, you are supposed to keep ads live on your site until the termination date (which will be your start date with Mediavine). I received an email back from support that they will allow you to terminate with these conditions: If you remove the ads before the 30-day notice ends, a $.20 eCPM fee from your last 60 days’ performance will be applied to the payments still owed to you. (As long as your stay compliant with the notice, your payments will continue to be paid to you in full as stated in the payments section of the Console.)
      If our ads remain on your site for longer than 72 hours after the 30-day notice period is over, your site will remain active and require another 30-day notice before the ads can be removed.

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