Best Personal Finance Podcasts You Need to Listen to in 2021 2

Best Personal Finance Podcasts You Need to Listen to in 2021

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If you’re on the go like me, constantly shuffling kids to and from practices and events, you likely need something to listen to when you’re in the car.

I absolutely LOVE all kinds of music from gospel to contemporary Christian to gangster rap and heavy metal (and everything in between).

I’ve found, though, that sometimes I don’t feel like listening to music.

I’d rather listen to an audiobook or personal finance podcasts that will actually teach me growth hacks.

I’m super picky about who I listen to when it comes to finances because I don’t want to fill my head with a bunch of differing opinions.

The last thing we need is to be confused, causing us to derail from fiscal responsibility altogether! Here is a list of my top three “ride or die” personal finance podcasts I listen to on the go.

Personal Finance Podcasts 2020

Personal Finance Podcasts: The Line-Up

1. The Dave Ramsey Show

It’s no doubt that Dave Ramsey is one financial guru I have always admired. After hitting major financial rock-bottom, Dave climbed his way out of the hole he had dug himself, and he’s been teaching folks about finance for the past 25+ years on his radio talk show The Dave Ramsey Show.

His seven baby steps have helped many people pay off debt so they could “live and give like no one else” (one of his mottos).  You can catch his podcast on iTunes, Podcast Addict (Android & Apple phones), or YouTube.

He has tons of free information online, so soak it up!

2. Smart Passive Income-Pat Flynn

Let me tell you about one of the most impressive guys in the online income space. Pat Flynn, of Smart Passive Income, was laid off from his “Plan A” career as an architect for a major firm in 2008, after the bubble burst.

Now, I know his podcast isn’t specifically geared towards personal finance geeks, but you can learn a lot about side hustles and online businesses from him. Side hustles = money and money ties into the whole Personal Finance Podcasts qualification.

He decided to start an online business and attempt to make money, and lo and behold, the student became the teacher.

He now teaches people how to create a thriving online business blogging, podcasting, affiliate marketing, and more. What I love about Pat is his humility.

He calls himself the “crash test dummy of online business”. If you’re looking for someone to teach you passive income strategies, check out the Smart Passive Income podcast. It’s also available on YouTube!

3.Profit Boss-Hilary Hendershott

Hilary Hendershott is a straight-up badass when it comes to helping women with money. I started listening to her podcast last year.

She does a lot of interviews with entrepreneurs and offers financial tips as well as business tips geared towards women.

She’s a Certified Financial Planner and owns her own wealth management company/advisory firm in addition to public speaking and, of course, her podcast Profit Boss®, your weekly wealth mastermind. Bottom line, ladies…you need to add Hilary to your personal finance podcasts line-up!

4. Perfection Hangover: The Podcast

I’m excited to add that I’ve launched a podcast! I share the same ‘sober truth’ about money, blogging, and business. 

We’re only a few episodes in, but I’m excited to share that this week I’ll be interviewing Melissa Hollis from Think, Save, Retire about her experience with Cutco multi-level marketing.

Subscribe to the show here!

Personal Finance Podcasts are Key to Growth

I never realized the importance of listening and absorbing information from others until I reached my 30’s. It’s never too late to grow personally and professionally, and I challenge you to listen to podcasts and audiobooks as part of your daily routine in 2020!

You can sign up for a free trial of Audible here and receive two books free for a limited time!

12 thoughts on “Best Personal Finance Podcasts You Need to Listen to in 2021”

  1. Im really into podcasts lately and Im glad for a new topic to follow. Finance is something Im really not good at and these would be so helpful. I have tried watching some passive income earning videos I think these will be helpful too.

  2. I think we had to watch Dave Ramsey in HS Personal Finance class…. I tuned most of it out, because I definitely wasn’t going to be an adult someday. Ha! How wrong I was and wish I would have paid attention.

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