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17 Beachbody Coaches Share Why They Quit Coaching (Or Secretly Want To)

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A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about Why I Quit Beachbody Coaching and it BLEW UP.

Several Beachbody coaches shared how they had been having the same negative feelings towards multi-level marketing schemes as I had. In this post, I’ve compiled some of the top comments from that original post.

I hope by reading their stories, you’ll have the reassurance that your feelings are valid and it’s okay to not be okay with Beachbody coaching or any other MLM company.

This is the only single place online where you can find several coaches who’ve decided to walk away from the “opportunity”.

There are so many ways to start your own side hustle and start earning an income from home without having to sell Shakeology.

The Best Beachbody Workouts to Try a la Carte (without Shakeology):

Did you know that you don’t have to go through Beachbody’s website to order the programs? I’m actually a fan of the workout programs, meal plans, and even the trainers.

It’s the business model I can’t stand, and many share my feelings. Here are some of my favorite programs that you can actually order from Amazon instead of directly from Beachbody.

  • PIYO: Chalene Johnson is such an incredible human being. Her energy is just amazing. I actually attended a LIVE event and worked out with her once. If you haven’t tried Piyo, it’s an incredible workout and can be modified for any fitness level. Amazon offers PIYO at a super low price here.
  • Beachbody’s Core de Force: This one is new, and I actually haven’t tried it. But it looks to be an incredible “beat down”.  This one is on my shortlist due to the martial arts style. I really liked Les Mills Combat, and I think the MMA-style workout helps to distract you from the fact that cardio sucks.
  • 21 Day Fix: This one taught me a lot about portion control. The workouts are great and quick, too. But the real golden nugget is in the nutrition plan. You can order Autumn Calabrese’s cookbook Fixate here.

Beware of the Beachbody Coaching Opportunity to Make Money with MLM

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Beachbody Coach Reviews

Beachbody Coaches are Refusing to “Invite Invite Invite”

1. Meggen – “Loves the programs. Can’t justify working for $0 income”

“Hi, Melissa –

I’ve been a BB coach for about 10 months, and I have to say, I was SO excited at first. I love my coach and had already been an active member of several accountability groups.

I thought “Great….now, I’m going to get paid for stuff I already do anyway!”. Well, I completely underestimated the time commitment….not to mention how much I hated feeling fake (I’m NOT a salesperson and absolutely dislike following up – AKA “bugging” – people).

I just wanted to thank you for your post. I’ve been on the fence about quitting coaching, and after reading your story, I’ve decided it’s OK for me to admit this isn’t for me.

I love Shakeology and I love all of the BB workout programs. But I can’t justify a “Net 0” income after spending hours on Facebook. If I’m on Facebook, I’d rather look at cat videos…LOL! Anyway, I appreciate you.

Now, to deal with the people a BB corporate who will probably try to convince me NOT to quit. ????”

2. Lindsey – Hasn’t made a single sale (except for Mom)


“Thanks for writing this! I’m a coach currently and haven’t made a single sale except for my mom! I initially signed up to coach so I could make a little extra cash (I work in a classroom so have summers off) for my daughter and I.

I also just wanted to get to a better place with my health and fitness so I could be a better influence on my daughter because I broke up with her abusive father a few months before becoming a coach.

So basically I thought that by becoming a coach it’d help me in all aspects of life. Now I’m not so sure. I kind of feel like many of the top coaches I know come across as fake and not genuine. Almost like they don’t REALLY care about the people they are supposedly “helping”?

They just post stuff on fb to get those likes because those likes are potential customers.

I too think there’s a lot of good within Beachbody but I can’t get behind it and back it completely when I think the shakes are way too expensive.

Most of the coaches that say “anyone can do it” are middle-class white women who have husbands to help them.

And the name is Beachbody which is in itself pretty excluding and to me makes it all unapproachable to entire populations of people.

I don’t know. I’m just happy I found someone who has lived this and who decided not to continue coaching but can actually back it up with great insight.”

3. Laura – “I neglected my family”

“I totally relate to this post. I love the workouts!! When I signed up as a coach, my upline lied saying this was no sales and was just “sharing”, all the people on my team are script robots sometimes their posts have the exact same content….to the point I started doubting their “debt-free” posts questioning if it’s even real?!

I made it Diamond too and yes! I am a mother of 3 and felt I neglected my family sometimes as all I had in my head was “how to make my biz grow and make it work like my other teammates claim they do?”

I wasn’t working outside of the home because I joined after I had my 3rd child with the hopes I could make a full-time income…long story short it

NEVER happened even tho I followed their behaviors and yes every post on FB had to be calculated it wasn’t me anymore…

I found an out of the house  job also in Real Estate and I live the normal adult life.

I now realized Beachbody coaching is not for me I have priorities in life and can’t idealize a life I see from others over a screen.

Beachbody may work for some but I could assure their significant other is the provider OR they started way before the business became over saturated.

Nothing is as good as it looks…and I was too naive.

I LOVE 21 Day fix and Shaun t and will always rather workout at home than gym for convenience. But coaching I could say its a scam.”

4. Brooke – “I got tired of friending the crap out of people!”

“Thank you so much for this post. You have Said so much of what I feel but is also my worst fear because I’ve been coaching for over a year now, and I hate to feel like I’m quitting at something I’ve devoted so much time and energy too.

I’m an “emerald” coach and have had lots of family and friends follow me on the journey – I jumped in, went to events, created a likes page and posted workouts and starting friending the crap out of people!

I have so many friends now I don’t know, I feel like it’s fake and weird more and more to befriending all these people.

I get no response from so many people I message it makes me feel icky and o I don’t want to feel the pressure to keep doing it.

It’s one thing If people want my help, you know where I am, but I’m feeling done messaging and following up with people.

I have no extra time and I just don’t want to use my extra time on Beachbody instead of my husband or my kids.

The workouts and meal plans have taught me so much and I am grateful for that! And I do still love our challenge group but I’m feeling like yeah are these people really my friends?

If I stop drinking Shakeology is everyone still gonna be so nice?

I am grateful to Beachbody and the community of amazing inspiring women and I’ve learned so much from their programs on what to eat and how to fit in regular movement. the challenge group helps keep me accountable.

I consider so many of the girls my true friends and it makes me sad to think some (if not all) of that might go away if I quit. I am so sad for you that you lost so many friends as a result! What about your challengers?

