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9 Cash Envelope Wallet Systems for Better Budgeting

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Using a cash envelope wallet system takes some getting used to (especially if you’re new to budgeting).

I used to just ask the bank teller for extra cash envelopes, and I’d separate my cash into the sleeves. Fortunately, there are several stylish options to keep track of your cash every paycheck.

But first…

How do You Use the Cash Envelope System?

If you don’t know how to budget, start by listing your take-home pay and subtract out all of your regular bills and expenses.

Then, after determining how much money is left for discretionary spending, you can assign that money to other needs.

If you’re knee-deep in credit card debt, it’s time to come up with a plan to pay it off fast.

I recommend a specific percentage of your income to be paid towards your debt repayments, and whatever cash is left after all other bills is what you can allow for groceries, fuel, and sinking funds.

You’ll want to separate the funds for groceries, fuel, car maintenance, and other sinking funds into cash envelopes.

What is Zero-Based Budgeting?

Simply put, zero-based budgeting is where you assign a specific task to every single dollar in your budget.

It’s scary as hell to those of us who like to keep a cushion in the checking account (just in case, ya know?).

But when you leave a cushion, you’re likely to spend that money on things like eating out, drinking specialty coffee, and other random purchases.

That’s why we follow a zero-based budget, and I recommend everyone to do the same. But how do cash envelopes fit into a ZBB?

What are the Categories of the Cash Wallet Envelope System?

  • Fuel
  • Groceries
  • Eating Out
  • Kids’ Extracurricular Activities, Lessons, & Sports
  • Wine, Alcohol, etc
  • Hair Salon Visits
  • Makeup and Other Beauty
  • Barber Shop Visits
  • Parties
  • Concerts
  • Gifts
  • Prescriptions
  • Doctor/Dentist Visits
  • Pet Grooming and Vet Bills
  • Fun Money (Your Choice within Reason)

You can’t forget to budget for these categories (even if you aren’t having to pay for them right away).

Let’s say you have a vacation coming up in six months, and you know it’s going to cost $1000. You need to be saving $166 per month in a vacation fund.

Take a look at these 9 affordable, stylish cash envelope systems!

9 Cash Envelope Wallet Systems to Learn to Budget in 2020

9 Cash Wallet Envelope Systems That are Actually Stylish and Functional

HappyWorker All-in-One Cash Envelopes System Wallet

This cash wallet envelope features 8 different laminated budgeting sheets built-in so that you can keep track of your spending in each category!

It’s discreet and a soft, leather gray color so that it will match just about any purse or handbag!

All-in-One Cash Envelopes System Wallet with 8 Budget Envelopes & Budget Sheets Leather Money Organizer - Gray
  • All-in-one package: Package includes 1 stylish wallet with 8 envelopes, 8 budget sheets and 1 binder. Everything you need to start budgeting and keeping track of your expenses.
  • Practical design: Made of high-quality leather and comes with a binder for organizing envelopes, plenty of space for your cards, coins, coupons and more. It’s a well-designed product that can meet all your needs for a great wallet.
  • Durable and stylish: 8 stylish budget envelopes made of quality laminated paper, sturdy and tear-resistant, each comes with blank area on the front for labeling categories and is hole punched to fit in the binder and be carried with the wallet.
  • Visualize your budget: The visibility of the budget sheets lets you record the amount of cash and see exactly how much you have left to spend, all within your income limits. Effectively helps you control spending and stick to the budget.
  • Stand out from the crowd: Unique light color and its modern, stylish look reflect high-quality craftsmanship and artistry, allows it to stand out from the crowd compared to other darker wallets on the market.

Wallet-Friendly Cash Envelope Budgeting System with Carrying Pouch and Tabs by Coin Smart

Ok…this one isn’t technically a wallet, but it has everything you need to organize your cash envelope categories, and it’s the most affordable system on the list, so it’s worth the mention.

