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Online Personal Training with Lukas Duncan: 81% Off

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The internet has made online personal training a much easier way to get healthy and fit on your own schedule. I first found Lukas Duncan in 2016 after I had quit Beachbody coaching. I was looking for accountability from a real, certified online personal trainer.

It’s hard fitting in personal training at the gym. You have to work around the trainers’ schedules, and it’s often expensive and doesn’t even include meal plans or guidance on how to eat healthy to maximize muscle growth or fat loss.


After I was blacklisted from Beachbody for telling the truth about multi-level marketing, I needed encouragement and guidance. LBD Training, Lukas’ company, was recommended to me from a friend who had lost a good amount of weight in his 8-week transformation challenge.

His online personal training sessions cost less than a bag of Shakeology, so I figured I’d give it a try. My results were incredible, and I’m so thankful that I found Lukas and was able to help me lose 25 pounds…without a magic pill or Shakeology.

Who is Lukas Duncan, Online Fitness Coach?

Lukas founded LBD Training in 2013 to help teach others what he’d learned in over a decade in the fitness industry.

He started lifting weights with his dad at the age of 16 so that he could get stronger for football. He got really serious when he experienced his first break-up, and he wanted “get back at her”. He saw quick gains, so he’s been hooked on strength training ever since!

Growing up in Columbia, Missouri, he was fortunate enough to be able to train in the downtown Gold’s Gym alongside bodybuilders.

Lukas competed in his first bodybuilding show was when he was 18 years old.

Between 18-25 years old, he competed in 8 bodybuilding competitions.

In 2013, at the age of 23, he was working at Walmart and feeling pretty unfulfilled. He was just terrified of putting himself out there and starting a business in fitness, but after encouragement from his boss at the time, he posted on Facebook offering his services of online personal training and meal plans.

Lukas charged $100 per month, and he recalls his Mom telling him “As soon as you get 15 clients, you can quit Walmart”. He had 15 clients within 2 weeks and quit Walmart right away.

Then in 2015, he ran a New Year’s sale for 50% off, and he had 100 people to sign up for online personal training in a week. At the time, he was doing some in-person training in gyms. Then he got injured and tore both quadriceps in a freak accident in the gym.

He focused all of his energy on his clients as a result, and the following month was his best month ever.

He offers many before and after transformation stories on his blog and his Instagram.

Lukas also manages a YouTube channel, where he offers tips on proper technique, and he just launched a podcast with Ron Wayne titled “Ask LBD”.

My Results – 8 Week Transformation and Beyond

Remember that I had just quit Beachbody coaching, and I experienced massive backlash from the Beachbody community for it. I guess kind-of like Lukas, I was determined to “get back at them”. I wanted to prove to them that there are other ways to lose weight and build muscle than through the almighty Shakeology and 21 Day Fix.

I’ll get right to it. I lost 12 pounds in the first 8 weeks working with Lukas Duncan on my online personal training. I was feeling bloated, fatter than ever, and unhappy.

12 pounds doesn’t seem like a whole lot of weight to lose in 8 weeks, but I’m 5’5″.

Lukas Duncan 8 Week Transformation Before and After

I didn’t gain a lot of muscle in the first 8 weeks. I was trying to simply lose fat. You can’t chase two rabbits at the same time, so with Lukas Duncan’s 8-week transformation, I was able to focus on my goal of losing weight. I didn’t measure inches, but I’m thinking that would have been a cool metric to measure progress.

I went on to lose 25 pounds total.

Lukas Duncan Online Personal Training Coach

Geez! I wish my husband would have told me I had a tag hanging out of my swimsuit! This “Before” photo was taken the day I signed up for online personal training with Lukas. We were staying at a hotel, and I sent the photos to Lukas so that he could set up my meal plan and exercises.

The above “After photo” was taken about 16 weeks in and, as you can see, my results were pretty incredible! My legs weren’t as dimpled and cottage cheesy (yuck), and I was losing fat in my toughest zone…my hips, butt, and thighs.

LBD Training Transformation

This is, by far, my favorite progress picture. I was finally feeling confident with myself and proud of my progress!

I stuck with Lukas Duncan for about 8-9 months, and then I experienced a traumatic experience in my life that left me feeling terrible. I’ll spare you the details, but you know when everything is going great and the person closest to you betrays you? Yeah, that happened.

I felt unworthy of love. How could he do this to me when I was at my best?! After lots of therapy and prayer and leaving it in God’s hands, and a year later, we are doing so much better. But in that year, my health and fitness has suffered. So I’m back at it!

Online Personal Training – How it Works

You’ll choose your online coaching plan, and Lukas will email you a questionnaire. This is so that he can get an idea of the types of foods you eat, your current activity level, allergies, and any struggles you’ve had in the past.

You’ll also share “Before” photos so that you can track your progress. These photos are crucial to seeing progress. Sometimes the scale doesn’t move, but your body is changing! Lukas always asks if he can use your photos for marketing, and if you don’t want him to share them, simply tell him.

Each plan is personalized to you. He’ll put together a meal plan along with strength (weight) training and cardio.

Depending on which plan you choose, you’ll have either weekly or biweekly check-ins with Lukas via email. He’ll then adjust your meal plan accordingly and will change the workouts and cardio.

When I used to workout using various Beachbody programs, like 21 Day Fix and Piyo, my body got used to the same movements, same reps, etc. It’s great that Lukas changes it up every week.

Lukas Duncan Special and Coupon Code

I purchased a year of online personal training from Lukas Duncan, and I’m inviting you to join me. I’ve partnered with Lukas, and he’s offering 81% off for anyone who uses the coupon code melissa81 at checkout!

If you just want to try the 8-week transformation, this brings the cost down from $200 to just $38!

Click here and enter coupon code melissa81 to save 81%!

Lukas Duncan Coupon melissa81

Lukas Duncan Plans

LBD Training Plans

Lukas offers training in increments:

Note: All prices reflect 81% off using coupon code melissa81

In life, we experience many obstacles. It’s how we choose to overcome them that’ll determine our level of growth. Lukas Duncan has changed my life, and I encourage you to try him out if you’re looking for accountability in your health and fitness (without the fad diets).

Let me know in the comments which plan you chose! I’d love to encourage you!



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