I don’t want them to feel like I’ve abandoned them, how did you tell them? I have so many people who want to “learn more” and People who want to start after the holiday – do people still contact you about programs?

Did you post about your breakup on social media? Did you go clean break like no shake or challenge group ever again??

One of my biggest hangups is feeling like I’m letting people down, and abandoning my challengers – like its an image I’ve been keeping up that now I’m losing, did you write them messages about it?

I would Def want to fill people in but not offend the people I really do care about that do work the business.

It’s such a hard decision bc I do still believe in the programs and I’m the accountability groups.

I wonder if I can still be a challenger but just not a coach of Any new people – just hold at the group of people that I’ve sponsored.

Did you still help them stay accountable? I don’t run he challenge group I’m in, Id still like to stay but just w/o coaching and shake. I have so much of the stuff I can still drink it for awhile!

Right now it’s on delivery once every other month to cut down the price but the monthly fee adds up and I subscribe to BBOD and it’s just a lot!

Its so refreshing to feel like my feelings are validated cause the stuff you are saying speaks to what I feel at times about the company and the whole Beachbody world.

Thank you for helping me see that I’m not alone!

You have helped me see that this is the right decision, hoping I can still continue the parts I like but losing the rest. And what did you do about all the new “friends” acquired? Did you purge??”

5. Tanya -“ended up not liking the cult-atmosphere”

“Hey, girl! I too was once a Beachbody coach (actually signed up twice lol) and ended up not liking the cult-atmosphere in the end.

Although my reasons for no longer actively coaching are a little different, it’s nice to see a real review and reason, leaving the reader to make their own decision. Great blog post!!!”

6. Jocelyn

“Wow, Brooke (to Brooke’s comment two above this one)! I feel like you and I are in the same place at the same time.

Have you quit yet? OMG this blog is just blowing my mind right now…

Every time I search “quitting Beachbody ” it’s always some tagline that a coach has put and in the end talks about “how they just could never quit”.

This is the first real thing I have seen. I am just at a complete heartache right now deciding to stay or go

I’ve been a coach for two years now and there are so many things I LOVE about BB that I am so torn. I reached diamond at this time last year, kept it until May, then dropped to emerald and am now at coach.

Looking at my COO makes me want to cry thinking “I let it all go” and “wtf is wrong with ME?”.

But the truth is I haven’t been building my biz all year and since June I just mentally couldn’t handle seeing any more messages.

It’s so much work and burden having to “help others” and pull their “why” out of them.

Having people quit on you, change coaches, stop replying, etc, I AM emotional but I just really let this get to me and affect my self-esteem!

I know that’s what PD is for but it’s just been really getting to me.

I decided to go back to school in the summer and I have been trying to balance both but it feels impossible and defeating.

I am getting married this year, in school and I hate being glued to SM every other minute of my life!

I told myself that I would decide what to do about coaching by New Year’s Eve and this REALLY helps!

I am dreaming of deleting my Facebook and unplugging for a LONG time because I feel like SM has just run the show for two years now! ”

7. Mindi

Mindi originally commented on this post about An Affordable Shakeology Substitute as one of several Beachbody Coach Reviews.

“I’m actually a Beachbody coach right now. A girlfriend and I decided to join together back in 2011 and we’ve recently been contemplating quitting.

As the coach pool has swelled, earnings are going down. (We aren’t “team building” coaches)

The only thing that stops me? I love a lot of their workouts and I go back and forth between those and heavy lifting so it’s nice to get the discount and earn a little money from something I stand behind.

I’ve had Shakeology but I’ve only purchased 1 or 2 times during all this time. I’ve tried several flavors and it’s just meh to me.

And expensive. I’m also working towards paying off debt and spending that much on a shake isn’t feasible to me.

To be honest, even if I had the money, there are other ways… Like you said you definitely don’t need one specific shake (or workout program) to be successful!

I currently use Vega Protein and Greens in smoothies and I love it.

Bought 2 from Target for $50 and got a $10 gift card back, lol. That’s how I like it. ????

P.S. I really like your blog. (Found you in the EBA group)”

She then commented on Why I Quit Beachbody Coaching -“You know I was going to read this post next! ????

Very valuable information here and definitely some things to consider. I like that you’re a former coach but don’t completely bash everything about Beachbody.

Their vital behavior of personal development absolutely changed my life. As a current coach myself contemplating quitting…

I do LOVE their workouts and that’s what keeps me hanging on, but the shakes drive me nuts. You’ve given me some things to think about. Thank you!”

8. Eunice

“I am so very glad to have read this blog to help me see the reality of what Beachbody truly is.

I originally signed up to get a handle on my fitness and get back on track after having had 2 children.

And the products truly worked that I was excited to share with others. I agree with others who have posted here on how fake I felt trying to sell the products because

I don’t like to sound salesy and just force things on people.

However, I actually became emerald the first month and earned 6 SC points and I was so excited! I found out that I was getting a personal call from Carl and I was like “wow.”

Mind you, this just happened last month and a few nights ago, my husband was subtle but form that Beachbody is a scam and that I should stop doing it!

At first, I was angry at his request, because I had the need to be “my own person” and I wanted to be the one to earn a free trip for my hard work!

I was truly motivated but I ate, breathed, dreamt and shit Beachbody!

Lol, I was so consumed in it and I just wanted to make a sell to keep afloat and not lose money!

It was a sick way of thinking, but that was me! I was willing to do anything to make a buck and climb the ladder!

It’s hard for me to believe that people actually do this for a living! Where do you find so many suckers???

After my amazing first month, I lost momentum and fell off the track. No one wants to buy the product, no one wants to say “yes”

and even my “clients” already signed up we’re thinking of quitting before I did.

I finally pulled the plug and canceled my coach membership and all of my products and my clients soon followed me.

I am so glad to have read this and assured me that it was the right decision and that wasn’t my husband trying to rain on my parade! Thank you!”

9. Elizabeth – “I’m reading this as I wait for my flight home after leaving Summit prematurely”

“I am reading your blog as I sit in the airport waiting for my flight home after leaving Summit prematurely!

Long story, which I will not bore you with…but upon arrival I was very inappropriately and rudely disrespected by my direct upline.

