Thanksgiving Weekend Rover Offer

Boarding the Dogs Thanksgiving Weekend with Rover®

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Thanksgiving weekend is approaching fast. Have y’all noticed the Black Friday sales already?! That’s because Thanksgiving is actually later in the month this year, leaving less time between turkey day and Christmas!

If you plan on going away to see family for Thanksgiving weekend and can’t take your pup, forget about the kennel. Instead, look into Rover® and their Dog Boarding service.

Before You Board Your Dogs Thanksgiving Weekend

Rover® is the nation’s largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers. They offer a ton of different services, like pet sitting and boarding, to help you give your babies the attention and care they deserve.

They are true dog lovers and with their amazing customer care, you can trust you’re getting an incredible service.

While some dogs do great in a kennel and actually enjoy it, most get nervous and stressed. I once considered boarding my 106 lb lab and taking our min-pin/doxie with us camping. 

Then I realized that those two keep each other company when we’re away, and I really don’t want to separate them. 

Link and Dax $10 Off Rover

With Rover’s Dog Boarding service, you can connect with a 5-star sitter who’ll welcome your dog into their home while you’re out of town.

This way, they are getting one-on-one attention without feeling you’re leaving them in doggy jail. 

If you think your pup will miss interacting with other dogs, find a sitter that has a pet of their own for socialization. Rover® guarantees that you and your four-legged pup will be taken care of. And, I’m sure your pooch will just be focused on the turkey and fixins like you.

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