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You Can’t Please Everyone (So Stop Trying)

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People-pleasing is a serious condition. And I’ve come to realize that you can’t please everyone so why try? There are people in this world that are angry and just want an excuse to be pissed. Let them be pissed.

Their bad attitude has nothing to do with you! I’ve been ridiculed for my faith. Called a bigot and racist because of my conservative values. And I will not apologize for my faith and my values.

As Rachel Hollis says in Girl, Stop Apologizing, “If you actively take steps and intentionally begin to live life without obsessing over what other people think, it will be the most freeing decision of your life”.

Here’s the truth about the lady behind Perfection Hangover – Take it or Leave It

I’m unashamedly a child of God.You Can't Please Everyone - Girl, Stop Apologizing Quote

I’m a sinner saved by the blood of Jesus Christ.

I’m a conservative and a Republican, but that does not make me a racist bigot or “phobic” of anything. My political views align with my faith and values.

I curse. I have emotional outbursts.

I haven’t been the best steward of His money in the past and I’m constantly working on this.

I sometimes have a little too much to drink.

My enneagram type says I’m a type 7 with an 8 as my wingman! According to Intuitive Enneagram, 7/8’s are not afraid to make themselves unpopular. Go figure! If you want to learn more about your own enneagram test type, check out this article.

Listen, sis. your life is yours to live. Your kids are yours to raise. Your husband is yours to put up with. Your demons are yours to battle. And anyone who attacks you or belittles you or is negative to you in a toxic, disgusting manner should be omitted from your life.

Delete, block, move on. And don’t apologize for standing your ground! Social media has created a “safe” place for people to pretend they’re big and mighty when they can hide behind a keyboard.



Don’t feel obligated to befriend people who don’t share your values and beliefs.

Don’t apologize for protecting your family from narcissists and their abusive behavior.

You can’t please everyone, sister. So stop trying already.




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I've done all the things! Girl, I've washed my face. I've trashed everything that doesn't spark joy. I've walked the baby steps. I've cried. I've prayed, but my perfectionism has really held me back.

Perfection Hangover can be crippling. Stop comparing yourself to others and start living your best life! That's why PH exists! I want to encourage you to take control of your money, your blog, and your business.
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