Cash Envelope (Laminated) Budgeting System with Carrying Pouch and Tabs, 12 Budget Envelopes, Includes Expense Tracking Budgeting Sheets & Label Stickers, Water & Tear Resistant - Wallet Friendly
  • ✅ TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR FINANCES: A complete budgeting system that will enable you to save and spend wisely. As advocated by Dave Ramsey, Coin Smart’s cash envelopes are your vehicle for financial success!
  • ✅ EASY TO ORGANIZE: The carrying pouch and tabbed envelopes allow for easy access and can be placed into any standard wallet.
  • ✅ MAKES FOR A GREAT GIFT: Includes 12 stunning patterns and a sleek carrying pouch which you can proudly gift to a family member or friend.
  • ✅WATER & TEAR RESISTANT: The envelopes are made out of thick laminated paper that can withstand liquids.
  • ✅ CONTROL YOUR BUDGET OR GET YOUR MONEY BACK: If used and followed properly, the Coin Smart budget system is guaranteed to keep your finances in order.

12 Piece Cash Envelope System for Budgeting

This cash envelope wallet system has everything you need to get your budget on track.

The set includes 12 cash envelopes, 12 budget sheets printed on both sides so you can organize your expenses, and 24 rainbow sticker labels and 24 blank white labels so you can easily categorize all of your budgets.

The cash envelope system also comes with 13 color-coded pockets and a plastic wallet so you can keep everything neatly organized.

12 Piece Cash Envelope System for Budgeting – Reusable Plastic Budget Envelopes for Cash Savings –Durable, Tear Resistant, and Waterproof - 12 Budget Sheets, 24 Labels, and Organizer Wallet Included
  • ✅ BUDGETING MADE EASY: Keeping your cash organized and planning your weekly or monthly budget can get incredibly stressful, so if you’re looking for a way of making the whole budgeting experience simple, look no further than our amazing cash envelope system!
  • ✅ EVERYTHING YOU NEED: The set includes 12 cash envelopes, 12 budget sheets printed on both sides so you can organize your expenses, and 24 rainbow sticker labels and 24 blank white labels so you can easily categorize all of your budgets. Moreover, the cash envelope system comes with 13 color-coded pockets plastic wallet so you can keep everything neatly organized.
  • ✅ ULTRA-DURABLE: Made of the highest quality plastic, the budgeting envelopes are incredibly durable, are rip and tear-resistant, and are especially resistant to wear and tear, unlike paper or laminated envelopes. Moreover, the cash envelopes are waterproof and moisture-resistant!
  • ✅ PERFECT SIZE: Each cash envelope measures 6.5’’ by 3.3’’, and they fit your purse, clutch, or wallet perfectly. The budget envelopes can fit cash, coupons, receipts, and even coins, while the secure hook and loop system makes sure nothing will ever fall off.
  • ✅ BUDGETING MADE FUN: The 12 cash envelopes feature different cute brightly-colored designs, so the whole budgeting experience is guaranteed to become stress-free and easy. The first step towards financial freedom comes from an effective budget, so start saving right now.

Magicfly Cash Envelope Wallet & Budget System

The Magicfly cash envelope wallet system is spacious enough to carry 12 cash envelopes, a pen, cash, and even your phone.

Because it is crafted with a leather zipper pouch, it’ll keep your belongings safe and secure (from falling out of the wallet).

Magicfly Cash Envelope Wallet, All-in-One Budget System Wallet with 12 Budget Envelopes& Budget Sheets & Labels, Waterproof & Lightweight, Budget Envelope for Tracking of All Your Spending, Black
  • Wise & Useful Money Controller: Get away wanton waste of money. Magicfly all-in-one cash envelope wallet will help you manage your money well, rationalize your expenditure, stay out of debt, start saving and thus realize your financial goals. Wisely budget your every week/month expenses with this all-in-one wallet
  • Special & Ideal Gift: This functional envelope budgeting system comes with 1 fashionable wallet, 12 budget envelopes, 12 budget sheets, 12 sticker labels, 1 binder note, all packed up in 1 colorful package box, an unique and perfect gift for Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, etc.
  • Stylish & Portable Wallet: Elaborately crafted with high-quality & elegant-grained leather, paired with easy-to-use zippers, classy and practical. Size: 8.5''L*5.1''W*1.3''H, Weight: 0.83lb. It’s spacious with for storing your phone, cards, coins, etc. yet lightweight & portable with almost the weights of two iPhone 11
  • Durable & Multifunctional Budget Envelopes: Made of waterproof laminated paper, tear resistant and built to last. Each measures 6.6''*3.5'', compatible with the banknote size, also suitable for receipts, coupons, stamps, checks, etc. Keep your wallet neat & tidy with these versatile envelopes
  • Well-Organized Budget Sheets & Labels: The labels can be stuck to the envelopes for easy classification. 12 double-sided budget sheets allow you to record and keep track of each category of expense and income, which assists you to spend your money reasonably and get rid of money-consuming life