As I tried to rely on my faith and strength to persevere and stay to experience this incredible event, I realized I was doing that to stand up to Beachbody standards…not MINE.

Now, as a rational person, I’ve made no decisions about continuing or not—but your post spoke to me and I just want to thank you for sharing it!!”

10. Julie

“Hi! I know this is a delayed response to the original posting of this, but I’m glad I found it! I’ve only been a ‘coach’ for like 6 months, but I really am in a tough place right now.

I kinda want to quit, but to be honest I’m scared to. When I first joined I really trusted my upline, but once I became a coach I have been questioning her authenticity.

I have no doubt she is a wonderful person, but learning and seeing all of the pre-made ‘scripts’ for talking to people make me question whether she actually did think I could do it or just want another coach for the commission.

I am not a public person, I rarely used SM except for keeping in contact with overseas friends, and I feel like no matter how many videos and ‘trainings’

I have seen, I just am not getting it.

Because I ram resisting everything that I would need to do in order to advance. Never made it past coach.

I signed up for the team Beachbody cup which is going on this month, AND I am registered for next year’s summit… both through encouragement from my upline.

But that just adds to my dilemma. I’m scared to leave and disappoint everyone involved.

And I have this feeling if I try to tell them it isn’t me, they will just tell me to keep trying, that I’m not trying, or I just don’t believe in myself, or whatever.

I’m sorry for the novel… it is just really a major struggle and stressor for me right now, but have no one to talk to who would understand and have ‘been there’, so I jumped at this chance….”

11. Rebecca

“Yes! This. I have been on the fence for so long- and kept thinking, this month will be different… and it isn’t.

Of the three vital behaviors, the only one that I truly feel successful with is personal development.

Before Beachbody, I was eating healthier and exercising- I was making progress in the right direction… but I always thought PD (personal development) was hoaky- until now.

It is one of the most valuable parts of my day!

As far as coaching goes, I am trying to listen to my heart, wallet, conscious, etc…(I think we may be very similar souls) but then I think- what about all of the people I have met through the process?

The people I thought were my friends? When I brought up to some of my team my questions and doubt, they told me- “without coaching, you would lose us and our support”.

I guess I really resonated with your last thought- most of the Beachbody connections left your world- but faith and family are where it is at.

If they are true friends, your relationship will survive- with or without Beachbody. Thank you for some clarity.”

12. Lisa

“Thank you! I’m struggling as a Beachbody Coach. I cannot afford it and I have made little to no money.

I have not hit success club in a year. I want to quit but feel guilty. I feel like I’m abandoning people. I can’t seem to connect with people I don’t know on Facebook!

I’m taking the Country Heat instructor training and I hope that by teaching, it will help generate something! If not, I’m done!

Reading this has helped me tremendously! Thank you again!”

13. Alena B.

“Beachbody coaches are purely in it to make money.

How selling protein shakes and workout videos is truly helping people be healthier is beyond comprehension.

There is the proper way to lose weight (which is strictly individual) and there is telling everyone they should drink shakes and watch workout videos.

Anyone can pick up a protein shake or workout video at their local supplier for half the cost (or even for free).

But why Beachbody? Because “coaches” can make money.

Beachbody I find to be the worst of all the MLM’s because it targets people’s health in a very unhealthy way.

Body shaming is one of them, providing unqualified guidance is another.

I have yet to meet a genuine Beachbody coach – I have met 9. All 9 would compromise someone’s health to make a sale.

One is so disingenuous that she talks about how genuine she is. One example was how she changed these people’s lives by doing these good deeds for them.

She talks about her daily experience in how she made these 2 women at a retailer, who were speaking poorly about their weight and she approached them and could complimented them both on their beauty, resulting in these 2 women feeling so good.

Guess what – It is no longer a good deed…. because u spoke about it.

And those body shaming before/after pics are sickening. Worshipping body image is a really toxic mentality.

You will never see people posting before/after shot she the other way around, why?? Because of body shaming.”

14. Sabrina A.

“Your story has really hit home with me, and I appreciate you sharing all your insight.

I came across your blog when doing a bit more research into Beachbody stocks and profit, after having quit coaching myself and feeling a bit like a failure.

It just was not really my “thing” to flood my friend’s and family’s Facebook feed with nonsense about health and fitness when I have no official nutrition or exercise education.

Although I have been exercising regularly for a few years, this is what led a “friend” of mine to essentially pick me out, showering me with many compliments and promises of success due to my bit of knowledge on fitness.

And the fact I had lost 50 pounds post-baby, I must have looked like your typical #MomgirlBOSS material.

It’s truly the quality of the workouts that drew me into Beachbody, as they are perfect for any fitness level as well as challenging and fool-proof, but the cost of the shakes is what threw me off.

Regardless, I bit the bullet as many of the Facebook posts pressure you to just “do it”, and I quickly found myself spending my commissions on Shakeology.

My up-line then continuously pushed me to post as much as possible on Facebook including sponsored ads to generate new customers, which began costing me much more than what it was worth.

Your post has come to help me realize that all the glitz and glam of Facebook is a wide-angle highlight reel, and some things just aren’t meant to be.

Ultimately, pyramid schemes and pushy companies are not positive environments for growing a business and are simply not worth the time and investment.

Thanks for sharing!” I’m thankful for Sabrina and all of these women who were brave enough to share their Beachbody coach reviews so that I was able to put it all together in an easy-to-read format for you!

15. Melissa Davis

“Melissa ~ Wow ! I truly have been sitting on the fence about quitting BB for about 6 months. This blog has helped me so much. You seriously touched on everything i had been contemplating…

I’ve been a coach for about 2 years… I never once recruited anybody. I signed my husband up (behind his back) and felt icky about it for months- so i eventually stopped him as a coach….

I have about 2 consistent customers and that’s about it…

Why did I stay for so long? Because I feel like they depend on me for accountability and the challenge groups…

Plus I felt loyal to my upline….

After reading your blog- I contemplated on everything BB has done for me: got me out of my comfort zone; kept me accountable to my workouts; and most of all personal development….

I’ve learned so much about myself reading books; that my interest is leading me down a different path- not just physical fitness; but nutrition and healing the gut.

I’ve been also studying so much on the Law of Attraction that I recently have started my own blog (nothing published yet- still learning)…

So with this new endeavor and a recent opportunity that was offered to begin a small boot camp twice a week (I’m a personal trainer)- I think I’ve made my decision….

