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How Being Passed up for a Dave Ramsey Side Job Motivated Me

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What’s the difference between a dave job vs side hustle? Side hustles are super popular right now. Everyone’s looking for ways to make extra cash on the side of their regular job, to supplement income. But you may not have heard of a “Dave Job”.

A dave job, coined by Dave Ramsey, personal finance author, and radio show host, is a second (or third) job that one gets to prove his gazelle intensity to pay off debt.

Dave talks about delivering pizzas as an extra source of income and how you can easily make an extra $1500 per month delivering pizzas in the evening after work.

How Being Passed Up for a Dave Job Led me to my Side Hustle

Being Passed Over for a Dave Job

True Story: I was looking to supplement my income because my youngest child was attending school full-time, and I knew I could go back to working in banking full-time, but I didn’t really want to work a full-time job with crappy pay.

So I applied for a position at a blood center as an appointment setter. It was a snowy, icy day outside, and the guy interviewing me was late to work. I sat in a waiting room, frustrated because I was interviewing for a $10 per hour job, 19 hours a week, and the guy had the gall to be late and disheveled.

I didn’t get the job, but what a blessing it has been! I became more motivated than ever to grow my blog income and am now earning up to $2,600 per month blogging from home

The best part is that I don’t have to work for that guy!

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The Dave Job

Dave jobs are strictly meant to help pay the bills. There is no passion for a Dave job. There’s a purpose and a goal attached, but it’s not exciting delivering pizzas or newspapers.

A Dave job feels like a chore. Now, if you’re without work and need to feed your family, by all means, take whatever job you can to get back on your feet for the time being. But don’t get too comfortable. You are meant for so much more than this.

A side hustle, on the other hand, is something that you’re happy to do for a greater cause. Unlike a Dave job, a side hustle is usually something you do for yourself as an independent contractor. Many side hustles have turned into full-fledged careers, and you should be passionate about what you’re doing.

Earn Passive Income

This is a bit trickier than your traditional side hustle or “dave job”. Passive income isn’t truly passive at all. It usually requires work on the front end that pays off in dividends later on. Some examples of passive income ideas are:

  • Rent out your she-shed or mother-in-law suite through Airbnb.
  • Earn cashback from your online shopping. Sign up for a free Rakuten account and start earning cashback for your online purchases.
  • Create an online course or webinar and sell it through Teachable.
  • Become an Amazon Associate and start earning affiliate marketing income from Amazon.

These are just a few solid options. You can find 29 additional passive income ideas here.

Freelancing as a Side Hustle to Make Money

If you’ve ever wanted to make money online through freelance work, you’ve probably heard of Upwork. The site allows freelancers to browse through thousands of job posts from individuals/businesses seeking help with content writing, programming, social media marketing, and much, much more!

Can you make good money on Upwork? While it’s true that the global marketplace can drive down the prices of entry-level work, there is still lots of good money to be made for specialized and experienced freelancers.

The key is mastering three things: establishing a credible profile, selecting the right jobs to showcase your talents, and crafting a persuasive proposal… Then, of course, delivering great work so you earn ongoing projects and maybe even some referrals!

Becoming an Ad Manager

My friend Robert learned how to put his social media ads management into use as a supplemental side hustle. He writes:

“When this year started, I had high ambitions. I was preparing to get married and I was bound and determined to pay cash. But I also wanted to give my wife the beautiful wedding of her dreams. The problem….I didn’t have enough money in the budget for that.

So I found a side hustle that is now earning me over $1,500 additional income every month, and growing! Not only was I able to have the wedding my wife and I wanted, but we are now making extra income that we can put toward our other financial priorities.

Deciding to manage Facebook ads for local businesses is the best side hustle I’ve ever done, and I’ve done a lot!”

i have a certain set of skills

If you possess a certain set of skills, use them to make money!

Real Estate-My $50k Per Year Side Hustle

Becoming a Realtor® is one of the best things I could have done career-wise.

You must be 18 or 19 years old (depending on the state) and have a high school diploma, or equivalent, and you must take the real estate course and pass the national and state exam in order to become a real estate agent.

When I decided to obtain my license, I was had been in the banking industry for 8 years, and I craved more flexibility and control over my own career and income.

Some things I wish I’d known about real estate before jumping in:

  1. The startup costs are pretty steep, and you’ll need a nest egg. I knew that there were some costs associated with becoming a Realtor®, but I had no idea that I’d have annual and quarterly dues to pay to a local association and NAR. Most real estate boards won’t allow non-Realtors® to join, so know your costs up front and be prepared to write some checks.
  2. It’ll be a few months before you close your first deal. I actually had a contract two weeks after becoming licensed, but because it was financed through Wells Fargo (the worst of the worst mortgage lenders…#sorrynotsorry), it took three months to close.For those that say real estate is a walk in the park and Realtors® are overpaid for their services, you can buzz off. By the time that deal closed, I had earned approximately $10 per hour. But as I gained experience, things became easier and I was able to manage my time better, allowing me to make more money.
  3. Interview multiple brokerages. The first broker I interviewed was the only broker I interviewed. I joined a team that ended up being a disaster when he asked me to never bring a Chic-fil-a cup into the office again (because of his political beliefs).I quickly Exited (pun intended…it was Exit Realty, and you may know Blair from his role on the tv show Like a Boss). The monthly desk fee for working in that office was $50 per month. The cost to work at the local Coldwell Banker was also $50 per month.When I moved to Illinois, the cost to be on a team at our local real estate brokerage was $485 per month (that was painful). Now I work with a virtual brokerage that charges NO office fees and saves me a ton of money, while allowing me freedom to work from home on my own terms. You can check out my review of Real Broker here.

Real Broker LLC Banner

Last year I was able to earn $50,000 gross income as a Realtor® while working from home around my kids’ school schedules. This is one of the highest paying side hustles I’ve come across. But it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, and it will take time to build a client base.

Dave Job vs Side Hustle: Which is Best?

When deciding whether to work a Dave job or start a side hustle, consider the time and monetary investment and how quickly you can start earning extra cash and just go for it!

It’s okay to change your mind along the way, too! As long as you are doing something you care about with a specific goal in mind, you’re sure to learn from the experience.

And if you prefer doubling down and working for someone else a few hours a week, you can find a list of realistic Dave jobs on his site.

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