48 Cash Envelopes with Purse Organizer – Perfect for Minimalists

I am absolutely in love with this system. While it doesn’t include a wallet (but instead a purse organizer), the envelopes’ minimalist style really simplifies the whole process.

And the easier a process is, the more likely you are to stick to it! That’s our ultimate goal, right? To find a process that we can make a part of everyday life?

48 Cash Envelopes with Purse Organizer - Cutest Budget Envelopes Available - Eliminate Debt and Organize Your Money - Money Envelopes for Cash and Cash Envelope System Wallet - Use With Budget Planner
  • 🏦 #1 SECRET TO GETTING OUT OF DEBT! Have you ever heard the expression, “It doesn’t matter how much money you make — it matters how much money you keep!” Unfortunately, 95 percent of people go into greater debt when they make more money. The key is to smartly plan and budget for what you’re going to spend each month with our Legacy Living Budget Envelopes, and then make your money work for you instead of against you!
  • 💰THE ULTIMATE GIFT FOR FINANCIAL FREEDOM… Do you want to use Gazelle-like intensity to get out of debt and save for your retirement? If you follow financial gurus like Dave Ramsey or Robert Kiyosaki, then you know how important it is to be financially intelligent. Now you can have greater control and information on what you spend your money on, and how much you spend each month! Experience the better life having financial peace of mind!
  • 💵 THE EASY WAY TO TEACH YOUR KIDS ABOUT MONEY - Did you know that schools don’t teach your kids about money? This makes it even more important for you to provide your child with a financial education. We include 96 money envelopes for budgeting, so that you have plenty to share with your children, family, or friends! Teach your kids how to use this cash envelope system for a healthy financial foundation. It's never too early to start teaching smart money habits!
  • 💰 BE SMARTER THAN "THE JONESES” - It can be very tempting to want to keep up with the Joneses, and we want to help you avoid that financial trap! Carefully plan what you want to spend your money on, and then use our premium Budget Envelopes + Cash Envelope System Wallet to monitor your finances.
  • 🏦 ENJOY OUR “100% MONEY-SAVING” GUARANTEE - You deserve to be free from a life of financial struggle. With the help of our envelope budgeting system to control your finances, you will be led to greater freedom. We created our premium budget envelopes to help you keep more money in the bank— or your money back! Click the yellow “Add to Cart” button today, knowing you’re on your way to gaining control of your finances!

Tabbed Plastic Budget Envelopes

I love that this cash wallet envelope system comes with budget sheets that slide into the pockets. And you can label the folders. They’re like mini-file folders for your wallet! How cute and functional!

12 Tabbed Plastic Budget Envelopes for Horizontal Cash Envelope Wallet, Budget Planner Organizer Wallet, Cash Envelope System Wallet, Coupon Organizer, Financial Planner Cash Envelopes Budget Sheets
  • HORIZONTAL PLASTIC ENVELOPES WITH TABS – These Saveyon Premium plastic envelopes with tabs are oriented horizontally to be best used in a pocket of a horizontal style wallet as opposed to hole punched planners; made of durable water and tear resistant plastic for extra durability. They are designed specifically to easily allow you to add or remove cash and do not have a closure flap. Use the handy tab system to find any of your cute envelopes in your budget wallet fast and efficiently!!
  • CASH WALLET ENVELOPE SYSTEM – Make budgeting easy and stylish with this modern tabbed envelope bill organizer system. Our premium 6.5” x 3” envelopes with 12 modern prints and tabbed design are made to last and provide a compact chic budget system. These money envelopes for budgeting are made for the budget mom on the go! Convert your wallet into a true cash system wallet that will be sure to make your Dave Ramsey friends jealous!
  • EXPENSE TRACKING SHEETS AND LABELS – Use the 12 double sided budget tracker sheets and 24 budget stickers to keep track of your expenses for each envelope. Transform your planner into a real money organizer for cash and expense tracker notebook and start saving now!
  • MULTI-PURPOSE USE – These budget envelopes are not just money envelopes for cash! While they are definately a great addition to keep your monthly bill planner organized, or cash envelopes for budgeting in a budgeting planner... they can also be used as a receipt organizer, coupon organizer in your purse, or envelope organizer for stamps, checks and notes.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are a family run business that truly believes in the quality of our products. Our money holder envelopes are backed by a 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied or you will receive your money back.