I can now walk away knowing I’m making the right decision. The business decision of leaving BB would be a smart one; since my pantry is filled with 4 bags of Shakeology and some Performance Line supplements…

It’s just no longer worth it… I love their workout programs and I will still be doing them and even sharing to my LIKE page.

My like page is my Personal Trainer page so I can still encourage my followers….

Thank you! I’m so glad your site came up when I googled ‘quit Beachbody coaching’….

As someone stated above; I saw the sites that reeled you in; but then ended up being ‘ they would never quit coaching’… ugh !

And then I found a few that said they were fired from BB and started a wine business…..

So when I found yours…. yours said everything i needed to hear ! Thank you!”

16. Sarah

“I have two cousins that are very successful (or so it seems) being Beachbody coaches—two of them are sisters.

Another cousin is an actual Yoga instructor to the stars in LA and is used by Beachbody for their videos etc.

Every day on social media I see the constant posts about how wonderful their lives are—posting their workout videos and pictures of their shakes or their shopping trips, invites to join challenge groups etc.

One cousin is a single mom with no other job but Beachbody and it seems that she is definitely not struggling with all the amazing trips and music festivals she attends with her other Beachbody buddy as business trips.

Her sister is a little more low key but she does mention that she has had so many more opportunities financially since she has become a coach.

The first sister I mentioned, has a friend she attends these festivals with that states she makes a six figure income and “you can too!”

I just wonder how realistic this is and also how many friends and family you lose along the way in doing so. I signed up under one of these cousin sisters as a coach a few years ago and was put under her strong leg but definitely did not make it!

First off, I didn’t feel comfortable putting up videos of myself working out or constant pictures of myself drinking Shakeo.

It also was so expensive for me as a single mother at that time. I knew as a working mom I didn’t have the time to put into it like it requires to be “successful” (though they state it is easy and you can still be a stay at home Mom etc).

To me, it just felt like it has become an idol to all these gals that I am related to that are “successful” at it.

Their world is completely revolved around it and even obsessed with nutrition and fitness and looking good…”me, me, me”—all to make a buck and attain fame in the business.

Not only that, when I see their social media accounts, I feel so insuperior and inadequate as a woman because I don’t eat as well as they do or exercise as much as they do or aren’t as successful as them.

Here I am just working two jobs trying to raise my kids and be a good mom and hopefully someday pay off all my bills and maybe buy a house.”

17. Terr

“I found your blog, Melissa, after doing a Google search on the topic of the Beachbody coaching feeling like a cult.

See, here’s the thing with me: I work in sales and marketing as a content writer. I’ve also had experience in direct sales (Avon, Mary Kay). And sadly, I was fortunate enough to leave a church sect that used “programming” tactics that are very similar to Mary Kay and BB.

But I won’t tell that story. What I will say is that I signed up to be a coach, and within 24 hrs, I was calling customer service to walk me through a cancellation. Now, I need to ask them for a refund.

So reading through your story and all of the comments, I know for certain that my instincts were correct. And my situation is more interesting because I refused to buy the Shakeology.

I told my “coach” that a) I’m already on a supplement program and I don’t want to overdose on vitamins and minerals.

Also, I take two different types of probiotics, so I don’t need the Shakeo ingredients.

I won’t air out the details of the failed recruitment out of respect for this person, but the point is, as I quickly did the math in my mind, I realized that I was being squeezed out of money, especially at a time when I JUST SIGNED UP.

Again, I won’t post details publicly, but it’s all too clear that the business model for the sales force (coaches) is VERY culty/programmy in nature. And I refuse to be sucked into anything like that, ever, EVER again.

One last note: At first, I was told that I could be a “discount coach”, and I compared that to signing up for Avon to get a discount. But here’s the difference: Avon NEVER, EVER makes the reps buy into products, especially not for the purpose of staying active.

They’ll encourage you to buy products in the same spirit of becoming a “product of the product”. When I was a rep, I wore a fragrance that someone asked me about, and that was a sales lead. But that’s organic in nature. No harm, no foul!

But NEVER do Avon’s reps have to buy into product and seminar schemes in order to stay active-at least, not at the lower levels. The managers have to pay into things, but these are top-tier reps who have the money to buy-in.

The lowest level reps could really coast without recruiting anyone, buying their own products at a discount.

I’m not currently an Avon rep, but I’d go back to them because they treat their reps like as they are-independent sales reps, emphasis on “independent.”

Yeah, there’s some pushy Avon uplines out there who just want to generate money from your sales, but if you tell them up front not to expect anything from you, that you’re just in it for the discounts, then they’ll either respect that, or they’ll leave you alone.

Former Beachbody Coaches Blog About Leaving Team Beachbody

I absolutely LOVE what Nickole from The Mom I Want to Be shared on her blog.

“Life is progress.

Life is beautiful, even when I have 40 more lbs to lose!

In real life, hair isn’t always perfect and strong isn’t always skinny.

I’m tired of your lies and disillusions and to be perfectly honest I’m tired of how much you want me to focus on myself.

Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life now and He wants me to look to Him first and others second.  Working on “myself” so much and looking at “myself” constantly and sharing my workouts and food plans is not storing up any treasures in heaven.

I’m tired of your fabulous social media strategies.

They are clogging my feed with people precious to me who only look like they care about themselves when I KNOW that is not who they are or even long to be.

You tried.  I tried. We just aren’t good for each other.   I want more. I want something that works on my soul.  I have found someone else….I have found the ONE.”

Christine Baker from The Christine Baker shared her horror story on her blog.

“I had gone through these ups and downs with fellow coaches going through the same experiences and we had grown a major bond in that time.

Enter into the story Natalie and Emily. Emily is this little ball of fire that can hustle like nobody’s business, and Natalie, a vivacious vegan go getter with a soft voice and an even softer heart. We were all considering moving on.

We had all worked so hard in our businesses and just weren’t seeing the payoff.

The dynamic of our team had become cold and ruthless, quite honestly. It wasn’t uncommon to see the Creators of the team literally bullying people on posts within the team.

Also, it was common knowledge that one of them was using photoshop on her abs and she blatantly lies about her income on the daily!

She claims she makes six figures when in reality she’s probably lucky to be making $30k a year.

It was becoming something that really none of us wanted to be associated with.

