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Female Natural Body 8 Week Transformation (Over 40)

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If you’re over 40, like me, struggling to lose weight and keep it off and have tried all sorts of methods, you’re not alone. As women, we juggle so much that making time for ourselves and truly taking the time to learn about healthy eating and weight loss isn’t always an easy task to add to our to-do list. I lost 8 lbs but completely changed my body composition in Lukas Duncan’s 8 week transformation contest, and I’m stoked to share the results with you! But first…

Weight Loss Methods I Tried First

Beachbody Coaching

If you go way back into the archives of my blog, you’ll find my most popular story about Why I Quit Beachbody Coaching. Long story short, the MLM business model is just not for me. I did lose a bit of weight, but the culture was toxic, and I made $0 income during the entire year I was obsessed with it. 

Phentermine and Vitamin B Shots for Weight Loss

In every metro city, there’s a “diet doctor” willing to take your measurements, calculate your BMI, and write a prescription for phentermine (aka adipex). Some will offer to give you vitamin b shots to boost your energy as well. I tried this, and phentermine just made me feel anxious and bitchy, quite frankly. I was constantly thirsty, and you must drink a ton of water while on it or you can become dehydrated. 

I Got Tested for Hormone Imbalances

I became so fed up with my body and the struggles I was having that I decided it must be medical. Maybe the reason I was so bitchy was because I was peri-menopausal. So I made an appointment with a gynecologist to run a full blood panel and test my hormones. I thougth for sure my testosterone was low, and I’ve heard of other women getting pellets implanted quarterly to boost test levels, increase energy and metabolism. There are also supposedly benefits to one’s sex drive when on the pellets.

My test results came back that hormones were completely in check, and everything was fine. My cholesterol was low, though, which can be an indicator of future heart disease or stroke. So I guess it’s good that I did get the blood test.

I Hired an Online Fitness Coach

What finally worked for me was going back to basics and hiring Lukas Duncan, the fitness coach who helped me lose weight and get healthier back in 2016, when I was in my 30’s. 

Lukas has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of folks across the Country transform their bodies into lean, strong, healthy machines. I signed up for his 8-week Miami Transformation Contest, with bi-weekly check-ins and updates based on progress. 

How the Program Works

When you sign up for his 8-week transformation contest (which he runs frequently), he will email you a questionnaire with questions such as:

  1. Height, Weight
  2. Short Term Fitness Goal
  3. Long Term Fitness Goal
  4. Food Allergies
  5. Foods you hate 
  6. Workout Restrictions

etc – There are about 20 or so questions in total. This helps him narrow down the proper plan for your goals, making modifications if you have limitations, such as dietary restrictions or former injuries.

You’ll also need to take a couple of “Before” photos to send in with your questionnaire so that he can track your progress. 

Just before Day 1 of the contest, he’ll email your plan, consisting of a full meal plan, s

upplements suggested, and workout plan, including strength training and cardio. 

My Results – I Won 3rd Place out of 74 Contestants!

I started the plan at 158.7 lbs on January 3, 2024. In just 8 weeks I was able to lose more than 6 lbs but look at the difference in body composition! I highly suggest a renpho scale. They’re incredibly inexpensive on Amazon and help track your BMI, body fat percentage, subcutaneous body fat, water, etc. Well worth it, I promise! 


Lukas Duncan 8 week Transformation Contest Results Melissa Blevins Over 40


Just for fun, I wanted to look back at my “Before” photo from 2016, from the very first transformation contest I entered with Lukas. 

It’s hard to believe that in the below photo I was 8 years younger and weighed less than in the above transformation “Before” – at 41 years old!


8 week transformation before Lukas Duncan

The Real Transformation Begins Within

My physical transformation is exciting to share, but if I’m being honest, the last several years I have experienced a total transformation of my heart and renewed spirit. 

Years ago, God put a specific verse on my heart….Romans 12:2 – “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” At the time, I didn’t know why this verse.

At the time, I was drinking wine most days. My husband at the time was traveling for work, and long story short, I was hurt and betrayed in a very big way in my marriage. 

I very quickly forgave the father of my children for the betrayal, and I made a promise to God that I was going to heal. While experiencing all of the stages of grief, I didn’t hide it very well. I cried. I shouted. I prayed. I showed vulnerability and pain to my family, and I leaned on my God to pull me out of the darkness. 

But during all of this time, I had let myself go physically. While I had forgiven, I couldn’t forget. I used food to numb the pain. Thankfully, I continued praying and eventually stopped relying on alcohol to numb me at the end of a day, and I decided to take change my story.

I didn’t like who I was when I drank. I didn’t want to be that person anymore. So I let go and let God take over.

Today, I am renewed and restored, with hope for a brighter future. My now ex-husband and I are (dare I say) crushing this co-parenting thing, and we get along great! Our kids are thriving, and my heart is completely healed.

Transformation begins with your heart, from the inside out. You cannot keep pouring alcohol into open wounds. You must pack them care for them tenderly, and then you can focus on everything else.

Moral of the Story: God is Good…All the Time. I am Better…One Day at a Time. If you’re looking to start your own transformation journey, feel free to drop any questions in the comments. 

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