Dave Ramsey Designer Envelope System

It would be crazy not to include Dave Ramsey’s cash envelope wallet system in the list. I was first introduced to cash envelopes in the book the Total Money Makeover.

While they aren’t cute (like…not at all), they are certainly functional and do the job.

Designer Envelope System - Red: Finanical Peace University (Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University)
  • Ramsey, Dave (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 100 Pages - 11/25/2014 (Publication Date) - Ramsey Press (Publisher)

AFMAT All-in-One Cash Envelope Wallet System

This cash envelope system is really quite beautiful. It features budgeting sheets, envelopes, leather and a zipper pouch for keeping everything in place.

Plus, I love love love the colors of this one!

Cash Envelope System Wallet, All-in-One Cash Envelop Wallet with 24 Waterproof Money Budget Envelopes & 24 Budget Sheets & 24 Labels & 1 Marker, Envelope System for Cash Budgeting, Saving Money
  • 【KEEP YOUR MONEY ORGANIZED】Do you still live a life of paycheck to paycheck and not knowing where your hard-earned money is going? This Cash Envelop Wallet will help you keep track of your money, stay out of debt, and reach your financial goals!
  • 【DURABLE, TEAR RESISTANT & WATERPROOF】Paper or laminated envelopes easily tear after a few weeks. Tyvek envelopes wrinkle and look worn down after daily use. Ours are made from a reusable plastic that's strong & lightweight. Also, water can't go through!
  • 【 STURDY YET SOFT WALLET 】Stay organized with our spacious wallet for budgeting all in 1 place. It’s RFID blocking to protect your valuable information from unauthorized scans. You can track & monitor where your money goes with 24 included budget sheets.
  • 【 24 UNIQUE DESIGNS】 Each envelope has an elegant design to help you stay organized on the go. It makes cash stuffing a fun activity! Packaged in a gift box makes it perfect for your loved one to aid their financial future or teach kids money management.

Budget Keeper Cash Envelope System

For the price, we think this Budget Keeper cash envelope system can’t be beat!

I prefer to carry my own wallet, so I like having budgeting and envelope sheets to add to my existing style.

This way I don’t have to adapt to whatever system I’m using.

Cash Envelope System-Budget Envelopes-Budget Keeper-12 Assorted Colors-Tear and Water Resistant-12 Expense Ledgers , Pen, Zipper Case Included
  • TEAR-RESISTANT CASH ENVELOPES- the Tyvek Material provides you the ability to not worry if your envelopes rip or tear.
  • WATER-RESISTANT - the material ensures you do not have to worry about spills and ruining your envelopes.
  • 12 ASSORTED BUDGET ENVELOPES - our envelopes provide you the ability to easily identify your categories in your purse or wallet.
  • 12 ASSORTED EXPENSE LEDGERS- our ledger colors match right up with the color of your envelopes and fit perfectly inside each one so you can easily track all of your expenses in each category. Never wonder what you spent all your money, because you can quickly and easily write down everything right after you purchase it.
  • ZIPPER CASE & METALLIC TWIST PEN - provides you the ability to keep your envelopes, loose change and receipts organized in one place. You also will receive a BONUS classy metal twist-open pen. in one easy step.

We hope you’ve found this list helpful! Have you signed up for my 5-day budget boot camp? It’s totally free!

Have you heard about a crazy goal I’m committed to achieving this year? I’m going to pay off $15k by May.

I know it sounds absolutely insane, but I’m challenging each and every one of YOU to make a goal to pay off XX by a certain date.

Will you join me? Sign up for my free Budget Boot Camp below, and let’s do this!

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