Honestly, it’s like we woke up and were ready to leave the cult and stop drinking the Kool Aid.  

All the posts from coaches claiming how amazing their life was in their skimpy sports bras holding their Shakeology.

They were all lies. None of them were making any damn money and were broke beyond measure. The 3 of us just couldn’t do it anymore.”….

Read the full story here.

WHEW! This was a long post, and these aren’t even 1/4 of the Beachbody coaches who’ve shared their stories.

If you made it this far, you are a rockstar! Thank you for hanging with me!

You may have been searching for Beachbody coach reviews, and I hope you’ve found what you were looking for!

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  1. That’s really an interesting read. Have always stayed away from MLMs anyway. Keep up the good work. Haven’t seen you for a while on your YouTube channel.
    Hope everything’s fine.
    Take care.

  2. I’m not a coach, but I felt tempted even though it all looks too good to be true.

    My previous “coach” ignored me from the moment I told her I was not getting any supplements. I switched from her to somebody I’ve been following for a while, the “condition” was buying a challenge pack. I gladly did it, because I wanted the groups (“accountability”) and was curious about the so famous Energize.

    Well… I told her I was not planning to do this often and she is still being really supportive. What surprised me the most is that they seem to use all the supplements way more than indicated by Beachbody, specially the Energize as it says on the label that you shouldn’t use it for more than 12 weeks and it looks like people use it even to clean the house!

    Anyway, I’m happy I found this post because it made me let go of the coaching idea and confirmed the feeling I had that it is an illusion. I gotta say that I enjoy the workouts and will keep doing them.

  3. Hi Melissa,

    I’ve visited this post through google and bookmarks your blog on my browser because you’ve written well researched and easy to read articles on your blog; Also shared this post with my colleagues so that they can also aware of this.

    Eventually, thanks for sharing it with us; I appreciate your work.

    Keep Writing Keep Sharing;

  4. Angieline Bourne

    One of the absolute WORSE decisions I have made in my life was to become a TBB coach. A nightmare from start to finish 7 years later. And, yes, I did make money, but the rules, regs, big brother mentality, change of rules continuously, pressure, indoctrination, fear mongering, are not worth the stress, tension and the risk of alienating EVERYONE you know to become a coach under you. Not sales, creating downlines. MLM in the worst way. Glad I escaped but not before my elite, celebrity upline contacted me after years of not hearing from her to harass me about leaving.

  5. Hi Melissa,I came here from YouTube review.

    I was searching for why I quit mlm and your video on beach body have my eyes.I also wrote a review on beach body AMD think a that your audience will love it.It is about stats and the fact that one in 157 coaches makes $1k a month.This means rest are failing.I want to write 20 ugly mlm facts for your blog.(Guest post).That you can also add in this beach body review.

    Waiting for reply!

  6. I have so many BB coaches following me on ig, they’ve all tried to recruit me, I’ve declined. I had a relative join BB, & she acted like she was the 1st person in the world to workout at home. She would make posts about being in the gym for hours was lame when you could workout at home for 20mins. It came off as rude & condescending, (I’m gym addict, 2-3hrs is the norm for me). Or how lifting makes you bulky & you should just tone (guess I’m weird cause I want muscles lol). Then post about this amazing shake/preworkout/collagen powder, but failed to mention how ridiculously expensive they were. I buy supplements for my workout, I know they’re pricey but her stufff was way more expensive & tbh all she was doing was getting skinny but no muscle tone at all. I did some research & was like this is ridiculous, a true fitness coach who genuinely want to help people meet their goals isn’t going to bash different workout methods. They would be supportive & help find the best program for clients. But what really got me was she really is convinced she’s a legit fitness/life coach. That is such a huge slap in the face to people who actually study to become certified fitness trainers or life coaches. I stopped correcting her misguided workout advice she posts because there’s no point, she’s so deep into. Your post made me super glad I said no. I can’t take advantage of people who are feeling vulnerable during this pandemic.

    1. You hit the nail on the head. And you’re right. They are genuinely brainwashed into believing that they’re helping people by offering an incredible “opportunity” to own their own business.

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  8. I made half a million dollars with Beachbody over a 6 year period and I walked away from it all 2 years ago. I couldn’t stand the fake friendships and the intense pressure corporate put on the high level coaches. It was an ugly breakup. Thank you for your honesty.

    1. Oh, Lindsay! I remember you from when I was coaching. I love that you are transparent in that you were one of the small percentages who actually make a good living, and you still decided to leave. Thanks for sharing.

    2. Thank you for this post!!

      I recently was recruited by a coach as a client… the whole BB business model makes me feel gross. As soon as I signed up, she checked in with me maybe once, and that was it, besides for her weekly MASS email check in once every two weeks. I hit a tough time and stopped doing her check ins. Hadn’t heard from her in three whole months! I feel like this is a practice what you preach kind of thing. Don’t be saying how BB is such a supportive community if you let one of your clients fall off the radar for months at a time.

      I really enjoy the workouts but it seriously feels like the coaches are solely in this for the paycheck.

      1. It’s sad but a very common situation from BB coaches. I’m sorry you were all but forgotten about. That just sucks. I hope you find support in other ways to stay active and healthy! 🙂

  9. It’s funny but when I looked into Beachbody recently I would watch different instagram stories and most of them were getting colds or trying to get over A cold now I know most people get colds this time of year But I thought their “super foods” (shakeology ) was as healthy as 40 salads ????????‍♀️ I guess I just find it weird that they say their always healthy

  10. I wish I could be friends with all of the women who quit BB because they all said something I can relate to and they all seem genuine, unlike many of the people I have met through BB. :/ I feel like the women who quit BB are my people, lol.

    I am a new coach and already feel icky about it.. just the other day on a team call, the upline leader said “we really need more coaches,” and I was thinking, “I am a brand new coach, un-ranked and un-experienced.. shouldn’t you develop me and the new girls a bit before you keep adding more people?” I know they need more because it makes them more money, but it just made me feel like a number and realized as soon as they get you to sign up as a coach, you’re kind of irrelevant.

    I am already leaning towards cancelling, but wanted to thank you for this post because I thought it was just me that was feeling this way.

