encouraging words for trying times

Encouraging Words for Trying Times

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As I’m sitting here in my bathrobe mid-quarantine, I’m so emotional. My heart hurts.

But my emotions are justified, and they aren’t all bad.

We’ve been so focused on ourselves and what we want for so long, and we’d all like to think that we aren’t selfish, but the truth of the matter is we all are (to an extent).

Encouraging Words for Today

While scrolling through Facebook this morning, I came across two videos that struck me.

The first video was an Irishman who had been hospitalized with COVID-19.

He was near death and completely isolated, allowed to see no one. And he cried out to God and said, “Help me! Heal my lungs and help me! My work here isn’t done!” (paraphrasing)

Then, God sent a cleaner. The only person who could come into the room was a man who took out the garbage.

This man visited with the patient and told him that he was a missionary for years in Nigeria and asked if he could pray for him.

Later that night, the patient noticed his body start to turn for the better. He finally felt hungry again.

He was craving a packet of prawn cocktail crisps and a coke. He prayed and asked God for it.

The next morning, the cleaner stopped by with a bag. The bag’s contents were 2 oranges, a coke, and a packet of prawn cocktail crisps.

The cleaner said it was a “gift from God”.

I became overwhelmed with emotion as I watched the video. This patient was healed by God, and God sent exactly who and what he needed in that moment to keep hope and faith alive.

The emotion in the video is so raw and unfiltered.

The second video featured a neighborhood parade. We’ve all seen police officers and community members really stepping up during this pandemic.

But as I watched police officers one-by-one stop in the road, run out, and take a 7-year old a gift, I was blown away.

This 7-year old had Leukemia, and his Disney trip was canceled, so the community rallied to make his day special.

Now the floodgates are open. The tears were flowing like a river.

I’ve never seen people pull together and show appreciation, love, and support for others as they are right now.

God is good, y’all. Every day. In the middle of a pandemic. He is still blessing people through everyday folks like you and me.

Be a light. Be a blessing to others.


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