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Top Personal Finance Blogs You Should Follow in 2021

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Looking for a list of the top personal finance blogs to learn about money in 2020? I’ve been following several financial bloggers for the past 15 years, and it’s incredible how much good advice is available at our fingertips. What’s scary, though, is that literally anyone can start a blog today and start giving financial advice, with no credentials or experience. So who can you trust? Here’s a list of the best, must-follow, top personal finance blogs today.

10 top [ersonal finance blogs to follow in 2020


Top Personal Finance Blogs You Must Follow to Learn #allaboutmoney

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Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey is America’s Trusted Voice on Money. He’s the shiny, bald guy behind the mic on the Dave Ramsey Show, a radio talk show in which he offers money and financial advice weekdays from 2-5pm EST. You can watch or listen to his show on YouTube or iTunes podcast, and he’s got hundreds of videos of debt-free screams from motivated followers. Dave’s advice is pretty straightforward. He has seven baby steps for folks to complete in their journey to debt freedom, with the ultimate goal being able to “live and give like no one else”. Dave is well-known for his debt snowball payoff plan. I’ve written about the differences between the debt snowball vs debt avalanche here.

Dave often talks about difference between nerds and the free spirits. But he never has spoken about the free-spirited nerd (which is a blended personality type). A free-spirited nerd struggles with two personality types. They know what the practical, logical thing to do is (pay off debt, save more money, etc), but they’re easily distracted by flashy objects, such as cars, toys, and other things that have nothing to do with their goals.

You can visit his YouTube channel to hear lots of inspirational stories. He’s got some good ‘meat and potatoes’, but if you start following him, make sure you consider your own financial situation before taking his advice as if it’s Dave’s way or the highway. You can read more about why my husband and I changed up Dave’s plan to work for our family, saving us thousands of dollars every year. We sold our upside down car, started working diligently on our debt snowball, and started an emergency fund.

Philip Taylor, PTMoney

PT Money top personal finance blog
PT Money- CPA, Personal Finance Blogger, & Creator of FinCon

Philip Taylor aka “PT Money” offers his readers ways to make extra money, save more money, spend your money wisely, and “build the life you want”. PT speaks my language! He was a CPA when he started the blog in 2007, but he says he still had too much debt and not enough savings but a passion for helping others reach their financial goals.

I was a banker for eight years before I became a licensed Realtor®, and I can relate to his passion for helping others. I’m gonna be so bold as to say that I bet PT is a free-spirited nerd like myself.

PT also created FinCon, an annual financial content expo helping hundreds of top financial bloggers reach millions with positive money messages. The event has now grown to host more than 1,500 attendees from across the globe. A personal goal would have been to attend FinCon, but recently I’ve re-evaluated that plan and think I’d like to go to a faith-based business conference instead. I have absolutely nothing against PT, but in business, you have to choose to spend money and time on those organizations that will help you grow professionally and personally.

Jeff Rose

Jeff Rose’s mission is to make your financial life awesome. Yes please! He’s very transparent about who he is. A Jesus Follower, Husband, Dad, Financial Planner, Iraqi Combat Veteran, Author of Soldier of Finance, In-N-Out Burger Addict, and Crossfitter

He sold his financial practice, Alliance Wealth Management, LLC, in 2018, to pursue his financial blogging career full-time.

He started the blog Good Financial Cents in 2008 and it has since grown to become one of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Top 10 Money Blogs. Pretty incredible, huh? 

You can check out Jeff’s book Soldier of Finance here.  He also has a pretty amazing YouTube channel with killer content I know you’ll love!

The Penny Hoarder

Perhaps one of the largest personal finance blogs, The Penny Hoarder offers money-saving and frugal living tips.


I’m not gonna lie. I visit NerdWallet for its awesome calculators more than anything. The blog prides itself in offering the best advice to make smart money moves.

Money Under 30

The best personal finance blog for millennials, Money Under 30 was founded by David Weliver, who paid off $80,000 in debt in three years. The blog has grown to include sections such as banking, debt, building credit, saving money, investing, real estate, and more.

You Need a Budget – YNAB

Arguably one of the best budgeting blogs for learning how to budget, You Need a Budget offers software to help you keep track of spending every single day.

For serious budgeters who are addicted to spreadsheets and numbers, this should be your go-to resource for how to create a budget.

GoBanking Rates

GoBanking Rates is a great source of info on credit cards, banking, and lending in general. If you’re looking for the best way to build credit or repair credit, head over to GoBanking Rates.

Wise Bread

Wise Bread is a community of financial bloggers that teach you how to live large on a small budget.

You don’t have to live on beans and rice or practice extreme frugality in order to save money.

Perfection Hangover

Perhaps the newest kid on the block, having just created this blog in January 2018, I couldn’t possibly have left out my own personal finance blog when sharing my favorites! I created Perfection Hangover after nearly a decade of dreaming of a way to help others with personal finances. When I was a banker, the best part of my job was educating people on the different products available and solving problems or pain points for clients.

Blogging your Passion {Why I Chose Personal Finance}

I’m a firm believer in blogging your passion. You know that one subject that you can’t get enough of? That subject that keeps coming up in your everyday conversations? That’s why I chose to blog about all things money and finance.

I offer practical money tips for the free-spirited nerd. It’s for women who want to create a better life for their families, but they just don’t know where to begin or are overwhelmed. I want to teach women to take control of their finances once and for all!

These are just a few top personal finance blogs, although there are so many more to follow. My friend Josh over at Money Life Wax created a compilation of the top financial bloggers. I love referring to this list for different financial bloggers to follow from time to time. It’s so well-organized! Remember, the more varying opinions and advice you follow, the more confusing things can get. So try to stick with just a few and tweak the plan to fit your own needs. If the thought of creating a budget is overwhelming, I can create one for you! Just fill out this form, and I’d be happy to help.

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  1. Interesting choices! We just published our own list of the top five personal finance blogs for 2020:

    While three of our picks are featured in your “Top 10” list, and Millennial Money is included as well, there’s a fifth blog that’s lesser known… Check it out and let us know what you think!

    1. Hmm….not sure what you mean by this. My ads don’t cost me money. Perhaps they are showing up in India because you are Indian, and they’re serving ads to you in your language? Anyway…thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thanks, Bo! I am working on my video skills. Still a bit rusty, but I love YouTube, and I figured many people would just assume watch a video than read half the time, so I want to be able to reach all different platforms.

  2. I have been wanting to follow financial gurus for the longest time. I wanna learn some tips on improving myself so I could also share them to my family. Thanks for this info!

    ~ xo Sheree

  3. I`m terrible with my finances and never want to let anyone know, thanks for sharing these will give me something to read and straighten things out without letting friends know I`m not in control of my personal finance.

  4. I’ve heard of Dave Ramsey, but hadn’t heard of the rest. Will have to check them out as I think this can be really inspiring. Love that you include yourself on the list.

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