  11. My wife and I have been coaching for approx. (3) years. Further back than that as a discount coach for her. We have seen so many wonderful people find the need for a “Coach” in their lives. Whether it be for nutrition education, weight loss desire, work-out motivation or just a community of like minded individuals. All too often I’ll read a blog about the negatives of an experience, product or life in general. “Life” is what you make it. You get out of your schooling (HS/college/trade/etc.) all that you apply. You get out of a TeamBeachBody coaching opportunity all that you put in to it. Oh, yah, it takes work. And, all depending on how you approach it, you may have to ask people you do or don’t know if they would like to buy in to the program. Yes, hard work, to help people get back on track (often START) with living healthy.

    There are 100’s of programs to get fit from. There is NO one size, we have a multitude of different ages, sizes, desires, motivations, and both genders. There is a multitude of nutritional information to learn from. It’s not like a product sales MLM (Amway, Avon, Arbonne, etc.), those that join have to WORK for their results. No magic spoonful to melt the fat away, no miracle shake, and it sure isn’t your grandma’s Jazzersize.

    We’ve reached MANY Veterans around the nation, helping them replace fitness for physical and mental pains & agonies. There is no charge to veterans for their subscription.

    There is a support system, all depending on the individual in that Up/Down line, no different than at your typical place of employment. Which brings the MLM piece up. Every job has a boss, employees, top to bottom management. Being a Coach isn’t any different, the BONUS is: you run your own business (entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone), set your own hours, must be self motivated, nothing is handed out (easy), your business is only as good as you are at it!

    We’ve earned multiple vacations from TBB, enjoyed bringing our kids, too. Found MANY friendships within like minded (health / fitness / motivated) people through TBB. Similar to when you work with others at a “regular” job, the friends you make are sometimes hard to leave. Maintain those friendships, big boys and girls make decisions to keep or leave friendships, in the real world.

    We certainly, as a nation especially, need to thicken up our skin and accept that not everything is gonna be yours for the taking. EARN it, work hard for it, get busy and make a difference. The only easy day WAS yesterday, find your passion and attack it with the love and passion you would for your family. Do good, say good and enjoy the journey. If you have to take a hard right turn, take it and don’t look back (and check your experience up to how you participated, not what wasn’t easy for you).

    Success is in you, use your energy positively and drive on towards it.

    Just some thoughts from a 50 year old Dad, who will lead by example, display positivity, never give up and will EARN my keep.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to write a thoughtful comment. I’m glad that your experience has been the polar opposite of mine. You should be happy doing what you love, and if Beachbody is your dream business, you’re probably in the right place.

      I don’t think, though, that it is a good business model. Period. For example, you and your wife could start your own business specifically for veterans. A place for soldiers and battle buddies to come together to build themselves…their bodies. their self esteem. their mindset.

      And you don’t need Beachbody and Shakeology to do that. Unfortunately, Beachbody coaches aren’t trained to coach nutrition education, so that’s a major issue. They give blanketed advice to pregnant women, folks with diabetes and other health issues, truly believing that Shakeology is the cure for most ailments. And that’s simply not the case.

      I “earned a free ticket” to summit. Still ended up costing me over $1000.

      I wish you well and best of luck to you on your own personal journey. It sounds like you’re a very well-rounded person and I wish I had someone like you when I was in the coaching gig.

      I’m happy to say that I’ve found “my place” and this is what I am supposed to be doing…helping others with personal finance and business. Thanks again for your comment!

  12. Lori Kroft Moore

    Well, I am a Teambeachbody coach and also work a full-time job. I have been a coach for approximately 2 years. When I first signed up, I did it for the discount on Shakeology which by the way, has changed my health. If you became or are a coach to SELL and not use the products and share your results then no wonder it didn’t work for you.

    1. I’m curious as to how much money you’ve actually made in profit. How much did you earn per last year’s tax return via Beachbody (after expenses)? I’d love to see how it “actually worked for you”.

    2. Almost 7 years!! I had carrots dangled so often. I was a struggling single mother when a coach, a very high ranking, “superstar” coach, recruited me via Facebook. SO many promises, compliments and so much support for me and my son. So much “interest”. Then when I joined, poof, gone unless I was bringing in the cash. I brought some in. Then she wanted me to add my mum, my best friends, other family so I could cash in. So she could cash in. But if I wasn’t earning a load of money I wasn’t working the business hard enough. I wasn’t making my leads every day. I wasn’t stopping everyone I encountered to give them the good word on Team Beachbody. I wasn’t wearing the t-shirt with TBB on it everywhere I went. Recruit, recruit, recruit. When I realized what a monumental MLM this was I actually went to an MLM watchdog who confirmed the terrible business practices and how vulnerable people were targets and it is nearly brainwashing. When I quit and took my mum and friends with me because they were only there to help me (by the way I was the one who ran their accounts as I was instructed by my coach, they weren’t even involved at all) I got an email from my coach asking “why did you close your business?? It was still making money.” That was it…no hello, no ending to the email just that, after not hearing from her for over a year. I had to figure the business out by myself and lost money in the process because it was such a convoluted business model and the qualifications changed on a regular basis. So thrilled to be done with them for a few years now. You know the thing is I WAS in the BEST shape of my life. I was always active and being in shape was my business. However, the business was not worth it. You aren’t there to be an example you are there to SIGN UP NEW COACHES and sell products. Period. The market is saturated now. Everywhere you go on social media all of these untrained coaches never stop selling the products or trying to lure people to be coaches with the promise of weight loss and getting in the best shape of your life. Shame on you! BUT never until today have I felt confident to sign my real name out of fear of reprisal. I also found that you aren’t going to change the die-hards who will defend TBB regardless. They have been indoctrinated and they all use the same “coached” responses.

      1. This is seriously the best comment ever! Thank you for sharing, Kaz! You’re probably the only person I’ve ever come across to actually admit that they ran other people’s accounts in order to “game the system”. We ALL did it at the urging of our upline!

        So glad you were able to share your experience without fear of persecution. Eff that nonsense!

  13. Hi, Melissa-

    I am a bit late to this post but I felt like I wanted to share my own experiences. I became a coach waaaaay back in 2010, and utlimately hung it up five years later. Long read.

    In the beginning, there weren’t a lot of coaches so things felt a bit friendlier. In fact, I attended the second ever coach summit and we had a lot of personal interations with the trainers and some of the founding coaches. It was an awesome little community of like-minded and passionate fitness enthusiasts. To cap it off, we spent a few days listening to Larry Zimberg, who is kind of a MLM whisperer. While I refused to acknowledge that BB was an MLM at first, Larry’s presence should have been my first clue.

