Financial Freedom Blueprint Course Review

The Financial Freedom Blueprint® Course Review – $300 Off Coupon

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Fact: I used to be intimidated by financial advisors. I came across the Financial Freedom Blueprint® course reviews online and felt compelled to investigate.

When I was in my early twenties, I sat down with a financial advisor at the bank I was employed for a financial review. My finances weren’t in a disastrous state at that point. 

I was contributing to retirement. I had a little bit of debt, but my mortgage payment was only $550 for an all-brick, 1200 square foot home, and we were earning about $70,000 per year. 

At the end of that appointment, I walked out feeling better about myself. I had taken a huge leap of faith and had a plan. I decided that I needed more life insurance than the small policy my employer offered, so we talked about getting me a term policy from our partner insurance company.

A week or so later, he called me into his office and informed me that I was denied a life insurance policy because I had attempted suicide the previous year. I would not be able to obtain life insurance because I was a risk at the time. I was mortified.

You may not know much about me, but I always share the “sober truth” about everything…even if it’s incredibly uncomfortable. I haven’t always been frugal or the best steward of money.

I know the value of a financial advisor, but if you are terrified like I was or just simply can’t bring yourself to sit down with an advisor, the Financial Freedom Blueprint® course might be the solution for you.

What is The Financial Freedom Blueprint® Course?

Created by Certified Financial Planner Clint Haynes, The Financial Freedom Blueprint® Course is a roadmap to financial freedom. Creating a budget and sticking to it simply isn’t enough in 2020 and beyond.

We need to do more in order to have a more secure financial future. The Financial Freedom Blueprint offers:

  • How much of your income you should be saving every month
  • How much you need to have saved to reach financial independence
  • How much you can live on – without running out of money
  • How much you need in an emergency fund plus how to earn more interest
  • The best investments that have the highest ROI
  • And so much more

The Financial Freedom Blueprint Review

Who is Clint Haynes, Certified Financial Planner®?

Haynes is a financial advisor who’s been in the financial services industry since 2001. But don’t think he’s a stiff suit with no personality (like many FA’s). His bio on his website states that he is a “craft beer dork” who loves hitting up local breweries on nearly every vacation he and his wife take together.

He’s married and has a newborn baby at home, and he loves to golf. 

Clint really appeals to the “next generation”, Gen X and Millennials, serving at his Kansas City firm. He can also be found on his website, NextGenWealth

What Topics Does The Financial Freedom Blueprint® Course Cover?

The course offers a hefty 24 sections of content, and each section has multiple videos with screenshots and tutorials. Here’s a list of the sections in the course:

  1. Intro to the Course
  2. Cash Flow is King
  3. Spend Less or Make More
  4. Don’t Pass up Free Money
  5. Building an Emergency Fund
  6. Paying Off High-Interest Debt
  7. Financial Independence Early Retirement / FIRE
  8. Managing your Investments
  9. Funding Your Kids’ College Savings
  10. Creating Additional Savings and Investments
  11. Managing your Mortgage
  12. Managing your Homeowners’ Insurance and Auto Insurance
  13. Managing Health Insurance 
  14. Flexible Spending Accounts – How to Use Them and Who Should Use Them
  15. Managing Life Insurance
  16. All About Long-Term Disability
  17. Estate Planning 101
  18. Tax Planning Tips and Strategies
  19. What’s a Login Safety Plan?
  20. Credit Card Rewards
  21. Monitoring your Credit Report
  22. Setting up a Financial Dashboard
  23. Setting up a Secured Drive to Store Financial Documents 
  24. Course Wrap Up

As I mentioned, each section has video tutorials with screenshots from a Certified Financial Planner®. This information is far more in-depth than any sit-down meeting with a financial advisor would be. 

The best thing about this course is that you can take your time and work through each section, pausing it to do the homework, and moving on when you’re ready.

You can also replay it and review the course forever. Life circumstances change from time to time, and it is important to be able to review the course and adjust to your current situation.

How Many Courses Cover the FULL Financial Picture?

  • Savings
  • Investments
  • Debt
  • Mortgages
  • Insurance
  • Cash Flow/Budgeting
  • Credit Report Help

I don’t know of any courses that offer a full-financial overview or blueprint for your life.

This Isn’t For You If…

  • You want some get-rich-quick scheme that offers the promise of retirement tomorrow. 
  • You’re already well on your way to financial independence/retirement and you’re feeling great. 
  • You think the government is going to collapse and should start stocking up on gold. 
  • You don’t take your finances and investments seriously. 
  • You think you know more than a Certified Financial Planner®. 
  • You tend to completely freak out if the market goes down.

Is The Financial Freedom Blueprint® Course Right for You?

You may have scoured the internet looking for blueprint income reviews. This course is perfect for the person who doesn’t have the time (or funds) to sit down with a financial advisor. 

I wish that I had the option of something like this nearly 20 years ago when I truly needed help and ended up being mortified by my past. 

Save $300 Off the Course with Coupon Code

And it gets even better. Clint is offering an incredible $300 discount to readers of Perfection Hangover, bringing the course down to $97.

Y’all, this course is worth the full $397 but at $97 he’s basically giving it away. 

To save $300 off the course, enter coupon code PERFECTIONHANGOVER$300 at checkout.

He even offers an affordable payment plan option, and there is no extra cost setting up the 6-month plan! The coupon code for a six-month payment plan is PERFECTIONHANGOVER$300PLAN and will bring the cost down to $16.50 per month. 

This is a no-brainer. Sign up for the course and see for yourself how to gain control of your finances without leaving the comfort of your home.

Let me know in the comments if you decided to try the Financial Freedom Blueprint Course! I’d love to hear all about it!



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