    Like most coaches, I started with family first. I do not like to sell, I do not like to be sold to. But like others on the thread, I felt that I could simply get paid for what I was already doing. My sister became my first coach, and several months later I achieved Emerald when I persuaded my mom to give me her social security number so I could create a fake account and buy Shakeology under her name to keep her ‘active’. I still feel like an asshole as I type that. I tried everything I could to garner customers and coaches- I exhausted my coworkers, I bought addresses from mailing lists and sent random samples, ect.

    Our team never really grew, but my sister and I put at least 40hrs a week each into our downline (on top our our already full-time jobs and obligations). We held weekly team calls, hosted fit clubs, mailed out samples, sold on FB… we did all of the things we were told that we needed to do with consistency to make it a worthwhile endeavor. The laws of physics however say that you can’t keep growing with no stalling… our downline would repeatedly go inactive (hey, people have budgets and families and constraints), and my sister and I were going broke trying to buy things to keep everyone active so we didn’t lose our commission.

    My biggest problem there was my upline. I signed on under my coach for specific reasons- I really believed that they wanted us to success, and I still believe that. They were a power couple in the community were never stopped showing kindness to anyone who reached out for help. They also knew how hard we were working but instead of strategically placing new coaches under my sister and I- legitimate work horses- they continued to sign them up under themselves but not under anyone else. So no one really promoted laterally, while they continued to make a lot of money off of direct commissions. All in vain.

    2015 was an eye-opening year for us. We’d made virtually no money in five years- I think at most, I recieved a payout of about $75. FIVE YEARS of work. I did earn credit ‘thanks’ to success club for the cruise, and treated my sister as well. The very last straw for me was the first night at sea, I took my sister to dinner for a belated birthday gift and two tables from us sat Carl Daikeler, Michael Neimann and two multi-star diamond coaches- both women, but I can’t remember their name. While Carl and Michael were decent to the waitstaff, it was beneath the women to treat them with any sort of dignity. My sister and i left him a $50 tip. Probably inappropriate, but I was trying to make up for the shitty way in which he was being treated at the next table.

    I cancelled my coaching account the next week, after having conversations with my downline and my upline. My upline had pretty much already left for another MLM, so I don’t think they cared much (Nerium).

    Like a lot of others, I still enjoy the products but have not used Shakeology in amost five years. I am namely a bodybuilder these days but I will go back to P90X2 when I want to make sure I can still move like I did a few years ago.

    I have big, big problems with how Carl doesn’t care about how the coaches recruit. I’ve heard all kinds of rumors- from paying homeless people to give their SSNs if they have them, to backdoor marketing and advertising, to shoving this shit down peoples throats. It’s incongruous to teach people to do this when health is not just physical.

    thanks for letting me rant.


    1. Ollie…oh my goodness! Your perseverance is absolutely incredible! I know how strong the koolaid is and how difficult it is to leave when you feel like these people (your upline and downline) are your family. The fear and disappointment of thinking you’re letting people down or that you might lose the upline who helped “guide you” where you are…it’s scary.

      But I’m so glad you found your way out of it. But five years, man…that’s a long time! God bless you and I wish you the absolute best in life! Thanks for taking the time to share your story!

  14. This was interesting to read. Thank you for putting yourself out there along with sharing all these stories. I personally feel really great having finally given up dieting in order to trust my body. I walk my dog each day and try to appreciate my body for what it does more than what it looks like. It was a long journey to get here, but it feels great. Sometimes a program works for people on their way to appreciating their body, but sometimes it’s a little too cult-like or inspires guilt. However, I do think people should do what works for them and what motivates them to be healthy in the long run. For me, reading this post was like poking my head into a completely different world I haven’t thought about for awhile.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to write a thoughtful comment! Yes, I agree completely, and that’s why I don’t think that any one-size-fits-all fitness plan truly works for “all”. Finding comfortability with one’s own body is definitely the most important thing.

  15. Don’t hate just because you couldn’t cut it. This is very negative. ANYcompany helping end the trend of obesity is a good one. Yes, B.B. is a biz, hence want to make $. Duh. Are gym memberships free? No. They also are a business and charge a fee. That’s how it works in the real world. Do you get a free membership to the gym for referring others? Also, no. That’s the real scam. They just keep your money even if you do bring them business. I doubt you’ll post this comment to your blog though as you only post the B.B. hating posts. Obvious agenda, eh? Lol peace ! ✌️

    1. Awww Ryan. I’m sorry to have hurt your feelings! Posting your comment just as I do all comments…you’re in the minority here, bud. Beachbody and other MLM businesses are being outed for what they are.

  16. Thank you for this blog. My situation is entirely different. I am a Beachbody customer. I got sucked into the free and inexpensive challenges, then tried the 2BMindset weightloss. I thought it would be different because the coach indicated there would be a lot of support and motivation. I’ve been extremely disappointed.

    What happened?
    1) I bought the program but getting the videos at all, or just getting then to play has been impossible (I log in and the videos freeze, I ask for different links and get no response from my coach)
    2) My coach does not offer any real support, or advice. I don’t even get responses to my posts in the group. I’ve opened up, admitting my faults in hope of some type of support or motivation. Instead coach just posts about drinking Shakeology.
    3) I suspect I am getting the cold shoulder bc i cant afford the Shakeology and possibly bc she’s Vegan and I’m not (FTR I don’t try debating her, we all have our own personal preferences, and I met her through her other MLM business).

    I wonder if I’m alone in these feelings or I just expected too much.

    1. I’m so sorry your coach is avoiding you altogether! Unfortunately, that’s a common practice because most coaches are in the business to make money…not to help others. When it comes down to it, they’re not going to “waste their time” on someone who isn’t willing to invest in the company. This is the sucky thing about MLM ????

  17. This was very eye opening. I’ve been a “discount” coach for about 4 years now. BB was great for losing the baby weight. I liked the taste of shakeology. But I’ve got kids and a day job. So I got the discount.

    But then I started having stomach problems and I can’t drink shakeo. For the past year, I’ve been delaying my deliveries by a month or two. My kids still like the stuff so I probably buy 3-4 bags a year. Seems a bit silly to keep paying a monthly fee for a discount that I’m not using. I’ve been thinking of canceling for awhile (esp since I realized my original upline quit too, and I have no idea when).

    So a good friend of mine got sucked in a couple of years ago. Her upline quit because she had a different MLM and BB didn’t like that. Then my friend didn’t like her new upline. So she quit. Now they are both back to BB coaching and she’s trying to get me to switch over to her for my positive energy. (Because I love the workouts.) Question is, do I bother? If I cancel, do I sign back up again? I can’t drink the stuff, so all I can really do for her is be positive energy, ha!

    I figured that once BOD took off and the # of coaches exploded, it was going to be ugly. At least one big $ coach in my upline quit because of that (too much competition) and another one went back to working FT.

    1. Yeah, Beachbody has lost a lot of top-level coaches to other multi-level marketing companies. A huge red flag was when I started seeing coaches selling wine through membership programs. I love wine, but it’s super high in carbs and sugar and terrible when you’re trying to lose weight!

  18. Yes! It’s so reassuring to know that I’m not “broken” in some way! I tried for 2 years to make it successful. I went to the big Summit event. (Which is essentially a major pump up session. To make you hyped to sell BB, and it totally works in that regard) You’re life seriously revolves around BB when you’re trying to make it work. So it definitely not freedom from the 9 to 5.

    When I joined, I joined under one of the Top 10 coaches. I thought that would be my best bet for success. Oh I was wrong.

    Mostly I came to find that either A) they’re miserable doing it. (Had my upline complain a lot about how she was burned out on taking 100+ pictures just to get the perfect one to post.)
    B) they ALL do scripts, because they have Secretaries responding and signing people up. (This is one of the secrets they don’t tell people) And finally c) the “big money” is really from their cycle bonuses. Seriously redunk how much they make for cycle bonus for doing jack except signing people up as coaches and lying about how easy it is to make money.

    So overall no don’t do it. Don’t be sucked in as I was with the “make an easy $500 extra a month” total lie. Reality is you HAVE to keep Shakeology to stay “active”, so that’s ~$100 a month. So if you really want that “extra $500” you’d have to, at minimum sign up 15 people a month! [at a $40 commision]. Not worth it! Stay away!

    1. Oh, girl! I had no idea that they have secretaries doing all of the paperwork for them. I guess it makes sense, but dang! I agree that it’s so not worth it. If you want to work for yourself, find something YOU are passionate about and do that! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your experience!

      I love that more and more people are sharing their opinions. Hopefully others who are thinking of coaching or quitting will find this post and can get some answers or clarity!

  19. I really enjoyed this. And don’t think your audience is just women. Some of us guys are reading too. Could you decipher the acronyms used in BB (Beachbody)? I could figure out BB but in Jocelyn’s post she used COO, PD, and SM. What do those mean. Loved your video.

    1. Thank you so much, Wendell! I appreciate that guys read my stuff, too 😛 I write as if I’m writing to my best friend, and I know the majority of my audience is female, but I am so thankful for the guys that enjoy reading my posts. I’m not sure what COO and SM stand for, but PD is personal development 🙂 Thanks again for your kind words!

  20. I guess my story is a little different. My husband and I purchased T25 (love me some Shaun T) from a high school friend of his. We shared the Shakeology. We we’re very active in her accountability group and got some good results. A few months later, she asked my husband to become a coach. He decided to jump in. About a month later, he asked if I would become a coach. Before I knew it, I was messaging friends and family to get them to invest. Working out and eating healthy became my lifestyle. I was, actually, more successful as a coach than my husband. We attended several Super Saturdays and Summits. The presenters always made it seem so easy. I would be motivated for a week or two, but always ended up feeling like I was trapped. The excitement faded as I spent every Sunday food prepping by myself. It was torture. It was smart to plan ahead, but I was so stressed. My husband kept plugging along, but I realized that I had starting seeing people as potential customers rather than people. I began looking at anyone who was overweight with dollar signs in my eyes. I didn’t like me. So, it was no wonder people (including family) ignored my FB messages. So…I stopped. I was a discount coach for a long time. With 2 boys, a full-time job, and my husband traveling several times a month, I had zero energy for selling myself. Of course, my husband was still plugging along. I didn’t want to be a coach anymore, but I didn’t want to disappoint my husband, either. I was part of his downline, after all.
    Anyway, in September of this year, my husband told me he had been having an affair. It had started just before Summit 2017. He said me hadn’t loved me in about 2 years. He told me he felt as I had been sabotaging him as a coach. Basically, I was too tired to keep him happy and he resented me for putting the kids first. When he started losing the weight and getting attention for all of his muscles, he went from a super shy, very sensible, family-centered guy to a narcissist. The Beachbody mentality totally changed my husband. On Facebook, he comes off as an ass now rather than the sweet guy he always was. He has zero patience for our boys. He loves to play the blame game. All of this because he “wasn’t happy”. How can anyone be happy with the constant stress of trying to appear perfect and successful. Being successful has a price. For us, it was not just monetary.

    1. Oh, Heidi! I am so sorry to read this! I applaud you for putting yourself out there and sharing this, and I feel for you. When I read the first sentence of your story, I thought it was going in a totally different direction. Several married men from my upline hit on me through FB messenger, so I can see how something like that is possible, but it’s such a terrible situation!

      In my original post about Why I Quit Beachbody Coaching, I shared about how my walk with God suffered, my family life suffered (because I was obsessed with BB), etc. I think you’ll be able to relate to that a bit more. Hugs and prayers to you!

  21. This is one of the reasons I decided not to be a coach on any of these direct sales sites. You will be spending more time and energy convincing people this way of life even though they realized earlier they didn’t want it. Beachbody is good for the exercising programs but to spend money on the other stuff is not worth it. It is like everything else. It is about money. And if you don’t know many people it makes no sense to be a representative.

  22. I’ve been successful with BB programs for almost a year now, and I’m signed up as a “discount coach.” I keep wavering about whether I should go all in and try to make this a business, but my gut tells me no. Thanks for affirming. This post makes me more confident that I should just stick with the workouts and dump the Shakeo.

    1. You should always follow your gut. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m trying to dissuade people from coaching if it’s something they absolutely love doing as long as they are prepared for the cost of being a coach. Thanks for commenting, Leigh Ann! Glad I could help!

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